Top 3 legal essay writing services (2021 review)

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Many say that the modern graduate education system desperately needs reforms. Unfortunately, the cases are not rare when the technical information and skills that the freshmen learn in their first academic year become hopelessly outdated by the time they graduate. The key problem with our education is that it is slow. And at the core of this problem is the dominance of individual, passive, written assignments, such as essays. 

We bring to your attention the three most popular legal essay writing services, which help students with difficult writing assignments: – a leader in the price-performance category, affordable and high quality; – a great choice for a sophisticated customer who prefers extra variability; – a go-to service for students who value quality and reliability. 

In the abundance of the proposition, it is not easy to identify a trustworthy essay writing service, especially if you never had such an experience before. The above three services are not newcomers to this vibrant market – all of them have been helping students for years and have earned a strong reputation as top essay writing services. Let’s find out what makes them special and different at the same time. 


Researched by Peter Storm 

99Papers is like a cheetah in the world of academic writing services – it is extremely fast and light. Its primary target audience is students, who look for a quick and easy solution to their problems, and who do not want to spend much money.  

From the first glance at their website, you get an impression that everything is in the right place and in order. The pages are easy to navigate and to find one’s way around. All the critical information, such as prices, a step-by-step order process, and the order form itself, are clearly visible and readily accessible. 

The customer support office works 24/7, and should you have anything to ask and clarify – they are always happy to assist.  It is possible to call or send them a message. 

Goodies: there is a choice of default (4-14 business days) or urgent (1-3 days) delivery speed, opportunity to chat with the assigned writer, and even to select the writer yourself (skipping the default option to let a customer support agent find the best matching writer). 

Prices start at $9.95 per 275 characters (one standard page). 

Notable features: 

  • Affordable prices; 
  • Ease of site navigation; 
  • Fast delivery speed; 
  • Many academic disciplines. 


Reviewed by Joshua Torwell 

EssayBox is ideal for the customers who clearly know what they want. Do not get me wrong – anyone can use this company and enjoy its services, however, to get the maximum return on the money, it is worth knowing that this company is like a supermarket – they have an abundance of everything and even within one product category there are choices. Abundance and choices are the two key characteristics of EssayBox

Their primary product range consists of essays, but these folks can also do a wide array of other academic papers, including course assignments, literature analysis, degree theses, etc. On top of that, they offer professional editing and proofreading services, which can turn one’s existing paper draft into a perfect piece of writing. 

Customers get to choose between order complexity level and writer proficiency (default, expert, and top writer). Besides, they have an option to hire a writer in a particular essay discipline, for example, philosophy essay, foreign policy essay, biology essay, law essay, etc. 

Goodies: Always timely, complete and honest communication – whether you talk to a customer service agent or your writer. With a writer, you can ask to receive interim updates on the order progress (works great with long and complex assignments). 

Prices begin with $12 per page 

Notable features: 

  • An abundance of writing products; 
  • High customization and plenty of options; 
  • Legal essay writers, eager to answer any questions. 


Reviewed by Anita Pecker 

I remember this company was already around when I was obtaining my journalism degree back in 2011. More than a few times they have got my back covered and saved my writing assignments when I was lagging behind in a number of classes. I am glad they have not vanished or fell down under the pressure from competition like many other writing services did.  

Not only has BookwormLab managed to survive, but has also grown into the custom essay market leader in terms of quality and trust. 

This time I tested their ability to write an investigative essay assignment – the type of journalist assignments I am frequently getting at my work for a local newspaper. It is a hard one, requiring an analytical cast of mind as well as a strong ability to conduct thorough research. The support agent found a writer matching my order and two days later I had my bespoke essay waiting for me in my email box. I would rate the quality of work as five out of five – a well-done piece of writing, which I can submit to my employer with confidence. 

Goodies: Highly skilled writers who can do just about any type of writing assignment, and hit the highest quality standards with those. Essay writing consulting comes as an extra service. 

Prices start at $15 per 275 characters (one page) 

Notable features: 

  • Trustworthy and reliable service; 
  • Quality of work always comes first; 
  • A wide choice of writers skilled in various disciplines; 
  • Offer complementary essay consulting services. 


Anyone looking to excel at written assignments may consider hiring legit essay writers. Apart from improving class grades and saving time and nerves, legitimate essay writers will provide a fantastic opportunity to learn to write from the best. To maximize the benefits, we strongly advise making use of every chance to chat or talk with the assigned writer, staying actively involved in formulating order requirements, and seeking feedback upon order completion. Our three legal essay writing services reviews are a perfect starting point to begin learning the art of writing.  

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