Voltzy Solar Power Bank Reviews

Everyone needs a contingency plan. We need to be prepared for anything-pandemics, power outages, natural disasters and economic recessions. One thing you need to have in your emergency plan is the portable and powerful Voltzy solar charger. According to the creator, this ultimate solar “power plant” was sold out 72 hours after its launch.

Voltzy is a solar power bank that works (and appearance) is very similar to a power bank. It has multiple ports, which means you can use this device to charge multiple devices at once. The material of Voltzy solar charger can be used for a long time.

it’s not like a typical mobile power bank that drains the battery and requires electricity to charge. The Voltzy charger uses sunlight to charge your device and keep it charged. It is intelligently designed and manufactured to withstand different weather conditions. This is important because the solar device will not be put in your bag, but will be left outside so that it can be soaked and charged in the sun.

 If you are looking for such a device so that you can conveniently power your smartphones and laptops, check out Voltzy. To learn more about this power plant, please take a deep look at the comments below, which will discuss all the relevant information you need to know. let’s start.

However, the product is now in stock at huge discounted prices. But is it worth the money? Where can you get it? What are its pros and cons? This review answers all these questions and many more.

What is Voltzy Solar Power Bank?

Voltzy is a powerful solar power source that can charge multiple devices at the same time. According to the developer, this “power plant” can charge all your devices (iPhone, iPad, tablet, e-reader, and Kindle e-book) at the same time. It is compatible with any device that uses a USB port to charge.

The device is durable and rainproof and dustproof. Even if it rains or falls in a puddle, it can continue to work normally-all thanks to its sturdy waterproof casing. Users only need to put the device in the sun for a few hours to charge in an emergency or fully charge in a few days. The device is equipped with a USB data cable for easy charging.

 People buy power banks to charge their phones when they don’t have a power outlet. Unfortunately, without a socket at all, you can’t even charge the mobile power that your phone’s battery relies on. The reason behind this is that the mobile power supply itself requires electricity.

This means that you first need to charge the power bank, and then take it with you to charge your phone when it runs out of power. However, this working mechanism means that if there is a power outage for a few days, you will not be able to charge your phone at all because there will be no electricity.

 think about it, it doesn’t even make sense to buy a power bank. When you plug your mobile phone into the socket to charge it directly, the use of the power bank is lost. Why follow two different steps? To be honest, mobile power is in great demand because they are very popular. They didn’t really solve your problem.


And in times like these, when we are struggling with the pandemic and the economy is toppling, what you need is a device that you can rely on in all circumstances for charging your smart devices. That being said, the latest technology that makes for a way better option than a power bank is Voltzy. While this device functions like a power bank, it is so much more. 

This is why the makers of Voltzy charger are calling it a power plant rather than a power bank. Since this device drives its energy from the sun, even in the complete absence of electricity, it will be powered up enough to charge your devices. Interestingly, since Voltzy is bigger when it comes to battery storage than a power bank, it can charge several smart devices in a go.

Specifications of Voltzy

Let’s take a look at the main specifications of Voltzy charger as mentioned on voltzy.com:

8000 mAh battery

The battery storage space of this device is huge. This means that you can charge two devices at the same time. So, if you run out of battery in your phone and your laptop you can charge both of them from zero to 100 simultaneously. To recharge Voltzy you can simply place it in the sun. Or you can also use its charging cable and attach Voltzy to a socket for charging it. Whatever you find convenient.

LED flashlight

Basically, Voltzy power bank was manufactured keeping in mind emergency situations when there can be a complete loss of power. Therefore, this device also has an LED flashlight for emergency situations. You can press the button on its side once to turn on the flashlight. If you click on this button two times, the flashlight’s strobe setting will be turned on. This means that the light will blink to hint that you need help in an emergency situation.

Multiple charging ports

Another cool feature of Voltzy is that it has two outlets for power output. This means that you can make use of Voltzy solar charger to the fullest as it can charge two different devices at the same time. So, you don’t have to wait even half an hour for one device to get charged so another can be plugged in. Example, in case you’re camping, you can use Voltzy to charge both your phone as well as another device. 

Water resistant and dustproof

Since this is a solar powered device, you’re supposed to keep it outdoors to charge it up with sunlight. For this particular reason, it has been designed in such a manner that it can withstand different weather conditions. Therefore, Voltzy is IP67 water resistant, and it is also rain resistant. Moreover, the casing of this device is dustproof.

