BLXBuds Earbuds Review:


If you’ve been on the hunt for new wireless headphones that sound fantastic, are compact and comfortable, and have a decent battery life to boot, then BLXBuds are perfect for you!

Elegantly designed, with crystal clear and pitch perfect audio, these amazing true wireless earbuds change the game completely.

Seriously. These just might be the last pair of earbuds you ever buy!

Let’s dig a little deeper into this BLXBuds review for more information.

What Are BLXBuds Earbuds?

If you are tired of your headphones dropping connections left and right, or sounding flat and thin, and would love a great pair of true wireless earbuds that work great right out-of-the-box – with iOS and Android devices – you need to check out BLXBuds earbuds ASAP.

These gorgeous compact earbuds come with a compact charging case, are super lightweight and mold to your ear, and produce stereo quality sound with a ridiculously small form factor.

The sound quality of these earbuds are unlike anything else we’ve heard before, outside of much larger (we are talking about studio sized) headphones.

Mid-level sounds are really dialed in, high and low tones are excellent and rich, and the amount of bass you’re able to get out of these BLXBuds feels almost criminal. Besides, the BLXBuds Help Center has a lot of helpful information for you to understand their features and functionalities better.

These are beautiful earbuds that really bump when you are playing music!

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Are BLXBuds Earbuds Legit?

You had better believe they are!

The true wireless earbuds world is absolutely filled to the brim with phonies and imitators these days. Every brand is looking to get in on the action. Everyone is chasing the success of the leading brands, that’s for sure.

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Most of these contenders (if you can call them that) are poor copies of those industry-leading wireless earbuds. They just can’t hold a candle to what the folks at the top companies have pulled off.

BLXBuds, on the other hand, are something else entirely.

Engineered from the ground up to not only go toe to toe with everything that top brands  have released already, but to go beyond the capabilities of those earbuds, these headphones are next generation wireless audio solutions.

For starters, the underlying technology of these earbuds are unbelievable.

It’s almost unimaginable that the folks behind these BLXBuds earbuds could find a way to shoehorn so many amazing features into such a small footprint.

We are talking about perfect speaker systems, finely tuned audio controllers, and next-generation Bluetooth tech that makes wireless connectivity effortless – all in a foolishly slim, compact form factor.

Secondly, sound engineers work with all of these wireless earbuds to make sure that they are perfectly dialed in before they roll off of the assembly line.

The premium sound profile on these wireless earbuds is pitch perfect, regardless of whether or not you’re looking for something to bump with at the gym or just need a quality pair of true wireless earbuds to listen to podcasts on a walk around the neighborhood.

Pulling off that kind of balance is really tough.

Somehow, though, the engineers behind these earbuds hammered it out of the park – and that’s why sound quality is always a big part of every BLXBuds review out there (including this BLXBuds review, too).

Finally, you have a build quality and battery life in these compact earbuds that takes things to the next level.

These BLXBuds earbuds are made out of quality construction materials across the board. The internal components are finally engineered, the outer shell is durable and resilient, and the overall product design is sleek, modern, and comfortable.

At the end of the day you end up with some of the best true wireless earbuds money can buy!

How Do BLXBuds Earbuds Work?

The technology “under the hood” on these BLXBuds is a little unique compared to some of the other Bluetooth earbuds available for sale.

First, these earbuds leverage true TWS dual stereo wireless capabilities.

This controller means that these wireless earbuds sound fantastic even if you only have one of them plugged in at a time, still replicating the stereo sound you are expecting. When plugged in together, though, these earbuds really shine!

You get true to life soundstages that come pumping out in full stereo. There’s no thin, tinny kind of sounds that squeeze out of these BLXBuds.

Everything is really rich. Everything is really warm. Everything is really authentic.

There just aren’t a lot of other Bluetooth earbuds (or any other kind of earbuds, for that matter) on the market today that can match the TWS dual stereo wireless sound capabilities.

On top of that, though, you have Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity technology being used between the two independent earbuds themselves as well as your multimedia source.

Previous versions of Bluetooth were a little bit of a letdown when it came to transmitting audio files with full fidelity.

Right up until this latest version, Bluetooth 5.1, Bluetooth signals were always a little flat and a little one-dimensional. Yes, you’d be able to enjoy your music or your media – but not the way you would with a legitimate stereo set up or surround sound system.

Now, however, these Bluetooth earbuds are total showstoppers!


Do BLXBuds earbuds have good audio quality?

