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Tingling in the hands or feet is a dangerous sign as it can cause a serious condition called neuropathy. What happens in neuropathy? It is a critical situation in which the nerves of particular regions are damaged due to that the victim suffers through extreme pain, weakness, sensitivity to touch, numbness, and tingling in the toes and fingers. The initial symptoms of this disorder are not taken seriously which can result in a chronic glitch. This problem requires a proper treatment plan as soon as diagnosed. Do you have any idea what can be a possible solution to this issue? If not yet, then Advanced Nerve Support is probably the best answer to your question. 

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This supplement contains natural ingredients that help you fight these risky signs that can lead to acute problems. Many medications, pills, and therapeutic strategies are available in the market, but Advanced Nerve Support has proved to be the finest choice over all these approaches through its worthwhile results. 

What causes tingling to be elicited? 

The utmost reason behind the initiation of stinging or tingling is the high levels of glucose in the blood. Doesn’t it sound strange? Until now we have heard people catching diabetes mellitus due to excessive blood glucose concentration. How do you think it can affect your nerves? 

It has been observed the individuals consuming the foods that cause blood glucose levels to rise up are the major excuse leading to numbness and severe pain in your toes and fingers. The excess glucose in the blood leads to disturbance in fat metabolism and a process known as “glycation” is triggered. 

Are you wondering what glycation does to your body? So, let me explain it to you, glycation distresses the protein in the cells of your body, resulting in the production of vicious bodies called Advanced Glycation End Products, also named AGEs. Hence, this obnoxious substance is the key reason to cause tingling and numbness in your limbs. 

What do you know about the Advanced Nerve Support? 

Advanced Nerve Support is a remarkable supplement manufactured by the company, Advanced Bionutritionals. This dietary supplement is composed of natural and botanical nutrients that are helpful in relieving the symptoms of neuropathic pain. These ingredients are safe to be consumed and produce effective results in subsiding the tingling sensations, numbness, pain, and sensitivity to touch in the affected individuals. 

This formulation is designed specifically to decrease the indications of neuropathy that can lead to serious issues. This preparation has been ascertained as a breakthrough in relieving the nerve damage by resolving the problem of glycation and AGEs. 

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The working of the Advanced Nerve Support: 

As we know, the network of nerves in our body is similar to telephone cables. Any destruction in the cable leads to distortion in the communication. Likewise, when there is any sort of injury to the nerves, they stop conveying signals to other parts of the body. 

The possible justifications of slowing down the transmission of stimulus can be improper diet, lack of nutrition, environmental factors such as toxic chemicals, etc. All these aspects contribute to affect peripheral nerves immensely. These are the nerves present in the toes, fingers, hands, and feet. They are the most delicate ones, hence, the disturbance here can result in neuropathic complications. You can check out more supplements by Advanced Bionutritionals here. 

The principle on which the formula of the supplement works is that it targets the impaired nerves in the hands and feet and focuses on the improvement of the signal transduction in that particular region to ease the tingling and numbness. 

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The complexities associated with neuropathic pain: 

Neuropathy is itself a threatening ailment, but the potential complaints associated with it needs to be addressed as they can result in lethal consequences. The list of critical problems emerging as a result of peripheral nerve deterioration are as following: 

  • Chronic pain elevates blood pressure, and this promotes cardiovascular diseases (CVDs). 
  • The damage to the nerves leads to weak neuronal signal transmission. This causes the brain to disturb the sleep cycle provoking insomnia in the individuals as the neurons become ineffectual to carry the signals to the brain. 
  • This can also lead to the death of the brain due to wear and tear in the nerves and neurons. 
  • Neuropathic pain is a significant cause of anxiety and stress. The state of stress can lead to severe mood swings and can cause troubles in your personal life. 
  • The harm to your nerves can leave you in severe pain that lasts forever until it is not treated properly. 

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Ingredients included in the super formula: 

Advanced Nerve Support is a viable formula that comprises natural components. All these constituents are powerful and support your nerves to restore their function. The formulation is rendered to be safe and effective than other therapies as it is completely natural. The ingredients included in the supplement are: 

  • Vitamin B1: It is an essential nutrient required by the body for the protection of nerves. It is biologically also called “thiamine”. It basically strengthens up the shielding layer of nerves known as the myelin sheath. The problem is that it is a water-soluble vitamin and is excreted more in urine than it is available in the body. 

To overcome the problem of bioavailability the manufacturers have incorporated the fat form of vitamin B1 which is labeled as BENFOTIAMINE. This plays the same role as thiamine but is more available to the body for enhanced effects.  

  • Vitamin B12: This vitamin is categorized as methyl-cobalamin and cyanocobalamin. Out of these two, methyl-cobalamin is better absorbed by the body, thus, it exhibits important property in reversing the tingling and numbness in your hands and feet. 
  • Vitamin B6: Vitamin B6 is included in the formulation as pyridoxine hydrochloride. It is used as a cell communicator in the supplement. The deficiency of pyridoxine can also result in tingling, numbness, and pain. Therefore, the addition of this component helps you encourage the production of neurotransmitters and improves the coordination among different parts of the body. 
  • Vitamin D3: It is also known as cholecalciferol. The key task of this component is to reduce the neuropathic pain appearing as a result of the diabetic problem. 
  • Acetyl L-Carnitine: This component is actually involved in supporting the nerves to stop sending pain messages to the brain. It works by guarding the mitochondria, also called the powerhouse of the cells. This way the cells are protected and don’t transmit any pain signals. 
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA): This compound shows antioxidant characteristics. It is responsible to boost the performance of nerve cells. It works by converting the glucose into the energy and this energy is then supplied to the body. The breakdown of stored glucose alleviates the symptoms of neuropathy. 

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What is the cost of the supplement? 

You might be thinking the preparation would be expensive to buy, no? But let me acknowledge you this potent dietary supplement is available at an economical price. It costs about $39.95 for each bottle. The single bottle of the formulation contains 60 tablets that can last for at least 2 months easily.  

And it is not over yet, you can order a pack of bottles that can last 3 or 6 months. If you order it now, you can get an amazing discount on that. The company offers a 3-month deal for $35.95. Another offer of 6 months stock is available for $33.25. It can help you save a handsome amount. 

About the refund policy: 

The company declares a money-back guarantee within 90 days. You can claim your money without being questioned if the product fails to satisfy you or disappoints you in keeping the promise of producing fruitful effects. 

Final thoughts: 

Advanced Nerve Support is a remarkable supplement that is envisioned to lessen the pain, tingling, and numbness in your toes and fingers. The formulation contains no such additives or fillers thus, it is harmless to be used. The regimen is entirely natural and produces beneficial effects. If you haven’t ordered your supplement yet, then what are you waiting for? You have understood all the features of the preparation and you have learned it is an extraordinary formula with zero adverse or detrimental effects. 

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