Your Absolute Guide to Choosing the Best Bathroom Vanity for Your Needs



Bathroom vanities are a quintessential element in the bathroom, and it’s critical to choose the right one. When choosing a bathroom vanity, you can’t just go for something that looks great and goes well with the theme of your bathroom. Besides these, there are other considerations, one of which is its functionality and whether it’s the proper fit. A well-chosen vanity can easily become your bathroom’s prime attraction, but this means making sure that it checks all the right boxes when it comes to your requirements. All that being said, here’s your definitive guide to choosing the best bathroom vanity for your needs. 

Think about who will use it – and how they will use it 

The first step to choosing the right bathroom vanity is to think about who will use it – and how they will use it. Consider the people in your household who will have access to the bathroom. Is it just for your partner and you to use? If you both use the bathroom in the morning, it may be a great idea to go for a vanity featuring double basins. If you live alone, you could do with a smaller vanity. 

Alongside this, think about how you will use it. For example, do you like grooming and styling yourself? If you have a lot of makeup and toiletries, you may need more space on the counter and storage to hold your supplies. 

Figure out the plumbing 

Although there are many varieties of vanities for modern bathrooms, and you can essentially take your pick, your next step is to ensure the plumbing. It will, after all, dictate where you can place your vanity. If you don’t want to spend extra money making plumbing changes, figure out where your bathroom’s plumbing is located. The plumbing will also influence the style of your vanity. For instance, if you opt for a vanity mounted on the floor, you can usually use the standard layout for plumbing. But if you are thinking of a vanity mounted on the wall, you may need to move the hookups for plumbing for your basin. Of course, if you’re set on having a wall-mounted bathroom vanity, you can still move the plumbing; it just depends on your budget.

Determine prospective obstacles 

Remember that whilst you can always change the design of your bathroom, changing the walls and doors will be more difficult. There are also other prospective obstacles you want to consider, such as the swing of the bathroom door. If the door doesn’t swing outwards and hits the bathroom vanity, it will be both annoying and ineffective. Also, think about the shower. If you have a shower door, think about where it swings when deciding where to install your vanity. The toilet is another consideration, so determine whether you want your vanity to its side, in front of it, or far from it. 

Lastly, think about the traffic flow. It shouldn’t be a challenge to navigate your bathroom just because of your vanity, and if you constantly bang against it to avoid another bathroom fixture, this will not only hurt, but it will be frustrating. Instead, walk around the bathroom space and try to visualise the vanity in it. You can substitute the vanity for a box in the meantime, and this will give you a better idea of where to install it and how it affects the space.  

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