Rob Kerchner | COVID-19 Doesn’t Warrant Control

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

The strange compulsion for sticking noses into other people’s lives has gone through the roof over COVID-19. 

Who CARES if someone ELSE gets sick?

“But it could make ME sick”

Then stand on your dots, behind your Plexiglas, wear your mask, stay at home, socially distanced, vaccinated, and all the rest.

“But it could make someone ELSE sick who might get a bad case and might even go to the hospital when I might also want to go and there might not be enough room for us both so I might not be taken care of. Though that’s never happened yet, even before the population was vaccinated…it might!”

Oh brother!

It’s a lot cheaper, easier, smarter and fairer to hire some nurses and set up some tents when and if that extremely remote contingency arises than to control everything and everyone else in a free society 24/7/365. Think about it.

Rob Kerchner 


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