Easy to grip 

Now you might be wondering what if you are holding a Voltzy power bank in your hand and it slips? Such a situation shouldn’t arrive because Voltzy has an outer cover that is rubberized. This means that it is easy to grip, and is specifically designed for the outdoors considering it is a solar powered device. Moreover, the case of the device is also shock resistant.

Carry loop and clip 


As mentioned above, this device is easy to carry. The reason behind this is that it has a carry loop and clip with a single as well as double lock carabiner. Therefore, you can easily attach Voltzy to your backpack when you’re on the move. There are carrying loops at the top of the device, easy to spot. If the device is charged, you can keep it in your pocket too. 

Comparing Voltzy to a Typical Power Bank

The first reason that puts Voltzy in a way better position than a typical power bank has been discussed above. The Voltzy power bank is solar powered compared to power banks which depend on electricity to get charged before they are able to charge other devices. However, there are many other pros of this solar powered device over one that is powered up through electricity. 

You see, traditional power banks are made out of cheap material. They have flimsy batteries that don’t last. This is why power bank owners keep purchasing new power banks every few months. The power bank either stops working completely because its battery has died, or it breaks because the plastic material on the outside is of poor quality. 

On the flip side, Voltzy is made of high-quality material to make sure that it lasts you for years! This means that the solar powered gadget is a long-term investment that is built to last. Other than this, power banks are also not preferable because they can sometimes be outright dangerous. Their batteries can leak and put anyone nearby at risk. 

Voltzy doesn’t come with this complaint. If anything, the device is made in such a way that it is safe for use. One more thing – Voltzy is almost of the same size as that of an electrically powered power bank. This means you can easily carry it in your pocket too. Therefore, Voltzy solar charger is also super portable, making it a great replacement for your normal power bank. 

To charge it, if you’re traveling in the morning hours you can always place Voltzy in the dashboard of your car. Or if you are wearing a backpack, Voltzy can easily be attached to it so that it is exposed to sunlight and near to you. It’s best, however, to charge it at home by keeping it in the open, in the gallery or yard, during daytime. 

Last but not the least, the manufacturer has designed Voltzy in such a way that taking it along becomes easy. We say this again because along with being portable, it also has a sleek and modern look despite being rugged and durable. At the end of the day, you can run out of electricity, but you can never run out of sunlight. Mainly for this reason, Voltzy clearly wins over mainstream power banks. 

How Does Voltzy Work?

According to the manufacturer, conventional power banks have the biggest problem. They don’t hold a charge themselves. That makes them worse than the phones they are supposed to charge. Most of the power banks contain crummy internal batteries that are designed to fail after some period.

Power banks are only temporary, according to the manufacturers of Voltzy. They have shoddy connectors and many times stop working after a few months. Additionally, they have charging problems, and some can even develop a leak, which is more dangerous.

The developers of Voltzy came up with an idea to fill these gaps. They named it a “power plant” because it’s much more than a power bank. This solar-powered charging device has so many advantages over the traditional, cheap power banks. It comes in a sleek design that makes it a favorite of thousands of users.

Voltzy solar-powered charger comes with a LED indicator at the top to notify the user how much charge it has attained. Users don’t have to guess how charged the device is. Importantly, it is elementary to operate.

Once it is charged, users need to plug the electronic device they would like to charge into one of Voltzy’s secured ports. In a short time, the device is fully charged. With multiple charging ports, Voltzy can charge multiple devices simultaneously. As stated on the website, it can charge two phones from nothing to 100% purely off the sun’s light.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Voltzy use sunlight to charge itself? 

You aren’t put in the trouble of running out of battery when you have Voltzy. The device charges when you just place it in the sun. It has built-in solar panels for collecting solar energy and charging the internal battery. 

How is the design of Voltzy?

Voltzy has a sleek design. This device is not hefty. The technology is slightly bigger in size compared to power banks only because it uses solar panels. Furthermore, Voltzy comes in decent colors – it has a plain black casing. This means it doesn’t look ugly hanging on your bag. 

What makes Voltzy the best choice out there?

As mentioned earlier, in the complete absence of electricity you will not be able to charge your regular power banks. However, Voltzy’s solar power feature makes it unique and desirable in times like these, you can simply charge it by placing it under the sun or exposing it to extremely bright light. Moreover, the product also has a smarter design and one of the best quality emergency specifications.

The stated product may look like a regular power bank, but it is so much more than that. It is designed and manufactured in a way that it can withstand any weather condition; this is a crucial feature as this device powers itself out in the open. Besides, the sleek design of the device does not only make it visually appealing but also allows users to easily carry it thus making it best suited for travelling.

