Tired of fighting WiFi routers? Have you tried running it just to have a little more trouble with a poor internet connection? Unfortunately, just as WiFi routers have come to connect people over the Internet, WiFi routers do not have the ability to provide a good and stable range of support. For these reasons, repeaters are all the rage. SpeedTech WiFi booster has surfaced to provide internet accessing.After clearing the booster / repeater market, our editorial team came across a lot of potential. In fact, these features reflect all the celebrities while staying affordable. No hassle, but here’s a complete analysis of SpeedTech WiFi:This SpeedTech WiFi booster review provides you with much more insight of this awesome Reuter.

Are you facing challenges with your internet and Wi-Fi router or having troubles with a slow internet connection? Internet connection has become the basic necessity of people due to the reliability of many things. For every little or big task, one needs a reliable internet connection. Unfortunately, Wi-Fi routers do not provide the speed required to complete tasks.

SpeedTech WiFi is a WiFi booster/repeater 

that aims to enhance internet connectivity into one that is robust and free from lags and dropouts. Whether individuals are situated on the ground floor, the main floor, or in the basement, having this device plugged into an outlet ensures continuous access. Likewise, SpeedTech WiFi permits enhanced connectivity even out in the open. The latter is supposedly attainable regardless of the size and location of one’s home. Having this background information on hand, let’s further assess how SpeedTech WiFi is meant to work.

SpeedTech WiFi is a wi-fi extender that eliminates dead spots in your home.

Available exclusively through SpeedTechWiFi.com, the device has a plug-and-play setup that makes it easy for anyone to install. SpeedTech WiFi doesn’t just relay Wi-Fi: it also claims to speed up your internet.

Does SpeedTech WiFi really work? Find out everything you need to know about this wi-fi extender and speed booster today in our SpeedTech WiFi booster review.

What is SpeedTech WiFi?

SpeedTech WiFi is a wireless internet extender and booster priced around $75. The booster is available through SpeedTechWiFi.com.

You plug the booster into an electrical outlet, then connect it to your home wireless internet network. The device relays the connection to new areas of your home, eliminating dead spots. Like other wi-fi extenders, SpeedTech WiFi can spread the internet to your backyard, upstairs attics, basements, and other spaces that your ordinary wireless router cannot reach.

However, unlike other wireless internet extenders available today, SpeedTech WiFi also claims to speed up your internet. According to the official website, you can get a faster connection after installing SpeedTech WiFi – something that few other wireless extenders claim to do.

In fact, SpeedTech WiFi claims to give you premium internet speeds from your ISP – at standard prices. Instead of paying more per month for a premium package, you can get the same speeds at a standard price. Just install SpeedTech WiFi to speed up your internet instantly, according to the official website.

Let’s take a closer look at how SpeedTech WiFi works and what it does to your home internet network.

How Does SpeedTech WiFi Work?

SpeedTech WiFi is a wireless internet extender and speed booster. Also known as a wi-fi repeater, the device claims to relay internet to new areas of your home while also increasing speeds.

The device is marketed to people with dead zones in their homes. If you have dead spaces in your home that the internet cannot reach, or if you’re sick of slow internet throughout your home, then the SpeedTech WiFi device may be the right choice for you.

SpeedTech WiFi doesn’t just claim to improve speed and coverage in your home. It also claims to make your internet more stable. You can purportedly enjoy a home free from lags and dropouts after installing SpeedTech WiFi. Typically, lags and dropouts are related to your ISP – not your wireless router. However, SpeedTech WiFi claims to fix lag and dropout issues regardless.

SpeedTech WiFi supports speeds up to 300mbps. According to the official website, you can get premium internet speeds after installing SpeedTech WiFi – even if you only have the base package offered by your ISP.

Who Should Use SpeedTech WiFi?

SpeedTech WiFi seems to be primarily marketed to older adults who want to expand coverage throughout the home. If your home has dead zones, slow speeds, and other internet issues, SpeedTech WiFi is marketed as a solution.

Here are some of the people that could benefit from SpeedTech WiFi:

People with dead zones in their home, or any areas with no internet coverage.

