How to be 100% Satisfied with Educational App Development Solution!

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How things have changed! 

There was a time when people used to go to different schools, colleges, and universities to gain knowledge, but today technology has made this process very simple. Anyone can access the knowledge while sitting at their home. 

Today everyone has access to smartphones, which brings you the great opportunity to offer your E-learning program to your customers, and what better way to do it, other than your own mobile educational app? 

Let us have a look at some shocking data. 

As of current stats, the Global E-learning market is expected to grow by $283 Billion by the end of 2022, and education apps are the 3rd most popular category in the app stores. 

Digital Education is the future, there is no doubt about it! So, if you are thinking of having your own app, you are thinking smart. And we are the right Android App Development Company which you are looking for. 

Since you have decided to have your Education App, now, let’s look at the important features which a good education app should have: 

Top Features of Education App 

  1. Personalization 

The personalized experience is something you can’t ignore in your app. You will be shocked to know that there is a 65% chance that a user will delete the app if he doesn’t get a good experience after installing the app. 

The app must respond according to the learning behavior of the user, it should keep the user engaged and any possibility of any glitch should be avoided. 

  1. Interactive Content 

Having Interactive content is all about keeping the user’s interest intact while he is consuming your content on the app. And the best way to do this is by keeping your content mobile-friendly. 

And, Don’t worry, we are here to help you to make your app interactive. We have your back and will make your app interactive on both Android and iOS. 

  1. Push notification 

Push notification is another important feature to have on your app, it helps to keep the app user engaged even if he is not using the app at the time. 

Push notification can be used to send an important update, new feature, or any announcement to the user which will pop up in the notification of his smartphone. You will require any android or iOS developer to create it on your education app. 

Again! We will create it for your app. 

  1. Video Content 

Video content is the feature that helps the users to understand any topic deeply because they can replay, pause and watch it again anytime they want to. 

The demand for video content is very high on educational apps, and it is growing more as we speak!  

We will optimize your educational app to support the video content flawlessly without compromising the quality and efficiency of your app. 

  1. Live Tutorials and Tests 

Live Tutorials and Tests are the premium features that you should not miss out on in your education app because it shows your commitment to the users and it is a very effective way to keep them engaged on the app. 

When users participate in the live tutorials and tests, they learn and they clear their doubts, and get satisfied. This will help you to gain their trust in your education app and they will be happy to recommend it to others also. 

Why should you reach us out for your Mobile App Consulting? 

Well, till now you must have understood the top core features required for a successful Education App and we can assure you that we are fully capable of implementing these features while we create your app. 

And we would love to hear from you because we are eager to explain many more important things related to your Education app that need your valuable attention. 

Who are we? 

With the experience of launching more than 2000 mobile applications in 12 Years and serving a client list of 600 clients, We at TechAhead is one of the Top React Native App Development company and our services range from Consultation, Product Ideation, App Creation, and Maintenance support for React, Android, iOS, React Native, and IoT solutions for startups and large-scale companies. 

Get in touch with the TechAhead Consultants and find your Tech-Solution Today! 

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