Ceracare Review: Real Truth About The Cera care Supplement!


For every food we eat, the body breaks it down into parts and absorbs it. The major food classes that we consume are carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and other nutrients. The carbohydrates we consume are broken down into glucose and absorbed into the blood stream, what we now refer to as blood sugar, and the more of it we consume, the higher the level of sugar. Also, carbohydrates get easily absorbed by the body when in liquid form than in solid form.   

So the protein, fat, water, vitamins and other nutrients we consume may have some sugar but not as much as those classified as carbohydrates. Carbohydrate is the major food class that effect blood sugar. Also, they contain high calories which if you consume more calories than you burn in a day, those calories will be converted to fat and stored in your body. This then leads to weight gain and the more weight gain, the less sensitive your body becomes to insulin and the blood sugar begins to rise.                 

Blood sugar, also known a blood glucose, comes from the food we eat. It is the sugar that the body creates, while circulating it through the bloodstream to all cells in the body to supply energy. It is a healthy advice that a person keeps their blood sugar levels within a safe range to reduce the risk of diabetes and heart diseases. This can be managed through eating healthy, therefore the more you know about how eating affects blood sugar, the better you can protect yourself against chronic illnesses.   

Read through this ceracare review thoroughly to know more about this trending supplement! 

What is Ceracare Supplement? 

Ceracare is a supplement that can help people to manage their blood sugar level even if they have been suffering from diabetes for a long time. This supplement controls diabetes and enhances blood circulation in the body, and boosts energy levels for everyday activities. It claims to support people with type 2 diabetes which usually has adult onset. This type of diabetes occurs usually due to insulin insensitivity and it’s an area Ceracare claims to have control of. 

Ceracare is formulated as a natural alternative medicine type supplement to help people deal with their high blood sugar without relying solely on the solutions endorsed by the Orthodox or traditional medical industry. It is a blood sugar supplement that  aims to increase cardiovascular health and maintain healthy glucose metabolism, also advertised as being naturally able to improve other areas of health as well. It is a formula executed and conceptualised by the trio Christine, Dr Jihn and medical researcher Michael. 

However, it is important to note that high blood sugar conditions can be managed with healthy nutritional component. Nonetheless, any form of nutritional supplement one wishes to use must be discussed with a physician for approval like the new Ceracare advanced blood sugar support formula, this is because a lot of alternative medicines used to treat high blood sugar levels may lead to low or high blood sugar levels, slowed heartbeats, breathing troubles and other dangerous side effects. 

What are the contents of Ceracare? 

The CeraCare formula has been split between a vitamins and minerals blend (totalling 198.876mg per serving), a proprietary blend (415mg per serving), and others (0.2mg).To assess the true potential these blends have on blood sugar, quick research was conducted, starting with the proprietary blend, followed by vitamins and minerals and others. Here’s what we’ve come to learn: 


Guggul also referred to as Indian bdellium-tree, gugal, Mukul myrrh tree or Commiphora wightii is a flowering plant home to the Burseraceae family. It is liked for its gum resin production, which is predominantly used in Vedic medicine. Based on the reportings of HealthLine, the most common claim regarding gugal is its potential in lowering blood sugar levels and assisting in the overall management of diabetes. However, more research is needed to make sound conclusions seeing that only a few studies were conducted on its effect and only animals were considered as subjects. 

Bitter Melon 

Commonly known as a bitter ground, and in some instances, Momordica charantia, bitter melon is a type of tropical vine that has similar traits to that of zucchinis and cucumbers among others. This ingredient might have made the cut because it has garnered a lot of attention for its anti-diabetic properties. Interestingly, researchers of a 2013 review noted that “abundant pre-clinical studies have documented the anti-diabetic and hypoglycemic effects of Momordica charantia […] However, clinical trial data with human subjects are limited and flawed by poor study design.” 

In contrast, a 2011 study referenced by Diabetes.co.uk, supposedly showed that a 2000 mg dose of bitter melon significantly reduced blood glucose levels among those with diabetes. In the end, this piece appears to agree with the 2013 review that “better-designed” clinical trials are needed to make sound claims regarding the benefits of bitter melon. 


Licorice is the common name for Glycyrrhiza glabra, a flowering plant known for its sweet root and aromatic flavors. A 2011 study that looked at the protective action of licorice in diabetic nephropathy in male rats concluded that the ingredient was capable of alleviating blood glucose levels, restored renal function (a term meant to identify how well kidneys work), and reduced body-weight loss. In the end, the team did note that “licorice may have a potential therapeutic effect for diabetes due to its antioxidant and hyperglycemic properties.” 


Cinnamon is a spice that can easily blend in just about any savory or sweet dish. What many people do not realize is the potential it has in inducing health benefits. As shared by the American Diabetes Association (ADA), a study that investigated cinnamon’s strength in possibly improving blood glucose, triglyceride, total cholesterol, and HDL and LDL cholesterols was able to show some improvements. To be more price, the team witnessed a reduction in mean fasting serum glucose, triglycerides, and LDL, and total cholesterol levels. 