People with slow internet who want to speed up coverage without paying more to their ISP.

Someone with bad connectivity in a backyard, distant bedroom, garage, or another remote area of the home.


Anyone with smart devices that need wi-fi coverage in all corners of the home and cannot currently get that coverage with their existing router.

All levels of technical skills and experience (install SpeedTech WiFi with no skills or experience required).

SpeedTech WiFi works with virtually all routers. Just plug it into an electrical outlet and connect it to your wi-fi in minutes. Even if you have no tech skills, SpeedTech WiFi can help you boost connectivity.

SpeedTech WiFi Features & Benefits

According to the official SpeedTech WiFi website, you can enjoy all of the following features and benefits after installing SpeedTech WiFi:

Boost Range: The primary reason to install SpeedTech WiFi is to boost your range. The company doesn’t provide specific square footage. However, they claim it can easily cover an entire home and backyard, giving you better internet throughout all corners of your property. You can install SpeedTech WiFi in a central location to boost coverage throughout your home. Or, you can install it near your backyard, upstairs or downstairs, or in any other targeted area of your home.

Supports Speeds Up to 300mbps: SpeedTech WiFi, like most internet boosters sold online today, supports speeds up to 300mbps. Although some people have gigabit internet speeds, most people have internet speeds under 300mbps, which means SpeedTech WiFi should work with your pan without issue.

Unlock a Faster Connection: SpeedTech WiFi specifically claims to speed up your internet, something that most wireless coverage boosters cannot do. Competing devices expand the range of your wireless internet without increasing coverage, but SpeedTech WiFi claims to give you premium speeds even if you have a standard internet package. The website is filled with claims about users being able to “unlock a faster connection” after installing SpeedTech WiFi.

Save Money: SpeedTech WiFi claims to give you premium internet at a standard price. Instead of paying for a premium 300mbps plan from your ISP, you can purportedly buy a basic plan while still enjoying faster speeds – something no other wireless internet booster claims to offer.

Boost Stability: SpeedTech WiFi also claims to eliminate lags and dropouts, a benefit we don’t see with other internet boosters. ISP issues and similar problems can cause lags and dropouts. SpeedTech WiFi claims to make your internet more stable, boosting connectivity in every corner of your home.

Fast, Easy, Plug-and-Play Setup: You can set up SpeedTech WiFi in minutes even if you have limited technical skills. Just plug the device into any electrical outlet, connect it to your home wireless internet network, and enjoy faster and stabler internet throughout your home.

Works With Almost All Routers and Gateways: SpeedTech WiFi is compatible with most home wireless internet setups. Regardless of your router or gateway, you should be able to use SpeedTech WiFi without issue.

Connect Unlimited Devices: Like most wireless routers and wi-fi extenders, SpeedTech WiFi has no limits on the number of devices you can connect. You can seamlessly connect phones, computers, tablets, smart TVs, and other electronics to SpeedTech WiFi.

Portable: You can move SpeedTech WiFi wherever it needs to go. Just unplug it from an electrical outlet and plug it into a news outlet. Unlike an internet router, SpeedTech WiFi does not need to be plugged into a phone jack.

SpeedTech WiFi Reviews: What Do Customers Have to Say?

SpeedTech WiFi is a new device, and there are few reviews for the device online outside of the official website. However, reviewers on the official website agree that SpeedTech WiFi works as advertised to speed up their internet, extend coverage, and boost connectivity, among other benefits.

How Does SpeedTech WiFi Speed Up the Internet?

Most wi-fi extenders do not speed up the internet. Most wi-fi extenders work simply by relaying the internet to new areas of your home – like a guest bedroom or a backyard.

However, the official SpeedTech WiFi specifically claims that the device can speed up your internet. How does SpeedTech WiFi do that?

It’s unclear how the device speeds up your internet or what SpeedTech WiFi does. However, the company specifically claims you can avoid paying for premium internet after installing the device:

“Stop overpaying for ‘premium’ internet from big cable. Unlock a faster connection for mere pennies on the dollar.”