Sound quality isn’t ever going to be a problem with these BLXBuds stuck in your ears. The sound is rich, in full wireless stereo, and perfectly balanced. Individual sound profiles can be enabled to give you extra bass if you’d like, too.

The sound is rich and authentic and that’s because of the connection capabilities of Bluetooth 5.1. These Bluetooth earbuds are going to be able to receive much higher quality signals without stuttering, without breaking down, and without the wireless bandwidth connection between the earbuds and the media source falling apart.

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What is the range of BLXBuds Earbuds?

On top of all we’ve said, the BLXBuds earbuds enjoy a 10 m / 33ft range before things start to get a little choppy.

That’s a huge leap forward for these kinds of headphones, especially if you like the idea of putting your phone down in the middle of your home and tackling chores everywhere else – all without having to worry about your Bluetooth signal dropping.

Obviously, people that keep their phone in their pocket while streaming media to these compatible earbuds aren’t ever going to stretch the limits of that 10 m range.

Even still, it’s nice to know that you can get quite a ways away from your wireless compatible source and still enjoy high quality audio signals all the same.


How long does BLXBuds Earbuds battery last?

It’s also really important to touch on the high quality battery system squeezed into these BLXBuds earbuds.

The ultracompact lithium-ion battery has a 40 mAh capacity, which may not look like much at first until you realize just how compact and small these earbuds are.

On top of that, the next generation lithium-ion battery system guarantees that you get 4.5 hours (and sometimes more) of life out of these headphones with no issue at all.

That’s more than enough battery life for your daily commute, bit of time in the gym, and knocking around at work as well.

You might have to dip into your battery charger once every two days to extend the battery life of your new BLXBuds earbuds – but the quick charging capabilities have you back to 100% faster than you would have thought possible.

Seriously. You’ll be able to go from a completely dead battery up to 100% battery life in just 60 minutes. Sometimes it takes even less time to get to full charge from a dead battery.

From 50% battery life you’re looking at a 10 to 15 minute charge, too. This progressive lithium-ion battery life charging system really helps you get back into the swing of things to “drip feed” your earbuds so that you aren’t plugging in dead headphones.

Of course, you can charge the battery life of your BLXBuds in two different ways:

You can charge them with the standard connection (micro USB right on the wireless earphones themselves) or you can snap them into their wireless charger and fill up the battery that way.

Either way, you’re going to be able to get back up to 100% battery life in record time. It’s not going to take you hours and hours (or overnight) to charge your favorite earphones back up.

Combine all of this with fantastic IPX4 water resistant, a gorgeous charging cable and charging case set, three different comfort ear tips to fit anyone and everyone, and a whole host of other cool extras and accessories and these BLXBuds earphones become a bit of a no-brainer to grab ASAP.

Don’t be surprised if you find yourself writing your own glowingly positive BLXBuds review in the not-too-distant future!

BLXBuds Earbuds Features and Benefits

  • Incredible sound quality, better than (almost) any other comparable Bluetooth earbuds like other leading brands.
  • True wireless connectivity with Bluetooth 5.1, eliminating audio problems and weak connections altogether
  • Extra long run time of 4.5 hours of battery listening time (sometimes capable of being stretched out to seven or eight hours of battery life)
  • Lightning fast recharge capabilities, these BLXBuds can go from 0% battery to 100% battery in as little as 60 minutes
  • Full IPX4 water resistant rating, meaning these earbuds work well at the gym, outdoors, and even in the middle of a rainstorm

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How are BLXBuds Earbuds Better Compared to Competitors?

Honestly, the folks at leading brands  make really high quality products. There’s a reason why people LOVE their products

But BLXBuds are light years beyond what those “premium” wireless earbuds have to offer.

Let’s start with the design of these BLXBuds earbuds.

For one thing, these earbuds are carefully crafted to closely mimic the canal of your ears.

They are able to sit inside far more comfortably than the generic, run-of-the-mill “blobs”of top brand’s earbuds options.

Secondly, the internal design of these headphones take advantage of next-generation audio equipment that neither top brands.

The end result is a pair of earbuds that just sound so much better, regardless of whether or not you are listening to music, playing podcasts, or listening to your favorite movies, TV shows, and other media through these earbuds.

Finally, you have the inclusion of Bluetooth 5.1 technology.

This latest version of Bluetooth guarantees a rock solid connection, almost lossless media transfer between your phone and the BLXBuds earbuds themselves, and better battery life.

