Neck Relax Review: Best NeckRelax Massager Device


The first thing people think about when experiencing pains in the body is pain relief pills and then possibly a visit to the doctor or a physiotherapist. Headaches, muscle tension, whole body aches, etc., may be connected to neck strain or stiffness.  

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This is a problem associated with old age but unfortunately can affect persons at any age. If not treated early enough, these pains may escalate and cause irreversible damages to the body. Cervical pain is caused by poor posture, stress, excess weight, and women wearing the wrong bra size. Neck stiffness is another common problem caused by poor posture, stiff and sore neck and can eventually affect work-life balance and leisure time. Physiotherapy, Chiropractor services, pain killers, and to some extent, surgery may offer short-term, expensive, and time-consuming solutions. Neck Relax has been introduced in the market to counter these problems permanently, safely, and simply. 

About Neck Relax 

Neck Relax is a revolutionary self-care home remedy, and neck massage device made for people who suffer intense back, tension headache, cervical, muscle, and neck pain, etc. As the name implies, this device is worn around the back of the neck. This device combines massages and posture and relieves stress on the neck. This device uses high-frequency vibrations and electronic pulse massage technology. Neck Relax has six massage modes and 12 intensity levels, which are suitable for everyone’s preference. Tests carried out show that daily use of the Neck Relax reduces up to 90% of muscular, back, and neck-related ailments. 

Specifications of Neck Relax 

  • Connection electric cable: The electric cable helps connect the device to recharge when the power battery charge goes off. The device cannot recharge without the cable when the battery goes down. 
  • Different working Modes: Neck Relax has different modes of operation that are flexible and come with pre-programmed settings. Users are at liberty to select whatever modes and settings suit them and are suitable for a particular discomfort. The modes are pre-programmed for users to choose the setting. 
  • Battery PowerThe device uses 2 AAA dry, durable batteries, which ensure that the device works effectively and retains power. These batteries can be used for up to 7 hours nonstop without running out of power. 
  • Gel massages Pads: The massage pads are electrodes in nature and can extend to the collar, neck, and shoulder muscles or anywhere else on the body. The pads vibrate and release electric currents depending on the selected mode. 
  • Infrared heat: The infrared heat has a high temperature that transfers energy to the body through electromagnetic radiation. This increases the flow of blood and relaxes the tense muscle. The infrared heat invades into the deep skin, which helps in improved blood flow and relaxed muscles. 
  • Three massage levels: The device has a switch that can be adjusted to suit the preference of the user. The controls can weaken or enhance the strength of the massage. 

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How does Neck Relax Work 

Neck Relax device is a three in one massage collar device to help relieve tension and pain. The first manner is to deliver the infrared heat. This heat comes from the massage collar that lays in place so that the hands are free. The heat penetrates right into the skin, which helps to improve blood flow and relax the muscles. The second operation is when the massage collar may use the high-frequency vibration. This alternative is suitable for those users who would prefer a stimulating neck massage. The device’s intensity is altered from high frequency to low frequency. The device has six modes of techniques to select from. These are soft massage, kneading, deep massage, automatic, shiatsu, and acupuncture. The users get to choose which technique will suit them best, or alternatively, users may select the automatic frequency as a default setting. There is also the intensity of the massage, which can be adjusted from the 12 different levels. Again, the user may choose which level to choose from. Every NeckRelax massage has two electrode pads placed on any painful spot on the body, although the shoulders are preferred. The pads transmit electronic pulses to the areas that relax the muscles, reduce tension and stimulate blood flow. 

How to Use Neck Relax 

· Users should choose the correct posture to correct the body’s alignment. 

· Remove the device from the box. 

· Have the switch put on. 

· Tie back the hair around the neck. 

· Put the pads on the painful areas like the lower back, arm muscles, neck, etc. 

· Users should relax in the right posture. 

· Always select the preferred setting mode. 

· Control the power using the weak or strong button. 

