Styling Hacks to Make Your Small Living Room Look Bigger Instantly


In Modern Times, low square footage may make specific spaces seem restricting and awkward. We understand if you have a small living space and wish it was bigger. We are offering some helpful hints to assist you in making it appear larger. Attempt a few of these brilliant ideas, and it won’t be long before it’s unidentifiable. 

Make use of contrasts and brilliant tones to make spaces appear more prominent. 

Here is somehow, you use color to make a space appear larger. Light paint colors are well recognized in the design industry for making a room appear larger and brighter. Gentle and brilliant walls reflect more light, creating a place that feels open and airy and maximizing the influence of natural light. 

To lighten up your living space and make it look bigger, replace dark blues and greys with cheerful greens and blues. 

  • Fabrics that are light in weight 

Heavy textiles should be avoided if you want to make your room appear larger. While they function in large spaces, heavy drapes absorb light and make the area look smaller by weighing it down. 

Light-weight material surrounding your living room, such as light linen drapes, helps the space feel airy in today’s modern times

  • Be an intelligent rack shopper. 

It’s easy to pile anything from books to last month’s carrier bags in your bookcases, but you should avoid doing so in your living room. To highlight the room’s actual depth and create an airy feel, leave some unfilled places. Choose basement bookshelves to make your ceilings appear higher if you have many books to store. 

  • Maintain the same color scheme for the curtains and the wall 

Some other creative way to maximize your space is to match the color of your curtains to the color of your walls. The curtains will blend in with the walls instead of imposing on the existing space and making your living area look shorter. 

  • Windows should be cleaned. 

Keep in mind that cleaned windows will not only make the space look cleaner, but they will also make it appear more spacious. Messy glasses can draw the attention away from the task at hand and block the passage of light. Clean both the interior and outside of the glass. 

  • Maintain visibility of your floor 

Choose couches and TV racks with legs to keep the floor as accessible as possible. Because light will be allowed to pass beneath, your space will seem instantly more open. 

  • Give your couch some space 

Pull your sofa away from the wall gently if you have the space. Because of the shadows generated behind it, it will create breathing room and make the area appear more prominent. 

  • Mirror on the wall 

Although most people are aware that a mirror can make any area appear larger, several methods apply this approach in your living room. For most households, a huge mirror is an ideal solution, but it may be costly. 

  • Draw attention to the main focus 

Place an additional item in the position with the most extended view away from the entryway. Your attention will be drawn to it, whether it’s a unique decoration or an intriguing plant, and your living space will look more extensive as a result. 

  • Furniture that serves several purposes 

One of the issues with having a tiny living room is storage. You want to leave as much floor and wall space visible as possible to make your living area appear more prominent. 

  • Bookshelves and wall lamps 

Choose a wall-mounted light over a floor or table-standing lamp to save floor and surface space. You may also try using mounted shelves instead of bookshelves to free up additional space beneath for storage. 

  • Rug selections 

When you get a carpet just right, it can truly enhance your area, but it will make your space appear even smaller if you get it incorrectly. When looking for a rug, select a design with modest repeats to draw the eye in and make your living room appear larger. 

Use various rugs below different items to give the impression of a bigger living space, such as a mat under your coffee table and another rug under a couch. 

We hope you found these hints helpful. 

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