Washing Machine Tablet Review: Is The Cleaner Store Tablets Effective?


Dirty laundry is gross. Unfortunately, even the cleanest of machines can get dirty over time from bacteria and residue that accumulates in them during their many uses. In order to keep people’s clothes fresh-smelling after they come out of a washing machine, they need to wipe down its interior walls with soap at least once per month, especially if it’s an older model or one used for multiple loads by different people each day. 

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The smell of people’s washing machine may be an indication that it needs a deep clean. Cleaning the inside and outside is best done with washer cleaner, which can come in two forms: cleaners for internal cleaning or surface cleansers. 

The washer can be cleaned using sprays and wipes intended to apply on the exterior surfaces of both and inside the drum. Alternatively, liquids such as gels or tablets may also do the job effectively since they’re straightforward to use. Tablets are commonly preferred because it is easy for people to just toss them in with their laundry load before running a cycle through a wash. 

With the Cleaner Store Tablets, even their old washing machine will smell as good as new! All they need to do is put these convenient tablets in there and watch them work their magic. They will be left with a clean smelling washer without any hassle or harsh chemicals, and it only takes about an hour for this process to complete. 

About Cleaner Store Washing Machine Tablet 

People assume their washing machines will get clothes clean and fresh each time they use them, but this is not always the case. Due to all of the dirt and debris removed from clothing during a wash cycle, it must be disposed of in some way. 

If there is any residue left in the machine, it will be transferred onto their clothing. Although washing machines are designed to get rid of most of this debris, some may still remain on their clothes once they emerge from the cycle. This means that people could end up with dirtier-smelling laundry after a wash than before. 

Cleaner store Tablets that break down in people’s washing machines remove buildup and eliminate odors. These tablets neutralize bacteria, attacking bad smells and stains on clothes without manually scrubbing or cleaning them off. In only one treatment, the tablet eliminates dirt from the clothing, so it is fresh and smelling again after a wash cycle.  

Before the cleaning cycle can begin, all clothing and water should be disposed of to break down the tablet. Before starting a wash with these tablets, ensure that the washing machine is hot by running it on its hottest setting for one minute before adding clothes or other items. 

After the first wash, people should wipe away any remaining dirt left on their surface. Different machines require a different number of rinses before all detergent is removed from the appliance; there’s no specific setting that works for this purpose. 

Spending money on cleaning tablets is a good thing because it will allow people to save more in the long run. Not only can these tablets help extend the life of washing machines, but they are also safe for use with any brand or type, so there’s no need to worry about compatibility issues either! 

These five tablets are an incredible value in terms of months of clean clothes. They can be used with every load and ensure that people’s machine remains as fresh as the day they bought it, even after hundreds or thousands of loads! The odors do accumulate over time, but these little gems work miracles for those who want to keep their laundry smelling great. 

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  • Hydrogen Peroxide: This is a light antiseptic that can be used for preventing infection of minor burns, scrapes, and cuts. It is sometimes used as a mouth rinse for reducing mucus or minor irritation. It releases oxygen when applied to the affected area; this causes foaming, which helps clean dead skin away from wounds/areas with injuries. Hydrogen Peroxide should not be applied on deep wounds like animal bites or serious burn marks because hydrogen peroxide shouldn’t go beyond disinfecting small areas such as those listed above. 
  • Sodium polyacrylate: Sodium polyacrylates are a special type of chemical polymer that is used in several consumer products. It can absorb hundreds of times its mass in water due to anionic chains with a positive charge, which attracts the positively charged molecules from water and turns them into super-absorbent compounds. 
  • Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS): Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), a common ingredient in personal care and cleaning products, can be made naturally or artificially. This chemical is better known as an effective surfactant with widespread applications across industries. 
  • Sodium percarbonate: When mixed in water, sodium percarbonate releases hydrogen peroxide. Sodium percarbonate is a white solid that has many uses, including bleaching and cleaning products. When exposed to it, people can expect irritation on the eyes or skin along with respiratory issues if inhaled. 
  • Sodium bicarbonate: Sodium bicarbonate is a salt that breaks down into two molecules: sodium and hydrogen carbonate when dissolved in water. It’s used to treat conditions caused by high acidities, such as heartburn or contrast-induced nephropathy (damage done to the kidneys from using dye during an x-ray). People also use it for athletic performance, indigestion, etc. 
  • Sodium Citrate: Sodium citrate is a salt that tastes like citrus and can be used to add interesting flavor. It’s typically added as an additive in club soda, but it could also be used for other beverages or foods with acidic flavors, such as lemons. 

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How Does Cleaner Store Washing Machine Tablet work? 

The solution is made up of different ingredients that are designed to clean clothes in washing machines after they have been used. One needs only add a small amount once every month to use the product, so their machine still smells like new. 

How to Use Cleaner Store Washing Machine Tablet/Dosage 

One needs only add a small amount once every month to use the product, so their machine still smells like new. 

Benefits of Cleaner Store Washing Machine Tablet 

The uniquely formulated cleanser penetrates the machine to get rid of dirt and residues. It slowly dissolves during their wash cycle, keeping their washer clean.* 

Side effects of Cleaner Store Washing Machine Tablet 

  • It has no known side effect 

Purchase & Price 

There are many types to choose from, but people should always get the tablets from The Cleaner Store. They have several packages for sale on their website where they can be bought in bulk depending on how often it’s needed and what model washer is being used. 

As a special promotion, The Cleaner Store is offering 50% off its tablets. People can choose from 5 different table types in each pack: 

The cost for one package of the cleaner store’s tablets is $17 when users buy just one pack with five cleanings per table. If they want to purchase two packs at once, then it would be cheaper to spend around $29 instead of spending about twice that amount ($36) on an order with three packages and 15 total tables/tablets inside all three boxes combined. Lastly, if they need four packages or more, 43 dollars will get them four separate bundles containing five 10-packs (which equals 100 tablets). This means there are still plenty of deals available across multiple purchases! 

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Money-Back Guarantee and refund policy 

People are entitled to a full refund if the product fails to clean their machine in one month. 


How long does it take to see the result of this Product? 

Users should receive results instantly. If the washer smells very badly, users can run a few cycles to complete a deep cleaning. 

What type of machine can it clean? 

The Cleaner Store offers a product that can be used for any washing machine. These tablets are compatible with the most common brands and sizes of top-loading or front-loading machines. 

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The product is EPA Approved. People are assured of fast results and a promise of a full refund if the Product fails. 


Not found in online and physical stores. It can only be purchased from the official website. 


A new product called Cleaning Store Tablets lets people clean their washing machine almost hands-free. These tablets prevent dirty laundry smell by killing bacteria and other buildups that accumulate in the washer over time. It takes a few tablets to remove all of this debris fully, but they can be easily added with only one more rinse cycle (or an extra wash). Customers have reviewed their machines positively because it keeps clothes smelling like when they first bought them. 

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