Travel the World Without Leaving Home


Want to take a trip around the world without leaving the comfort of your home? That’s what millions of busy adults do when there’s no time to hop a cruise ship or jet and tour the globe in person. They order specialty food and drink items from faraway places. The treats are many and varied and come from places like sunny Japanese hillsides, Turkish bakeries, Korea’s best snack shops, Australian vineyards, and Russia’s frigid seas. The best part is that you won’t have to spend a fortune nor do you have to use up vacation days to indulge in these incredible, edibles and drinks. Here’s a quick roundup of the very best selections you can order online right now. 

Matcha Tea from Japan 

If you haven’t heard of matcha tea, don’t worry. You can order top grade matcha tea straight from the source, Japan’s sunny, rolling hills where the stuff is grown, moved to shaded huts for a few weeks before the leaves are picked, and then ground into a fine, dust-like powder that mixes directly into hot water. This tea is also a trendy new way to take steps towards a healthier lifestyle as it is filled with nutritional value and is considered a healthy caffeine source. Not only does matcha taste great, but it contains tons of antioxidants and dozens of vitamins and minerals, unlike most brown and black teas. A tip is not to order cooking grade varieties because those are intended only for making bread and pastries. Get the culinary blend, which makes an unforgettable cup of nutritious tea. 

Korean Snack Boxes 

Korea is known for its amazingly tasty snack foods and sweets. Snack subscription boxes are the most economical way to enjoy the full array of what the Asian nation has to offer. When you order a Korean snack box for yourself or a friend, consider choosing any combination of treats from a vast menu of edibles. Or, if you’re not all that familiar with the lineup, opt for the mystery box that comes packed with the best of the best. The subscription service is ideal for snack enthusiasts because it’s delivered direct to your doorstep every month. 

Turkish Chocolates 

For centuries, Turkish bakers have turned out some of the world’s most highly rated chocolates, and the tradition continues. Fortunately, in the digital age, many of the nation’s sweet makers offer their goods via online stores where you can buy in bulk or choose individual boxes. Prices are reasonable, the variety is breath taking, shipping is fast, and you’ll love the non-processed, old-world taste of chocolate from places like Ankara, Izmir, and Istanbul. 

Australian Wine 

It’s easy to forget that Australia’s green hills and valleys produce some of the very best wine in the world. Many of the nation’s wineries earn the majority of their income from international sales, which means you can usually find sales, special events, and discounts on high-grade wines that will turn you into a believer in the wonders of down under vino. 

Russian Caviar 

Caviar has been a staple of gourmet menus for centuries, and Russia’s version of this pricey but beloved treat is unmatched. Offsetting the lofty price tags is the fact that serving sizes tend to be quite small, so you can savor the fantastic taste of this ancient delicacy about a dozen times if you purchase the smallest serving size. 

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