Smart Blood Sugar Review: Is This PDF Ebook By Marlene Merritt Works?

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There comes a time when the body has challenges balancing the blood sugar and insulin levels. Insulin hormones store sugar in the cells. Without insulin, sugar cannot get into the body. However, too much or too little insulin both cause sugar to switch off, and the sugar cannot burn off properly. The sugar then gets stored as fat which is often stored around the waistline or thickens in the blood slowing blood circulation. The effects of diabetes are blurred vision, these results in the onset of diabetes.  

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Diabetes affects people differently but most experience one or more of the symptoms like Blurred vision, increased hunger, increased thirst, slow healing of wounds, fatigue, etc. The insulin imbalance is controlled by lifetime medication, injections, or diet. Smart Blood Sugar comes with permanent recipe solutions. 

About Blood Sugar 

Smart Blood Sugar is an all-inclusive diabetes EBook by Doctor Marlene Merritt. The rich variety of nutrients target to deal with the root cause of diabetes. This one-stop book contains various methods to control blood sugar, step by step eating plan, car cheatsheet, diabetes reversal recipes, and other five handy health books, and much more. By following the book’s diet plan, there is no need to worry about fluctuating blood sugar nor ingesting any harmful chemicals into the body. The Smart Blood Sugar recipes are 100% natural in composition. The author of this handbook gives away the secret of the 66-second trick that one would use to indulge in any sugary temptation with any negative effect. Smart Blood Sugar handbook has been written following intense scientific research for over 30 years and has been tried and tested. The tricks in the book have confirmed that blood sugar is lowered for up to 24 hours after food. 

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Features of the book 

Smart Blood Sugar is a guided program with detailed information on proven and clinically healthy practices and exercises. This handbook has five books as bonuses. These books are: 

7-day meal plan and grocery list 

The Smart Blood sugar Program contains a 7-day meal plan. This plan contains meal plans, grocery lists, and recipes for people with diabetes to reverse diabetes. This is an easy-to-follow meal plan and takes care of all the food needs for an entire week. 

The 99 foods for diabetes 

In this book, users will learn about the 99 foods which make diabetes worse and the 99 which keep a check on the blood sugar levels and give information on how to fix the high glucose levels with specific nutrients from natural foods. The handbook has essential information on Smart Blood Sugar. 

How to read labels 

Most shoppers do not read the labels in the products and some of those labels are merely marking strategies. This book teaches users how to identify the ingredients of the products, their nutritional value, what groceries to buy or avoid, and refrain from products that affect the sugar and glucose levels. 

Carb count sheet 

This is a free digital book. The Carb count sheet gives all the information on 40+ packaged menus found in different fast-food restaurants that diabetics can eat without spiking and fluctuating blood sugar levels. This allows diabetics to enjoy meals without any restrictions. 

Alcohol that works 

This program also contains information on how best to make safe cocktails and alcohol and will not tamper with sugar and glucose levels. This Alcohol guide gives access to bartenders’ guide to diabetes safe and harmless cocktails and margaritas. 

How does Smart Blood Sugar work 

The Smart Blood Sugar program works by charging at the body’s root cause of diabetes and using natural recipes for regulating them. This is done by targeting and adjusting the diet using natural foods. The writer’s principles are based on ancient religious practices. The book sets down the main focus on load balancing and making shifts to the diet and sugar levels. The big focus is made on energy and sugar levels which are correlated through diet. The sole purpose of the book is to turn the body’s health blood sugar switch by making proven lifestyle changes to prevent and reduce type 2 diabetes. Smart Blood Sugar avails step-by-step instructions on how users can transform their lives using healthy diabetes reversal techniques and recipes. The book known as Smart Blood Sugar provides step-by-step instructions on changing diabetics’ life with healthy reversal recipes and techniques. 

