Zero to $100 Million Masterclass by Miki Agrawal Review (MindValley)


MindValley has recently teamed up with the famous social entrepreneur and business owner Miki Agrawal to launch her new program, ‘Zero to $100 Million’. This new idea appears to be extremely valuable for the new entrepreneurs to find something meaningful and useful to be changed into a viable business opportunity. For those who do not know, Mindvalley is one of the top personal growth forums online, offering breakthrough learning opportunities, courses, and chances to partner with established names such as Miki Agrawal at the latest.  

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You may know Miki from the cover of various magazines endorsing her as the boss lady, as her businesses are estimated at more than $200 million. She is also recognized for her active involvement in brands that are breaking taboos and the typical social construct over various things. For now, she has joined hands with Vishen, the founder of Mindvalley, to offer a training program for all members, helping them to establish a brand from scratch.  

zero to $100 million

It is probably the best time to launch Zero to $100 Million as the US is experiencing the highest number of fledgling businesses, verified by the United States Census Bureau reports. These reports say that they received nearly 96.3% more applications in 2020-21 than before, which clearly indicates the interest of new entrepreneurs.  

This is the only good side of the pandemic that otherwise has caused health system challenges, emotional downgrading, and many other problems. The purpose of MindValley quests is to transform the world offering real solutions and helping people to make good out of them. Vishen is more than excited to see how Zero to $100 Million Masterclass by Miki Agrawal would go.  

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What is Miki Agrawal’s Zero to $100 Million Masterclass? 

Zero to $100 Million is created for entrepreneurs from all stages, levels, and backgrounds. There is no age limit or experience needed to be a part of it. All trainees will get a free masterclass, knowing how Miki Agrawal likes to watch things from the eye of a self-made millionaire and business owner. Things are obviously different when you see them from a professional side.  

Despite being into the business, experience and vision are two things that not everyone has, and if those gifted with both of these are willing to help you, nothing could be better. Also, all this effort is not just to establish a random brand or to start a company; Miki is talking about a multi-million dollar plan that may take years to establish without her help.  

Here is what is inside Zero to $100 Million.  

  • Part One: identifying and finalizing an idea worth $100 million to fund a business 
  • Part Two: understanding how to develop a product with the help of a team  
  • Part Three: Confirming and expanding the authenticity of a business with a clear, firm, and understandable message  
  • Part Four: the real game plan to reach $100 million by using the tools used by Miki in her brands TUSHY and THINX 
  • Part Five: tricks to be in the media limelight while sharing your story  
  • Part Six: Ideas on how to pitch the brand or product to the investors for earning profits  
  • Part Seven: learning community development and brand recognition in the market  

Reasons To Trust Miki Agrawal- The Person Behind “Zero to $100 Million.” 

Miki is well known for being a part of controversial business ideas, changing cultures, and leadership skills. Two of her products, THINX (period panties brand) and TUSHY (luxury bidet brand), are living examples of how she broke the taboos and started products that are not considered a viable and profitable option otherwise. The FAST COMPANY called her one of the most creative persons in history; INC Magazine named her the most impressive entrepreneur (women), and she also appeared on the cover of the magazine Entrepreneur (June 2016), discussing the 100 most amazing startups.  

For her own self, Miki has been fascinated with learning and discovering new products. She says she is highly motivated to find products that could improve society and help people in any way. In her collaboration with Mindvalley, she wishes to inspire new entrepreneurs and mentor them to be a part of this new world. It would work by focusing on one idea at a time, and Miki is hopeful about this quest as it may change the lives of thousands of people and business ideas in different parts of the world.  

With “Zero to $100 Million”, Miki would be a part of 200 people, including teachers, mentors, authors, and experts in growth, development, and wellness. Other famous names in this list include Jim Kwick (brain coach), Dr. Shefali (Clinical psychologist), Lisa Nicholas (motivational speaker), Marie Diamond (Feng Shui expert), and many others.  

All these people affiliated with Mindvalley have helped improve the lives of people struggling with their education, career, relationships, or professional life. The community has now reached nearly 15 million people that are ready to learn new lessons that will change their lives forever. There are 50+ programs currently offered that also include “Zero to $100 Million” now.  

Visit the official website to find out the details on Zero to $100 Million and other amazing programs.  

Who Should Be a Part of Zero to $100 Million Masterclass? 

Zero to $100 Million masterclass is for everyone who wishes to upgrade his skills or work on a business idea stuck in his mind. This is a seven weeks training program, and the next intake will start on Oct 4th, 2021.  

Everyone wants to be a successful business person and dreams of being featured in business magazines. It all starts from a basic idea, but only a few ideas would take you to a $100 million game. It may not be something that is already around you. A new product or idea that is unconventional, valuable, and has a high chance of social acceptance can fulfill all these success dreams.  

If you are one of these people who want to start the business journey, “Zero to $100 Million” is the right thing for you. You are fortunate to be a part of this course under Miki’s mentorship. She is here to help you find this idea, bring it on, and do everything to make it possible.  