As tourists or people that are generally adventurous and prefer being outdoor can relate to the inconvenience of locating energy outlets; it is an especially reliable gadget for such an audience. If we compare its design and power to that of a typical power bank, then regular power banks usually have a much cheaper design with poor quality plastic material on the outside as well as a flimsy battery supply that dies in a few months.

However, Voltzy has been intelligently manufactured and its material is such that persists through difficult conditions as well as lasts for a long time. This is much more than a reliable product that is ‘built to last’; it significantly proves the need for itself when you purchase Voltzy and see its working firsthand.

Last but not least, power banks can be dangerous as their batteries can leak and put anyone in contact or nearby at risk. Such complications do not arise when you make use of the product Voltzy – as it is a safer and a better alternative. The reviews have so far been phenomenal for this product and its selling widely.

Who is Voltzy for? 

Voltzy has been designed for anyone who thinks a power bank is not enough because it uses electricity to charge itself first. It is for those people who are looking for a more convenient option for when there’s no electricity. For instance, those who are always traveling or are camping fanatics, they would love Voltzy. At the end of the day, anyone can buy Voltzy. 

How do you know Voltzy has charged? 

Voltzy makes use of LED light indicators to tell you that the device still has a battery or there’s a requirement of charging it.

What’s included in your Voltzy purchase? 

When you buy Voltzy, you just don’t get the solar powered power plant. Instead, you get a charging cable for when you want to recharge Voltzy indoors. Therefore, you don’t have to purchase a separate cable for charging it up. Moreover, single and double lock carabiners accompany. Lastly, the certificate of warranty also comes with your purchase of Voltzy.

How long does Voltzy take to charge your devices? 

Voltzy doesn’t take long to charge devices. In fact, it can charge two devices from 0% to 100% in a short time. So, it’s pretty fast when it comes to charging. 

How long does Voltzy take to charge in the sun? 

If you are charging this device through solar energy, it may take about two to three days for it to get completely charged. Therefore, it is recommended that when the charging completely runs out, you charge it using its USB charging cable. After this, you can keep this charge up by using solar power.

What happens if water splashes on your Voltzy or it drops into a puddle?

The rugged build and the waterproof nature of this device mean that even if you drop it in a puddle, you have no reason to worry. Your Voltzy will still function fine.

How to contact the customer support team? 

You can get in touch with the customer support team of the company via phone or email. Here are the details: call at +1 (424) 403-1036 or email [email protected].

Customer Review

To summarize, according to customers Voltzy is a better, more dependable, and worthwhile product than any of its competition. This is because the product does not only make a great replacement for traditional power banks but also a sustainable one. Thus, features and characteristics in Voltzy are manufactured in a way that truly makes the product stand out.

Several customers claim that the product has not only helped them in distressing situations but has also served their needs for a durable product. In addition, customers claim that it lasts longer and charges better than other alternatives available on the market. Various individuals also liked the product better as the ‘solar-powered power plant’ serves as the perfect essential for travelling or in emergencies.

In addition, many users have expressed their satisfaction concerning the discounted deals being currently offered at the official website that has enabled them to buy a worthwhile product for an extremely reasonable price.

      Working Mechanism of Voltzy.

This ’power plant’ works in such a technical manner, which is not at all complicated for users to understand through summing up the functioning of the device.

The solar panel is manufactured using silicon-based solar cells. Basically, these cells are photons that are electromagnetic waves and these waves have the ability to excite electrons. When the rays of the sun hit the solar cells, the positive and negative electrodes release more excited electrons because of the kinetic energy present in them.

Further, these electrons pass through the electrodes in large amounts via wires. This electron that has been set free produces a current which is the electrical energy used for charging the device. Moreover, it passes through an inverter that converts the current into suitable energy for the charging devices. Hence, the precise terms would be ‘Direct Current’ converted into “Alternating Current”.

Key Features of Voltzy

The Voltzy solar-powered power plant has the following features:

A rugged, shock-resistant covering with an IP67 waterproof rating. Besides, the case is rubberized to ensure a tight grip and is built for the outdoors.

It comes with a carry loop and clips with a single-lock and double-lock carabiner that easily attaches to the user’s backpack.

The device has a powerful LED emergency light with multiple features such as an SOS strobe light.