Most ISPS offer multiple internet plans. You might see a basic plan with 50mbps speed and a premium plan with 100mbps speeds. SpeedTech WiFi claims to give you the speed of a premium plan with the price of a standard plan. Instead of paying an extra $25 per month for 100mbps speeds, you can purportedly install SpeedTech WiFi and get 100mbps on a 50mbps plan.

Here’s how the manufacturer responds when asked about SpeedTech WiFi speeding up the internet:

“Using the SpeedTech Wifi Booster, you can easily increase your WiFi speed by putting it between your bedroom and your router, so it will extend your WiFi to the 3rd floor and will give you the highest wifi speed you can get!”

A wi-fi extender can increase coverage, making it easier to access the internet in remote areas of your home. However, most wi-fi extenders do not increase speeds beyond what’s provided by your ISP, nor do they give you premium internet at a standard price.

Overall, you should be skeptical of wireless internet extenders that claim to speed up your wireless internet. SpeedTech WiFi should eliminate dead spots in your home and relay coverage throughout your home. However, no wireless internet extender will give you faster speeds than what your ISP provides.

How Much Space Does SpeedTech WiFi Cover?

The makers of SpeedTech WiFi provide limited information about the coverage of their devices. The website does not list the estimated square footage covered by a simple wi-fi extender.

The manufacturer recommends buying a single unit package for studio apartments, for example. The average studio apartment in the United States is around 500 to 600 square feet.

Here are other size estimates shared online through the official website:

1 Booster: Ideal for studio apartments.

2 Boosters: Ideal for one-bedroom homes.

3 Boosters: Ideal for two-bedroom homes.

4 Boosters: Ideal for three-bedroom homes.

5 Boosters: Ideal for four-bedroom homes.

If the average studio apartment is 500 to 600 square feet, each booster covers roughly that amount. The average home is 1,500 to 2,500 square feet, which means you need three to five boosters to cover the average home.


The company also seems to suggest that the speed-boosting effects of SpeedTech WiFi ‘stack’, building off each other to create a stronger connection, wider range, and faster internet:

“With additional SpeedTech WiFi Boosters, you can extend your wireless internet signal even further and create a stronger connection for all your devices, and coverage more dead spots with a stable connection…The more SpeedTech WiFi Booster you’ll take, the better coverage you’ll get, with a lower price per unit….”

Other wi-fi extenders do not stack their benefits on top of one another, giving SpeedTech WiFi another advantage over the competition.

SpeedTech WiFi Pricing

SpeedTech WiFi is priced at $74.95 per unit, although the price drops when ordering multiple units. You can exclusively buy SpeedTech WiFi through SpeedTechWiFi.com, where pricing breaks down like this:

1 x Wi-Fi Booster: $49.95

2 x Wi-Fi Boosters: $95

3 x Wi-Fi Boosters: $134.85

4 x Wi-Fi Boosters: $170

5 x Wi-Fi Boosters: $199.75

SpeedTech WiFi pricing is available in your local currency. The prices above are for USD. However, SpeedTech WiFi is also available in GBP, EUR, CAD, AUD, and other units.

You can add lifetime protection and replacement warranty to your policy for $19.95. The warranty means your product is covered for life.

SpeedTech WiFi Refund Policy

A 30-day refund policy backs SpeedTech WiFi. You can request a refund within 30 days of your original purchase date.

The company will not refund original shipping costs, and you must pay for your own return shipping yourself. Contact SpeedTech’s customer service to complete the refund process.

Returns Address: PO Box 0538 TOA PAYOH Central Post Office, Singapore 913119

SpeedTech WiFi Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Q: Is it easy to set up the SpeedTech WiFi?

A: According to the claims made, it takes less than three minutes to get SpeedTech WiFi working. As explained, all that is required of individuals is to plug the repeater into an outlet, search for the “WiFi Repeater” signal, click “Connect” and the rest entails enjoying high-speed connectivity.

Q: Will installing multiple SpeedTech WiFi units offer a stronger signal?

A: Ideally, the more repeaters in place, the better, as the combined effect is trusted to lead to a stronger connection for all devices. This is especially useful for households with multiple users and dead spots.

