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We’re seeing some major changes in the workforce over the last year, and this means it’s the perfect time for you to explore new fields if you’re looking to make a career change. Most of these careers have exploded in popularity in a short amount of time while others are staples in near-constant need of workers. Read on to learn more and see if any of these positions sound right for you. 

Java Developer – People have used Java programs for years, and qualified Java developers are in high demand. The position requires you to be able to create cutting-edge apps and websites that integrate Java, conduct software analysis, identify and rectify software issues and maintain application software. 

Data Scientist – As more and more companies find they need to focus on the digital aspect of their sites, the need for data scientists continues to grow. A data scientist is able to examine and translate digital data (i.e. website statistics) and come up with solutions for and with business owners to help set and achieve digital goals. 

Frontline E-Commerce Worker – This is one of the positions that are relatively new but exploded in popularity over the last year. An umbrella term for positions like drivers, personal shoppers, package handlers, and supply chain associates, you’ll need to be able to focus on providing excellent customer service while delivering personalized service. 

Product Manager – One thing to come out of the COVID-19 pandemic was an array of new product ideas, and this means a sharp uptick in product manager positions. You’ll need to be able to help businesses form a clear and concise release plan as well as helping creators through the market process after release. 

Loan and Mortgage Experts – With the severe uptick in the housing market, it’s not surprising that 2021 has seen a need for more loan and mortgage experts. You’ll need to be able to understand, explain and create the voluminous amount of paperwork that comes with making major purchases; however, you’ll also be able to help people achieve their dream life. 

Nurses – Again, this one isn’t exactly shocking. Many hospitals have dealt with nursing shortages for years, and they need more of them now more than ever. Whether you decide to focus on a specialty field (pediatric, trauma, etc.) in a hospital setting or look to further your career and become a nurse practitioner, nursing is sure to remain an in-demand position for years to come. 

Did any of these positions give you that “a-ha” feeling? Are you ready to make a career change? One of the first things you’ll need is a quality resume. Don’t worry if crafting a killer resume isn’t exactly your forte, either: companies like are dedicated to providing you with quality resume writing services that are sure to help you find a position ASAP. Happy job hunting! 

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