All these features make up a device that delivers quality to users who love built-to-last gadgets. Importantly, Voltzy is reliable and made with intelligent engineering. It is built to last years and not a few months or weeks. A complete package of the product comes with the following:

  • Charging cable
  • Certificate of warranty
  • Single and double-lock carabiners
  • Voltzy Solar-powered power plant

Benefits of Using Voltzy Power Bank.

Four times the emergency power and light

32,000 mAh total storage capacity

Charge 24 cell phones on a single charge

Charge up to 8 devices at the same time

Once purchased, users of Voltzy Solar-powered power plant can enjoy the following benefits:

8000 mAh of battery storage power

Voltzy has a solid built-in battery that can charge up to two phones at a time, from zero to full charge at once. And, it fills quickly when plugged into an outlet or placed in the sun.

Built-in LED flashlight

This is important for emergencies. You only need to press the button on the side to switch on the LED flashlight so you can see in the dark or signal for help in an emergency. Pressed twice, the controller turns on the emergency strobe setting, which blinks the light to flag down responders.

Multiple charging ports

With two outputs for power, users can quickly charge more than one device at once. For instance, they can plug in both a smartphone and a speaker at the same time.

Water-resistant rated Dust Proof casing

The Voltzy power plant is built for the outdoors. Whether it slips out of hand or from a backpack, there is no need to worry, thanks to its water-resistant and dust-proof casing.

The amazing thing about this device is its ability to charge itself off the sun. It has built-in solar panels that can charge the internal battery by merely leaving it in the sunlight or any bright light. There is no need to look for an outlet in case of an emergency. Importantly, Voltzy works with any phone or electronic that uses a USB port to charge.

Cons of Voltzy .

Online purchase only on the official website

Limited stock


Should You Buy Voltzy? 

Voltzy seems to be a great purchase. However, there’s always some hesitation when purchasing such gadgets online. You have no reason to worry though. In case you receive a faulty piece, you can always file for a refund. Moreover, a warranty also accompanies the product. Apart from the warranty and the guarantee, positive customer reviews also back your purchase. 

These reviews are proof that the device is a satisfactory one. After all, while you cannot always rely on what the company has to say about its product, you can trust what its customers have to say about it. At the end of the day, it is up to you whether or not you want to purchase Voltzy. 

Where to Buy Voltzy

Voltzy is currently available for purchase through the product’s official Voltzy website. The manufacturer accepts multiple payment methods, including GPay and ApplePay. Current discounted prices are:

Buy 1 Voltzy at only $29.95 + $9.95 shipping and handling

Buy 2 Voltzy + 2 Free for a total of $99.90 + Free US shipping

Buy 2 Voltzy at only $59.90 + Free US shipping

Importantly, you can try Voltzy risk-free. A 30-day money back guarantee backs each order of the product. The manufacturer urges consumers to take advantage of the family discounts currently available only through the official website. Customers can contact by email or by phone at:

Email [email protected]

Phone +1 (424) 403-1036


Voltzy fits its customers’ budget starting at only $49.95. Considering how a crisis is always unpredictable and this product is reliable and durable, the cost barely amounts to much. However, with the company’s ongoing deal you can get one power bank for a discounted price of $29.95. This is a limited sale and the offer is pretty good to let go.

Therefore, if you make your purchase now you can save a whopping sum of $20 however shipping and handling charges are applicable. Another good news for potential buyers is that individuals can also avail the ‘buy two and get two free offer’ and place their orders by visiting the company’s official website.

This offer can help you have backups while one device charges and you can use the other or you could distribute it amongst family and friends as an essential gift. Another added benefit for customers who fear online shopping is that if they are not satisfied with the product they can return it within 30 days and get a full refund.


Voltzy Final Verdict

Voltzy seems to be a worthwhile alternative to power banks. This solar powered device can also be charged using a charging cable. A USB charging cable comes along with your purchase. The Voltzy power bank can charge more than one device at one time as it has multiple charging ports. The gadget also has enough battery storage to charge several devices before it runs out of charging.

The best part is that you do not have to completely depend on electricity and a socket for charging Voltzy. This is because this is a solar powered device, as discussed, which means that you can keep it in the sun for charging it. Voltzy is also shock resistant, waterproof, rain resistant and dust resistant. This means that it can withstand different weather conditions. If you would still like to know more about this device before making your purchase,

If you are looking for an item to complete your emergency kit, you can go for the Voltzy Solar-powered power plant. It embraces more innovative engineering, durability, power, and quality all under one roof. There are testimonials of people who claim to have used the product successfully on the website, but we have no way of verifying this. Overall, based on the product’s website, Voltzy is one item to include in your emergency kit.

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