Q: Is SpeedTech WiFi backward compatible?

A: Yes, SpeedTech WiFi is backward compatible. This implies that the device can be connected through an older computer, laptop, phone, or even a TV. That said, it might be best to confirm the existing model and/or generation and whether it can be used with customer service before placing an order.

Q: Is there a limit on how many SpeedTech WiFi units should be connected?

A: No, there is no limit on how many SpeedTech WiFi units can be connected within the same home.

Q: Can SpeedTech WiFi be reinstalled elsewhere?

A: Yes, unlike a router, a repeater can be plugged, unplugged, and relocated to one’s likings as long as an outlet is available.

Q: Is SpeedTech WiFi protected by a money-back guarantee?

A: Yes, SpeedTech WiFi has been protected by a 30-day money-back guarantee. This is only applicable to unused repeaters. For more information on the return policy, consider the following points of contact:

Phone: +(353) 1-800-903-214

Email: [email protected].

Company Address: Balou Management Limited, 53 Wilkins Court, Dublin 12, D12VY9T, Ireland, Registration #612200

Returns Address: P.O. Box 0538, TOA PAYOH, Central Post Office, Singapore, 913119.

Purchasing SpeedTech WiFi?

You can purchase SpeedTech WiFi from the official website. To encourage individuals to place an order for several units (for maximum coverage), the creators behind this device have decided to go with the following offerings:

Alpha Pack (1 SpeedTech WiFi unit): $74.95 each

Gamma Pack (3 SpeedTech WiFi units): $57.95 each

Delta Pack (4 SpeedTech WiFi units): $54.95 each

Epsilon Pack (5 SpeedTech WiFi units): $49.95 each

Bear in mind that these prices do not reflect any shipping and handling or customs charges. Specifically, international orders may incur additional fees of up to 18% depending on the country that SpeedTech WiFi is being shipped to. Should individuals require further clarification, talking to the customer support team is the way to go.

Who Manufactured SpeedTech WiFi?

SpeedTech WiFi is marketed online by an American-owned company, although the website mentions an address in Dublin, Ireland. The device appears to be manufactured in Asia (the returns address is in Singapore).

There’s limited information online about the device makers, their manufacturing location, or other devices sold by SpeedTech.

You can contact SpeedTech via the following:

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +353 1-800 903-214

Mailing Address: 53 Wilkins Court, Dublin 12, D12VY9T, Ireland

Registration #: 612200

The company also operates under the name Balou Management Limited.

Last Verdict.

SpeedTech WiFi is a wi-fi repeater that extends wireless internet coverage throughout your home. The device can eliminate dead zones, extend coverage, and boost connectivity in various parts of your home.

Ultimately, SpeedTech WiFi is a WiFi repeater that aims to keep individuals, businesses, and homes as connected as possible. By boosting the range of the internet connection, access to WiFi is likely guaranteed regardless of one’s location, floors, corners, etc. Based on the list of features, this respective repeater falls well within industry standards, which is uplifting to see. Moreover, the current market for repeaters ranges anywhere between $54.99 and $74.99, making SpeedTech WiFi an affordable device.

Of course, the slight difference here would be that most providers also protect said devices with a manufacturer’s warranty, which at the time of writing has not been revealed. All things considered; it might be best if individuals sought the customer support team’s help in terms of the dimensions, specifications, and whether warranties can be purchased prior to placing an order.

SpeedTech WiFi also claims to do something no other wi-fi extender does: boost speeds beyond what your ISP provides. SpeedTech WiFi claims to give you premium internet speeds at standard prices, speeding up coverage beyond your current speeds. No other wi-fi extender sold online today speeds up coverage beyond what your ISP provides. The company also claims that the effects stack, giving you better connectivity and faster coverage when installing multiple units – something other wi-fi extenders don’t offer.

To learn more about SpeedTech WiFi and how the wi-fi extender works, visit online today at SpeedTechWiFi.com. Each wi-fi extender is priced at $75 and backed by a 30-day money back guarantee.


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