· Read and understand the instruction manual. 

· Always contact the customer service team in case of any issue. 

· Suitable for use by both men and women. 

· Adults can use the device. 

· Store in a cool, dry place away from direct light. 

· Has a high battery use of up to 7 hours nonstop. 

· Keep out of the reach of children. 

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Benefits of Neck Relax 

  • Therapeutic: The device helps stop physical and mental pain, reducing stress levels and relaxing both the body and the mind. The Neck Relax relaxes the ligaments, muscles around the spine. 
  • Relieves pain and relaxes: Due to the rigorous hours put into work, the body muscles develop pains, tension, and aches that affect the mental and physical body. The device helps relieve the pains by intensively massaging the entire body. 
  • Advanced massager: The Neck Relaxer has six different modes of operation depending on the user’s preference. A user must be careful to ensure that they set up the best mode suitable for the particular massage. The more the intensity of the vibration, the higher the relief on the lower back and shoulder pain.  
  • Increases blood flow:  NeckRelax enhances the blood flow in the body, which increases the oxygenation process. An increased oxygenation process gives instant pain relief and increases the mobility of the neck and the muscles. 
  • Enlarges intervertebral space:  Neck Relax, quickly and safely, expands the intervertebral space by releasing pressure from the spinal cord within 10 minutes of use. 

Side Effects of Neck Relax 

There are no side effects. 

Purchase & Price 

Neck Relax is on offer at the moment and is available for purchase through the manufacturer’s website at the following prices: 

· 1 Neck Relax device – Solo Pack – $78.99.   

· 2 Neck Relax devices – Couples Neck Pack – $144.99.  

· 3 Neck Relax devices – Maximum Soothing Pack – $196.99. 

· 4 Neck Relax devices– Full House Relaxation – $254.99. 

Tax and shipping charges are calculated online after check out. 

Money-Back Guarantee & Refund Policy 

If a user is dissatisfied with the device, the manufacturer has facilitated a 100% money-back guarantee. The device should be returned to the manufacturer within 30 days from the date of purchase. The refund is raised by contacting the manufacturer on the official website. 

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Q: Who qualifies to use the NeckRelax? 

A: Anyone can use the device as long as they are experiencing pain, tension, or aches in the body. The device is safe and does not cause any side effects. 

Q: Is the Neck Relax device safe? 

A: Once a user understands how to use and control the device, there is no harm or danger from using Neck Relax. With advanced features like heating, portability, and cooling therapy, the device is effortless to use and safe. 

Q: For how long should one use the device? 

A: Neck Relax can be used every day for between 10-15 minutes to bring relief to the body. The device should be used for a long time to attain the desired results. 

Q: Does Neck Relax really work? 

A: Absolutely. The device works perfectly. Several customers who have given reviews have confirmed that indeed the device works. The reviews are available for scrutiny on the manufacturer’s official website. The feedback is overwhelming. 

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Pros of Neck Relax 

· Saves time and money. 

· No need for a physiotherapist or a chiropractor. 

· No doctor’s prescription is needed. 

· The compact device is portable and can be used anywhere. 

· Neck Relax helps get rid of other pains in the body. 

· No technical skills are necessary in order to use the device. 

· The device is easy to set up. 

· The manufacturer offers after-sales service. 

· The device is user-friendly. 

· No age limit for users. 

· Does not have any side effects. 

· Works within 10-15 minutes of use. 

· The device is rated 9.8 out of 10 total ratings. 

Cons of Neck Relax 

There are no disadvantages of Neck Relax. 


With the Neck Relax device, pain and tension in the body should be a thing of the past. No more visits to a medical facility or swallowing painkillers to try and alleviate the aches and pain in the body. Neck Relax is a one-time purchase and no more expensive medical bills or even corrective surgery. Neck Relax is the solution for all body aches and pain, whether old or young, man or woman. One will wonder why they took so long to buy this miracle device. 

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