Afro Hair Transplant: Cure For Traction Alopecia


According to the American Academy of Dermatology, an average human being loses 50 to 100 strands of hair every day. But when the hair loss is more than normal, the condition is known as Alopecia. One of the most common forms of alopecia is “Traction Alopecia” which is characterized as hair loss caused by pulling the hair in the same direction for a long time. Usually, the problem arises because of tight hairstyles like tight braids and hence is more common in Afro women. Due to traction, hair roots become weak and ultimately die. The lost hair cannot return by any means and hence Afro hair transplant is the ultimate solution to have a fuller head of hair again.  

What Exactly Is Traction Alopecia?  

Alopecia is the loss of hair over time and traction alopecia means loss of hair caused by traction or pulling in the same direction for a long time. This can happen to anyone who makes a tight hairstyle daily like dreadlocks, braids, or a ponytail. Not only this, traction alopecia can result from long-term use of tight headwear.  

When the hair follicles suffer from strain for a long time the hair gets pulled and follicles get damaged leading to the breakage and loss of hair. This repeating pulling of hair is often the reason behind itching and redness on the scalp that often worsens into pus producing ulcers on the scalp.  

Here are a few common signs and symptoms of traction alopecia:  

  • Hairline receding on some particular areas like forehead, nape, or temples.  
  • Widening of hair parting.  
  • Thin and broken hair patches in parts of the hair that are under strain.  
  • Formation of small pimples on the scalp around the roots of the hair.  
  • Redness on the scalp leads to itching or even in some cases formation of ulcers.  

Afro Hair Transplant  

This is a special hair transplant procedure used as a treatment for Afro hair loss. The transplant procedure is different from ordinary and requires a special technique. Afro hair transplant comes under the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction)  type of hair transplant which is the most suitable for Afro hair.  

Fox Test Prior To Afro Hair Transplant  

Before performing the transplant, a process is performed known as the FOX test. The follicles of Afro hair take up more space on the scalp as compared to other hair types because of the curl in the root hence they require larger FUE incisions for graft extraction from the donor scalp. Likewise, the surgeon will also check the size of hair follicles on your scalp to check the root size. This is known as the Fox test and is a crucial step of the procedure.  

Key Takeaway 

If you have Afro hair and suffer from traction alopecia, you need a special Afro hair transplant to regain your lost hair. The procedure requires special techniques and must be done in the hands of an expert hair transplant surgeon.  

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