How to Record Gameplay on PC for YouTube


Gamers and YouTubers simultaneously can present to you a fruitful profession with their gaming and range of video editing abilities in this specialty. With gaming video devices, a subjective voice, and accomplished gaming expertise, you can soar your YouTube divert crowd in a stunning number. Most importantly, assuming you need to be a top-of-the-line game analyst, it is just conceivable with hardware and game screen recorder which fills in as stuff to raise your gameplay video to an unheard-of level.  

Part1: Key Features A Game Screen Recorder Must Have 

Here are the top ones without them, your game recorder is not capable of recording an on-demand gaming experience.  

High Requirements on Resolution, Bitrate, and FPS 

The very first you can mention is high-quality resolution support. Your game recorder must have this feature to record HD quality game recordings swiftly. Also, to add more to the resolution, the bitrate and frame per second are yet another important features without which your gaming experience lags the real-time recordings and snapping on the spot.   

Microphone Sounds and Webcam Recording 

The next main feature which is a must-to-have one is audio and webcam recording of the system and yourself respectively. Without this feature, your gaming video looks dull and the users won’t find it attractive enough to give their time watching the gaming videos.  

Part2: How to Record Gameplay on PC for YouTube with DemoCreator 

You need to have catching software introduced in your work area to make your video conceivable, so you need not stress over the screen recording and spotlight just on sound portrayal and face signals. Assuming you need to catch a control center one-sided video then excellent software is the thing that you would have to make it more suitable. Because as you were probably aware, the computer game recorder needs to be accurate and up to the mark enough to catch the viewer’s attention, and for that, we introduce Wondershare DemoCreator as our best pick.  

The product you should pick ought to have the option to catch your necessary screen which you need to remember for your recordings. While remembering the above gear, you might be contemplating whether you can track down an enchantment box that would have this load of kinds of hardware pre-introduced. Here we go with a kicker as Wondershare DemoCreator is doubtlessly the one. From the video catching to the video altering, this product from Wondershare is a center point of the multitude of fundamental and significant elements you should make your substance as per your wish. 

Features of DemoCreator:  

This product empowers you to record different excellent games in 4K UHD goals, and you can pick the casing rate you need deftly. While recording interactivity on PC, you additionally can catch your receiver and your webcam to make the gaming video striking. The DemoCreator computer screen recorder supports the recording of many popular games, but far more than these. Here are some top games which you can easily kickstart recording with DemoCreator.   

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Record Fortnite in DemoCreator  

Fortnite Battle Royale is perhaps the most well-known game nowadays. In this game, players will fight each other until just one turns into the sole survivor. There are numerous techniques and accomplishments that you can get after playing this game, so you should record Fortnite gameplay pc and offer the feature ongoing interaction with companions or your viewers on YouTube. On the off chance that you are searching for the best screen recorder for Fortnite, attempt Wondershare DemoCreator. This basic yet incredible application allows you effectively to record ongoing interaction just as your webcam. Simply download the program, follow the four straightforward strides underneath, and your account will be prepared with two or three ticks!  

League of Legends Recording in DemoCreator 

Group of Legends is perhaps the most famous game on the planet. Its arena measured competitions get tremendous measures of extremely enthusiastic fans and it generally appears to have a huge load of players online without a moment’s delay. The pleasant will come from the exceptional games you get into, incredible escapes, beats, and general associations you have with different players. 

Minecraft, Among Us Recoding in DemoCreator 

Among Us is an online multiplayer social allowance game from designer Inner Sloth, like Mafia or Werewolf. You can play with four to 10 individuals – either individuals you know, or online with outsiders. The expanded interest of major parts in the game in 2020, can likewise be part of the way ascribed to a few decorations, broadcasting their ongoing interactions live on jerk or YouTube. The game account market is very aggressive, yet without question, DemoCreator is perhaps the most flexible arrangement out there as it has extraordinary chronicle highlights and incredible altering features in the real-time recording of this game.  

Record Call of Duty in DemoCreator 

Black Ops 4 helps us to remember why we love the Call of Duty establishment. It seems like a cutting-edge COD game with none of the tricks that made rounds of the past two years more loathed. Zombies are extraordinary. Multiplayer is wonderful. GIFs of this game are as often as possible seen on the page of 1 of Reddit’s Gaming subreddit and the recordings are generally extremely engaging and fun. 