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  • Healthy heart functions:  The recipes in the book are nutritious and help supply nutrients to the body, which enables insulin sensitivity. These nutrients also support the smooth flow of blood and boost the performance of the heart. 
  • More energy:  The recipes help accelerate metabolism and put the function back on track. This makes users more energetic and alert. 
  • Loss of weight:  With free-flowing and better metabolism systems, the body loses unwanted fat and weight. 
  • Good quality sleep:  when blood sugar is well balanced, sleep patterns improve as the mind and body will be operating at optimum levels. The body and mind are both relaxed states. 
  • Improved Cardiovascular Health:  When the body’s blood circulation operates freely, and the blood sugar and glucose flow as expected, the veins no longer get clogged. This ensures that the cardiovascular health of the body is perfect. 
  • Appetite control: Smart Blood Sugar helps users to control their appetite. Some of the recipes in the book have information on ingredients that are well known for giving a feeling of satiety. This helps users lose weight and gain admirable physiques. 

Side effects of Smart Blood Sugar 

There are no side effects expected from reading the handbook. What a user will gain is very important information on how to manage both the glucose and sugar levels in the body. 

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How to Use Smart Blood Sugar 

· Beginners can use the program. 

· Both men and women can use the program. 

· Users should adhere to the program for maximum effect on diabetes

· ​​No doctor’s prescription is needed. 

· Ensure to purchase all the ingredients in the book. 

· Do not skip or compromise on the recipe. 

· Suitable for diabetes. 

· Discontinue if there is a reaction to any ingredient. 

Purchase & Price of Smart Blood Sugar 

The handbook is only available for sale online through the official website at $27.00. For a hard copy, an additional $9.99 is paid for handling and shipping charges. 

In addition, other bonuses are accompanying the handbook which are: 

  • Smart Blood Sugar – a 7 Day Meal Plan. 
  • Full Grocery list. 
  • 99 Foods for Diabetes. 
  • How to Read Food Labels. 
  • Carb Count Cheat Sheet. 
  • Smart Blood Sugar Guide to Alcohol. 
  • Natural Health Connections newsletter with a free 12-month subscription 

The customer service is free, and free coaching lessons are offered for every purchase of the book. 

Money-Back Guarantee & Refund Policy 

There is a 60-day 100% money-back guarantee offered upon shopping from the website. A user is allowed to keep the bonus materials. 

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Q: Which is the best way to contact the customer service team? 

A: The customer service team can be reached by emailing them at [email protected]. A ticket will be generated and forwarded to the support desk and a tracking number is issued. The official working hours are 8.001m to 5.00 pm 

Q: When is a response expected for any query? 

A: The customer service team will respond to any query within 24-48 working hours, but a response can be received within 12 hours if the inquiries are few. 

Q: Is the Smart Blood Sugar handbook available from Amazon or any other online platform? 

A: No. The book can only be purchased through the manufacturer’s website. 

Q: Are there any hard copies available for the book? 

A: Yes, there are hard copies available and shipping fees have to be paid. 

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· The book is the most exhaustive for the type 2 diabetes program. 

· The program is easy to follow and is strategic in controlling insulin levels. 

· The book contains practical tools like shopping lists and meal plans. 

· The Smart Blood Sugar program is 100% natural in composition. 

· Suitable for vegans and non-vegans. 

· The products in the recipes do not contain any chemicals, toxins, or pesticides. 

· Users can avoid injections and expensive drugs to contain diabetes. 

· The program has added advantages to the body. 

· There are no added charges. 

· The Smart Blood Sugar program comes with a 100% money-back guarantee 

· The instructions and explanations to download the book are clear and easy. 

· There are options of hard copies of digital versions of the book. 


There are no disadvantages to using Smart Blood Sugar. 


Smart Blood Sugar is one of the best diabetes programs and guidebooks that get to the root of what causes diabetes and get natural methods of treating the disease. Users can completely stop taking daily medication and daily injections to control insulin, not forgetting the easy-to-follow healthy recipes and a healthier lifestyle leading to the overall welfare of the body. There are no alternatives to treating diabetes other than the Smart Blood Sugar program, the magic bullet to diabetes. 

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