These results appear to be consistent across three doses (1, 3, or 6g). The researchers explained that the overall maintenance of lower serum glucose implies “sustained effects of cinnamon,” meaning it does not need to be consumed daily. Moreover, they believe that “cinnamon may be beneficial.” Unfortunately, individuals cannot arrive at any conclusion in cases where the doses are either less than 1g or greater than 6g. 

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The vitamins and minerals found in CeraCare are: 

Vitamin C: Reduces blood sugar spikes after meals, might offset levels of free radicals in people with diabetes, and might lower blood pressure levels among those with hypertension. 

Vitamin E: May improve insulin action and decrease fasting insulin by targeting oxidative stress on a cellular level. 

Biotin: May act as an adjuvant alongside insulin routines and can improve glycaemic management in people with type 1 diabetes. 

Magnesium: Is trusted to reduce insulin resistance and improve glycaemic control among patients with type 2 diabetes. 

Zinc: May carry beneficial effects on glycaemic control and could possibly promote healthy lipid parameters (based on a 4-week study). 

Manganese: Acts as an antioxidant and metabolic booster. People with type 2 diabetes are believed to have lower blood manganese levels, and hence, might require additional supplementation. 

Chromium: Might improve glucose control, insulin sensitivity, and other variables in people with insulin resistance or who have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. 

Ceracare features and benefits 

Clearly, the makers of Ceracare are confident their formula can provide significant support to diabetics and pre-diabetics conditions. Here are some of the features and benefits of Ceracare: 

Improves Blood Health: Ceracare claims to offer “improved blood health” because of its powerful antioxidant formula. These antioxidants make it easier for your heart to do its job, circulating blood efficiently throughout your body. 

Supports Blood Sugar: Most diabetics struggle to manage blood sugar without the use of insulin or prescription medication. Ceracare, however, claims to support blood sugar in diabetics and pre-diabetics using natural and improved nutrients. 

Supports Vitality & Energy: Many diabetics feel lethargic. Diabetes can sap your energy. Ceracare claims to reverse this problem, improving your energetic wellbeing and combating your fatigue. 

100% Safe, Natural, and Effective: Ceracare claims to be 100% effective for any diabetics and pre-diabetics to take. Because the supplement uses natural ingredients, it’s completely safe for anyone, according to Christine and the Ceracare team. 

Made in the United States: The makers of Ceracare claim to manufacture the supplement in the United States in an FDA-registered, GMP-certified facility. The company does not claim to source all ingredients from the United States, however. 

Easy to Take: Unlike the doctors’ prescribed medication that may sometimes require injections and needle pricks of all kinds, Ceracare claims you don’t have to do any of this: just take one capsule per day to improve on your diabetic conditions and all diabetes symptoms permanently. Medical prescriptions are good but Ceracare offers the support. 

Guaranteed to control Diabetes: Ceracare claims to support the control of even some of the most severe cases of diabetes, eliminating the effects of the disease from your body permanently and ending decreasing your reliance on diabetes drugs. In fact, if Ceracare does not work to improve  your blood sugar health, you can request a 100% refund. A 60-day money-back guarantee backs the supplement. 

How does Cera Care work? 

CeraCare aims to eliminate the root cause of type 2 diabetes. While physicians tend to suggest that the likely causes range from age, and genetics to diet choices, the creators of CeraCare affirm that there’s more to the story. Explicitly, they referenced a recent study conducted by Newcastle University, which led to the findings of a tiny lipid molecule. 

As shared in a presentation, this respective lipid molecule, also known as ceramide, should be held responsible for the disruption it causes in fat cells. In particular, it allegedly “forces toxic fat cells to stream into your blood.” From there, it attaches itself to the pancreas, liver and heart – deteriorating them and negatively impacting arteries. Why is this problematic? Well, the pancreas is the organ that produces the insulin hormone. 

Unfortunately, when the pancreas remains clogged up, it cannot effectively secrete insulin. As a consequence, cells will not be advised that their required fuels are ready to be absorbed and instead, they end up in the bloodstream. The latter is what allegedly heightened blood sugar readings. 

All things considered; CeraCare is believed to flush out foreign compounds like ceramide so that bodily organs can function as required, and keep the body running smoothly. Normally, weight loss is trusted to flush such components out, but the difference might be minimal in some cases over others. 

Side Effects of Ceracare 

So far, there are no reported side effects of Ceracare. The Ceracare medical team assures that people of all age groups can use this powerful and medically tested supplement without any concerns about the side effects. The natural ingredients used in the supplement make it so powerful that it can cure patients suffering from diabetes for 35, 50, or even 60 years. 