And if that wasn’t enough a reason to go with these BLXBuds already, these earbuds work with both Android and iOS devices – something that the expensive brands aren’t pulling off just yet (at least not all that well).

When the rubber meets the road, it’s not just our BLXBuds review that puts these earbuds above pretty much everything else out there on the market today – especially at this price point.

There’s real value, there’s undeniably fantastic technology, and the quality of sound that these headphones put out is spectacular.

You are going to love them!

Where Can I Use BLXBuds Earbuds?

You’re not going to have any trouble using these wireless earbuds pretty much anywhere and everywhere you want to.

Need a new pair of BLXBuds so that you can listen to a podcast on your daily commute?

Hunting for a pair of BLXBuds you can wear while you had to the gym to get in an intense workout?

Searching for a quality pair of BLXBuds that let you watch your favorite movies and TV shows late at night so your partner doesn’t have to listen to the volume on high?

No matter what, these earbuds are pitch perfect.

Comfortable (even for longer durations of up to 4.5 or five hours, and sometimes longer), filled with authentic sound that will not disappoint, and effortless to recharge, these are showstopping pieces of audio equipment for sure.

Will the BLXBuds Earbuds work with any IOS and Android phone?

Absolutely! These earbuds work with Bluetooth 5.1 technology, which means they work on all mobile devices – phones, tablets, laptops, etc. – that support a Bluetooth connection. You can even connect your Bluetooth enabled TV to these headphones if you’d like!

Are the BLXBuds Earbuds comfortable?

The design of these earbuds guarantee a perfect fit in your inner ear canal, with multiple “tips” available to cement them in place without adding extra pressure. The fit and finish is spectacular, with many BLXBuds review posts out there calling these the most comfortable earbuds money can buy.

How Much Do BLXBuds Earbuds Cost?

Believe it or not, these earbuds are a lot less expensive than you probably think – a fraction of the price of competing earbuds from the folks at leading companies.

You don’t have to worry about spending a small fortune on new wireless headphones when you go in this direction.

Best of all, thanks to the direct to consumer pricing (more on that in just a moment) you cut out the middleman and drop costs even more than you would have otherwise.

Right now the folks behind these earbuds are even running a 50% off discount.

That’s right, if you act quickly you will be able to scoop up a pair of these earbuds at 50% off of their already affordable price point – or two pairs of these earbuds for the price of one.

It doesn’t get much better than that!

Where Can I Buy BLXBuds Earbuds?

The only place you’re going to be able to get your hands on a pair of BLXBuds Earbuds (right now, anyway) is directly from the manufacturer.

The official website is the only authorized reseller of these headphones. That might seem like a little bit of an inconvenience to some, but once you realize that by cutting out the middleman the people behind these earbuds are able to drop prices significantly (and tack on a 50% off discount on top of that) it’s a no-brainer.

On top of all that, you’ll be guaranteed to get your hands on 100% legitimate earbuds as well.

You don’t have to worry about counterfeits, knockoffs, or retread/refurbished earbuds finding their way to you from less than legitimate retailers.

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BLXBuds Earbuds Pros and Cons

  • Beautifully designed and wonderfully engineered
  • Sound is pitch perfect, accurate across the board and authentic
  • Strong Bluetooth 5.1 signal guarantees a rock solid connection with lossless audio at up to 10 m
  • Dual stereo wireless works even if you’re only running a single earbud at a time
  • Long-lasting battery life guarantees you’re able to listen to music and media on your terms
  • Lithium-ion battery system charges lightning fast, even from a 0% dead battery
  • You get all of the premium features (and then some) the leading brands offer at a much more affordable price point
  • Only available direct from the manufacturer
  • Demand is so high that it can be hard to get your hands on these earbuds sometimes
  • The wireless charger lid can get a little worn out over time

Final Verdict

When you get right down to it, there’s a lot to like about these wireless earbud style headphones.

The sound quality is the real star of the show. Rich and authentic sounds are going to come pouring out of these earbuds the second that you connect them to source media.

The design is elegant and modern, the engineering is really on point, and these earbuds have a top-of-the-line and premium fit and finish without that kind of price tag.

If you’re serious about upgrading your earbuds in the near future, take the advice of this BLXBuds review and get your hands on a pair of BLXBuds today.

It’s not a decision you’ll regret!

For a safe purchase and more details, head to the BLXBuds Earbuds Store Today Here!

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