Universities with the best Creative Writing Undergraduate programs


Hiccups aside, we are living in a time that will be documented in the history books. Not since the industrial revolution have, we seen so many dramatic changes. Both the economy and our day-to-day life are moving in a new direction. 

The Internet has altered our relationships, communication, and the way we do business. More and more traditional manufacturing and manual labor jobs are going away. We are transitioning into a more information-based, internet-driven economy. This is especially true given the 2020 Covid19-pandemic. 

People have turned to the web to make some money on the side. One of the most productive and marketable skills is writing (creative or otherwise). As a writer, you can get a job with the best essay writing service, search for a marketing agency, get into business writing, and dozens of other paths.  

All of this can be done from the comfort of your own home, lockdown or not. Also, you will save countless hours every year by cutting your commute time.  

So, regardless of your thoughts on expertwriting.orgwriting remains one of the best part-time or full-time jobs for the new gig economy.  

To facilitate your training and set you on your path, here are some of the best universities with creative writing undergrad programs in the country. 

Northwestern University  

It is not easy to get into Northwestern, and that may not be a bad thing. Lots of competition usually designates a program that is worth joining. The Creative Writing Major is hosted by Northwestern’s English department, and students can choose to pursue it as a minor or major.  

As a Northwestern student, you can expect some guest appearances from celebrity writers, and lectures from some of the best professors in the country. While other places offer these perks, it is rare to get one-on-one time with the VIP writers.  

As mentioned, admission can be difficult. You will need to fulfill certain requirements.  

Students must be in the second half of their sophomore year, in addition to other criteria. Needless to say, you will have to jump through some hoops. However, the opportunity to study with some of the brightest writers in the world cannot be understated.  

The Evanston Literary Festival is another perk, an event that can be attended by all students in the program.  

University of Iowa  

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences is something that you cannot afford to pass up. In addition, you do not have to be enrolled as a student. 

UOI has a BA (Bachelor of Arts) degree, as well as a creative Literary Publishing track and creative writing course. You will be studying in what has been designated as a UNESCO City of Literature.  

Regular book festivals are held, and a sprawling literary community has grown in this area of the country. If you are outgoing enough, you will have plenty of opportunities to make connections. 

Emory University  

Creative writing is one of the most versatile tools in the human consciousness. It can and will entertain the reader. But it can also shape culture and mold generations for millennia. Works like the Odysee are still being analyzed today, as they have inspired countless historical figures. 

The Emory University Undergraduate Creative Writing Program understands this fact. Student creativity is nurtured and encouraged, as each person can specialize in their own unique creative writing niche. 

Students can pursue screenwriting, fiction, creative non-fiction, and playwriting.  

During each school year, the University invests in a special event called the Creative Writing Reading Series. About 4-6 celebrity writers are invited as guest speakers to talk to the students. The event takes place in Atlanta GA.  

Brandeis University  

Creative writing courses are usually treated as an afterthought, or as a sub-niche of a more general English major. However, Brandeis first started its creative writing class back in 1951.  

The Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing started to be considered as its own major in 2003, and each class was taught by a professional writer.  

This is one of the most activity-dense programs in the nation. Students can participate in multiple panel discussions, spored reading series, journal sessions, and publishing workshops. Each workshop allows a total of 14 students.   

Oberlin College  

The Creative Writing program at Oberlin allows students to pursue this subject both as a minor and a major. At any given moment, you can enjoy a total of 57 courses.  

You will be able to learn how to be better at playwriting, non-fiction prose, poetry, screenwriting, and fiction. Regardless of the niche, they have you covered.  

Still, it is similar to other programs of its kind. What makes it stand out?  

Well, while other Creative Writing programs encourage you to stay in the country, Oberlin has 5 study away initiatives.  

This is a very attractive and popular course, requiring you to be on your toes even after being accepted. Classes are held at Peters Hall, and the application process often involves submitting a sample of what you consider to be your best work.  


In the past, very few people were able to earn a living as a writer. We saw a steep decline in literature interest in the decades between the invention of the TV and the advent of the web. Nowadays, the trend is actually shifting.  

Despite all the videos and audio content, the Internet uses writing as its primary engine. And, with the rise of internet marketing, it has become profitable to be a freelance writer.  

Regardless of your motivation for wanting to become a better creative writer, there are many programs capable of training you.  

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