This formula has changed the lives of 83900 people battling type 2 diabetes. Now, these people can enjoy their favorite meals without any restrictions. Thus it is safe, natural, and trustworthy in curing diabetes. Some people are allergic to some medicines, including insulin, but no one has reported any side effects. 

How much does Ceracare cost? 

Ceracare is accessible at the following price options: 

· 1 CeraCare bottle (30-day supply): $69 each + free U.S. shipping 

· 3 CeraCare bottles (90-day supply): $59 each + free U.S. shipping 

· 6 CeraCare bottles (180-day supply): $49 each + free U.S. shipping. 

Where To Buy Ceracare 

It is best advised to get the CeraCare natural supplement from their official website. This is as a result of various fake products that may be found around due to the high demand for CeraCare.   

You can also be assured of the money-back offer when you buy the supplement from their official website. 

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Checking your blood sugar levels 

It is already a known fact that what we eat and do for physical activity affects our blood sugar. However, there is no way one can know if any of these nutrients have any effect or the amount of effect they have unless you test your blood sugar. Blood glucose meters are used to test blood sugar levels so you can see if your levels are within the target range. 

Regular blood glucose tests are essential, this helps to keep everything you eat in check, exercise regularly and seek medical attention when the need arises. 

As it’s a known fact, high blood sugar levels it’s a condition generally referred to as hyperglycemia. It is a condition that normally develops when the body is low on insulin or when the cells become less sensitive to insulin. Due to this, glucose cannot enter the cells and it tends to build up in the bloodstream causing a hike in the sugar level. 

Common symptoms of Hyperglycaemia include: 

a. Frequent urination. 

b. Increased thirst. 

c. A dry mouth. 

d. Fatigue. 

e. Light-headedness. 

f. Vision loss and the likes. 

When one notices one or more of the above, there is a high tendency that the blood sugar is on a high level and due to this, immediate measures need to be taken to avoid chronic illnesses. This may include exercise and taking medications, as prescribed by doctors, which may help in its reduction and therefore keeping everything in check and even preventing the death of the patient. This is where CERACARE comes in. 

Frequently Asked Questions (Ceracare Review) 

Who does CeraCare support? 

CeraCare has been formulated to support people who have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, struggling to maintain healthy blood sugar levels, and have undergone related symptoms such as uncontrollable cravings for carbs and sweets, increased thirst and weight, and exhaustion among others. 

Does age matter when taking CeraCare? 

No, it turns out that no matter if consumers are 30, 50, 70 or even 80 years of age, CeraCare can support them. The same is applicable to factors such as gender and the length of time one was diagnosed as having type 2 diabetes. 

How should CeraCare be incorporated from day-to-day? 

It has been recommended to take one capsule a day with a meal first thing in the morning. Ideally, each ingestion should be paired with a full glass of water as well. 

Is Cera Care generally safe to consume? 

CeraCare comes across as a generally safe supplement because it is a 100% all-natural solution. It is important to mention that “thousands of people enjoyed taking CeraCare every day,” further noting that no one complained about side effects so far. As for manufacturing aspects, each batch was completed in the U.S., in a state-of-the-art FDA approved and GMP certified facility. Finally, each capsule is 100% vegetarian and non-GMO. 

What results can be anticipated from taking CeraCare? 

According to the claims made, CeraCare can possibly play a role in regulating or better yet reversing type 2 diabetes, while ensuring that one’s blood pressure and cholesterol levels are in check. Moreover, this formula might even go as far as improving eyesight and heart health, increasing one’s metabolism, curbing cravings, and may elicit a rejuvenating effect. 

Is CeraCare protected by a money-back guarantee? 

Yes, CeraCare has been protected by a 60-day money-back guarantee. Details regarding the refund processes and requests can be gotten by contacting customer service at [email protected]

Conclusion on Ceracare Review 

In closing, Ceracare is a popular new blood sugar supplement meant for users of all ages and both sexes. The site explains that people anywhere in age from 30 to 70 have seen success with the formula, which is supposedly both “very gentle” and “very powerful” at the same time. The supplement is also completely safe, boasting FDA approved GMP, or good manufacturing practices, at their USA manufacturing plants. 

Overall, we were impressed with the amount of verifiable scientific information available online about this supplement, as well as the names and science behind it. Plenty of peer-reviewed scientific studies have backed the efficiency of several key Ceracare ingredients in boosting the efficiency of the blood sugar regulation process, which could work wonders for consumers who desperately need to lower their blood sugar in a sustainable way. 

As always, this supplement should only be taken at the advice and permission of your physician. Another great thing about Ceracare is that a 60-day refund policy backs the supplement where anyone can try out a bottle or three in a two-month time frame and see how well it works specifically for you or your money back. However, just note the refund policy may have fees and fine print worthy of reading if it is a red flag area for you, as it doesn’t seem easy to ever get a complete cash refund on Ceracare if you do not meet the specific criteria. 

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