Miki herself started from this simple rule and reached various brands, earning millions of dollars plus a change in society. It all depends upon the uniqueness and practicality of the idea; if you happen to have a game-changing idea, you only need a practical plan to execute it, and nothing can stop you if you are clear on how you want to do it.  

This is Miki’s debut with the Mindvalley platform, where she will be sharing her secrets and success formulas that are helpful for all new businesses, making them create a space of their own. Just like her, you can also go to a hundred million from zero, all with an idea and a direction to walk.  

Do MindValley Courses Really Work? 

There are nearly 20,457+ students currently enrolled on Mindvalley, and there are more than 15,000 success stories posted online. It is easy to guess that training courses like these could make a huge difference in the struggles of starting a business or introducing a new product in this highly competitive world.  

Contrary to what people tell you, no product or business needs a fancy MBA degree or a years-long experience to make a start. In fact, Miki is proof these ‘requirements’ are only exaggerations, and in the real world, none of it really matters. A product and brand can grow from any part of the world by anyone who is willing to do it. Just like all these struggling people, Miki started with zero capital, no experience, and nothing in hand. You will also learn how to do it in this Zero to $100 Million program. It will not start a business for you but give you clarity on how to do it.  

Even if you do not have an idea that you think is practical enough to get you $100 million, you can still be a part of it, set your own limits, make your rules and do something that fascinates you. Being a part of Zero to $100 Million on Mindvalley will only empower you to make the right decisions at the right time. 

There is no need to wait and see how you may or may not be an entrepreneur. You do not even need finances for a start; in fact, focusing on the skillset and strategy will get you better outcomes than the financial hunt. It means you already have everything to start your very own $100 million business, and you only need a little mentorship that Miki will be provided to you.  

Learn More About Miki Agrawal and The Secret Sauce Behind a $100 Million Brand 

A Deeper Insight Into The Zero To $100 Million Curriculum 

The Zero To $100 Million by Miki Agrawal is a seven-week long online training program that would teach how to build a high-impact business with minimal effort. This training would be provided by a video series every day, each of which would be only 20 minutes long. From developing an idea, refining it into a practical form, building a product/brand, and entering into marketing, financing, PR, and social strategies to build a community, you will learn everything in it. 

After these seven weeks journey, you will have hands-on knowledge and inspiration to start a brand with full zeal and zest. This training requires an electronic device and an active internet connection to work. Anything from a personal computer, laptop, smartphone, or tablet would work. 

Free Gifts For All New Trainees  

Those who will join the upcoming batch will get the following without paying anything extra.  

Bonus-1 ‘4x Live Group Coaching Calls With Miki’ 

The problem with most online programs is they do not initiate a live interaction with the mentor. Using the name of a successful business owner is one thing, and direct interaction is another. Thankfully, you will get both in Zero to $100 Million training, as Miki is here to lead the exclusive group calls.  

And you know the best part? It is not even a one-time thing, as you will keep on getting the special invites for these interactive live sessions. Miki will be available to answer questions coming from you, telling you how to tackle a specific problem and help make the best out of this program.  

Get Instant Access to Mindvalley’s Zero to $100 Million Course by Miki Agrawal 

Here is a summary of these live calls.  

Live Call 1: Building Your Business (Planned for October 14th) 

Live Call 2: Building Your Brand (Planned for October 28th) 

Live Call 3: Marketing Your Business or Product (Planned for November 11th) 

Live Call 4: Celebration Call (Planned for November 25th)  

Call time: ​7am LA / 10am NYC / 3pm London / 11pm HK 

The course begins on October 4th. 

Bonus-2 “Superhumans at Work Weekly Calls” 

Next, all trainees will get a live session with people playing the roles of innovators, inspirational characters, and motivational speakers, helping people to rediscover their potential. This free help can increase work performance, including the efforts pushed in for developing a new business. This motivation is the next best thing one can get after the mentorship from Miki Agrawal.  

Zero To $100 Million Reviews – The Verdict 

Most of you already know Miki, an unorthodox, gifted, and highly successful business owner who has built a multi-million dollar setup using a creative mind and innovative ideas. She has launched a period-proof panty company named THINX, and others, including TUSHY and WILD, are changing the ways to use a toilet. These businesses have been valued at more than $200 million, and Miki has done it all alone. Her vision and ideas have changed the ways to launch any product, even if it is non-conventional.  

She has been featured and interviewed by various magazines, newspapers, and TV channels. Not to forget, she is also a bestselling author and an amazing motivational speaker who can change the lives of her listeners.  

A program coming from a person with these credentials is nothing less than ‘revolutionary,’ and that is what makes “Zero to $100 Million” the best learning opportunity for anyone who is ready to start a business. Sign up for Zero to $100 Million by Miki Agrawal and start your venture as an independent entrepreneur this year.  

To learn more about Miki Agrawal’s Zero to $100 Million masterclass or to sign up for it, visit the official website here.  

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