Top 5 Summer Outfits – Women


1. Hippie dresses 

This season looking out of the 70s will be a success. Hippie style dresses with flower prints, pristine white or crochet are good options to go fresh and trendy. 

The hippie style is not only focused on skirts and dresses, pants are an ideal choice to be comfortable and cool in summer Vlone Shirt

2. Fringes 

To continue with this seventies style, fringed garments cannot be missing. They give a lot of play and if they are in camel tones better. For a very folk style! 

3. Cowboy 

The cowboy style is going strong with denim fabrics and cowboy boots that with dresses, pants or skirts are incredible. 

4. Midi skirts 

The cut to the knee is an elegant measure perfect for special occasions or for the day-to-day of summer. To stylize the figure and lengthen the legs, combine your midi skirt with a heel and if it is high-waisted you can combine it with another of the trend garments, the crop top. 

5. Crop top 

The crop top that leaves the navel exposed is a fresh garment that rejuvenates your looks. Pair them with high-waisted pants and skirts, and be complex! 

6. Monkeys 

The dress jumpsuit is a perfect garment for summer and very practical, you don’t have to think about how to combine the top and bottom! Whether in short or long versions, it is a perfect garment for day to day and a good substitute for a dress for special occasions. 

7. Black and white 

The Black & White is an elegant and infallible combination that always works, also in summer. Easy to wear Cactus Jack and always giving off a lot of style. 

8. Sailor 

The sea inspires the trendy style of summer, the navy look. The blue and white stripes combine perfectly with other tones such as camel, and will become part of your summer wardrobe. 

9. Roman sandals 

With good weather it is time to show off feet with sandals, the roman ones and tied with ropes triumph. Flat or high heels, if you are tall you can wear them to the knee if not choose ankle or lower models. 

10. Thousand necklaces 

Accessories are the touch to personalize clothes, the same look with different accessories changes. That is why the excess in the neck will give personality to your dresses, camisoles and summer clothes. Also, seashells are the trend of the summer. 

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