Record Sid Meier’s Civilization in DemoCreator 

The most up-to-date discharge from Rockstar Games was a moment hit upon discharge. Red Dead Redemption 2 is an engaging western after Arthur Morgan and his group as they attempt to endure a fictionalized Wild West as fugitives on the run. Notwithstanding, the game is considerably more than simply that.  

Record Team Fortress 2 in DemoCreator 

Regardless of whether it’s losing all sense of direction in the story, finishing each side mission to its decision, or simply holding with your pony, RDR2 is one of those games where you can without much of a stretch sink 50+ hours into and still have something to do. The interactivity is heavenly, and the illustrations are flawless. You can even run the game in 8K, on the off chance that you have the equipment. Unquestionably give this a look on the off chance that you haven’t as of now. 

Part3: How to Record with DemoCreator 

This product empowers you to record different excellent games in 4K UHD goals, and you can pick the casing rate you need deftly. While recording interactivity on PC, you additionally can catch your receiver and your webcam to make the gaming video striking.  

Here are the detailed steps to Record Gameplay Screen with the DemoCreator screen recorder, follow to learn easily.  

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  1. Launch Game and DemoCreator Simultaneously 

Kickstart by installing and then launching the Wondershare DemoCreator screen recorder. The start of the recording UI of DemoCreator.

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  1. Setup Your Webcam 

    With the Wondershare DemoCreator screen recorder, you can perform the webcam screen recording as well. To do that, hit the integrated webcam feature you can seat the main part of the game recording interface. 
  1. Enable Customization Toolkit 

Sometimes, while recording the tutorial screen, you need to perform real-time actions so you can clearly explain to your audience your live actions. With DemoCreator, you can set the frame rate, enable GPU acceleration and split recording clips by device in the editor.

Step4: Edit Your Gameplay Video 

After finish recording, you will enter video editing interface. You will find video template pack, annotation, caption, transition, effect, sticker, sound, cursor effects in the left toolkit to make your game video engaging. 

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Step5: Export and share to YouTube 

To save and export your video with this software, here’s how you can do that by simply hitting the Export button at the top right corner of the screen as follow: 

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Part4: How to Make Your Game Video More Engaging with DemoCreator  

Aside from these easier steps, Wondershare DemoCreator is viable with modest frameworks, its video proofreader has a lot of underlying items to be utilized in the video records. Planned explicitly for the recordings, this product thinks of an improved-on interface to take your recordings to a higher level. Now if you want to make your recorded content more engaging and eye-catchy, here are some top-of-the-list features of DemoCreator you can add to the list.  

Record the Game with Your Face in the Corner 

With that being said, Wondershare, upon fulfilling the video editing legacy, is now introduced the facial recognition technology in the vital and elegant DemoCreator screen recorder software. This means users can now embed their webcam footage directly into the screen recording and without any hassle, this platform provides the AI face recognition facility to facilitate teachers, students, learners, and every community that’s directly or indirectly related with the screen and face recording phenomena. DemoCreator face recognition technology will also help the gamers community to the best extent as live streaming as well as recording the gameplay is made easier with the powerful AI embedded face recognition feature of DemoCreator. 

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Record Game Audio and Your Voiceover 

Also, with the DemoCreator, you can record your game audio and the voiceover altogether by enabling them before the start of the game recording.  

Add Some Game Related Motion Stickers 

DemoCreator editing features have so much to add to your game recordings including the eye-catchy stickers to make it look more interesting and several effects with which you can emphasize various game parts. 

Create an Attractive Video Thumbnail 

At the end of the day, you have the astonishing openers and thumbnails editing tools inside the DemoCreator video editor. Enabling you to create an advanced-level cover for your videos to attract viewers.  


Albeit, this article has all you need while being a game YouTuber, here’s the kicker as you need to arrange every one of the better choices accessible and select the best among them. To have the option to do as such, here’s the arrangement as you need to pick the one astutely. Wondershare DemoCreator while being an across-the-board gear device will be going to help you in a reasonable financial plan. While being savvy picking the best among the above-enrolled ones, we suggest you go for Wondershare DemoCreator as it has an across-the-board bundle and improved provisions needed to make a convincing video which your crowd would unquestionably appreciate. 

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