BLXBuds Reviews (UPDATE) Are BLX Buds Legit and Worth Buying?


BLXBuds (also known as BLX Buds) are lightweight and comfortable headphones that are bliss for your ears. According to the official website, they have many amazing features that make them a perfect choice for audio and music. It is not something you will regret buying, as it is the best option one can get for this amazing price.  

Who does not like listening to music? But you cannot play loud music when around people, and that is why there are earbuds and earphones invented. BLXBuds are brand new, advanced wireless earbuds that allow you to enjoy your favorite music at ease. They are convenient and are much more useful than wired handsfree and earphones, which may be a mess to handle.  

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BLX Buds earbuds are almost weightless and are noiseless, making them better than many other options you see in the market. Many people think earbuds are for music lovers only, but actually, there are so many uses of them, and top of everything is that you can use them much more comfortably than wired earphones.  


Enjoy your favorite podcast or watch a YouTube video. Spend the weekend watching a movie or talk to your friends, without having to keep looking for your phone if you have earbuds with you. But the variety in all these gadgets could confuse you, which is why it is necessary to explore all the options while investing your money into one thing.  

Read this BLXBuds review to evaluate if it is worth spending your hard-earned money or not. 

BLXBuds Review  

No one can deny the fact that finding the right type of electronic gadgets is very challenging. Many times, you like things and order them, but the moment you start using them, a realization of wasting money hits harder. It is something that all of us have experienced at one stage or another, and it is no one’s fault if these gadgets are never true to their specifications.  

However, buying the wrong products is avoidable because there are some companies offering the best quality for an affordable price. Do not just fall for a product with its outer look, especially for headphones that you can never judge without reading the details.   

BLXBuds is one such product that could minimize this struggle of finding the right gears. These are wireless earbuds that are unbelievably amazing, and 100% justify the money spent on them. Continue reading this BLXBuds review to know what makes them different from the rest of the options.  

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What Are BLXBuds? 

BLXBuds is a brand-new earbuds model specially created for listening to music, watching shows and movies, gaming and whatnot. Anything you like is on the go when you have these earbuds with you because they make your experience extremely comfortable and hassle-free. This model is created for daily use and is free from wires that tangle and take a lot of time to align. Based on the user reviews, BLXBuds are getting a highly positive response from the users, and most of them are satisfied with their experience.  

If you are planning to get wireless headphones, it is better to conduct a search and find out the best options. BLXBuds is not the only brand in the market, and there are plenty of others that you may find. But comparing these products could give you an idea about what to expect from any of them. Reading user reviews is one thing, but you should compare the specifications, pricing, and availability and make your decision fast because all the best options sell out fast. 

Who does not use earbuds now, after knowing how they ease life when you are driving, traveling, working, or in public? But a pocket-friendly option that offers the best services is not something you can purchase over the shelf and definitely need thorough market research. BLXBuds is a small, minimalistic, and sleek device that is worthy of being on this list. Let’s find out what makes it better than other available options and where to buy it.  

BLXBuds Review: Top Product Features  

There are many reasons to choose BLXBuds over other options, but to start with, dangling cords is a big no when you are always on the move and need something more comfortable. Be it watching a video, or joining a meeting, playing music at the gym, or listening to music during daily travel for work, earbuds are an absolute essential, and the quality gadgets do not find you unless you look for them. Typical earbuds have a short battery life, and you may need to charge them several times a day, but if you choose a high battery life product like BLX Buds, it is no more a concern.  

Here are a few things that make BLXBuds a good investment for a comfortable experience.  

  • Highly durable, long battery life, and an easy to fix, a bud-style design that adjusts in the ear. 
  • Comes with various silicon tips that help in wearability and fitting into ears, without slip or falls  
  • Advanced technology makes it easy to deliver a high-quality sound that is comparable to any high-end audio gadget.  
  • Wide Bluetooth connectivity (up to 10 m) that is not disturbed and allows you to move around freely.  
  • Fast charging using a Micro USB to USB-A  charger and a longer battery life than other options  
  • Highly portable, extremely lightweight, and travel-friendly device that you can put into your bag, purse, car, and backpack. 
  • Easy connectivity to any phone, IOS or android, laptop, or tablet through Bluetooth.  

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Guidelines To Use BLXBuds 

Unlike other fancy-looking complicated gadgets, this one is much easier to use. Here is how to start using your BLXBuds.  

Step one- charge your buds. 

Take your BLXBuds and plug them into any USB port through a Micro USB to USB-A  . This charging is faster and efficient, so do not leave it for long hours, as it may affect the battery’s health.  

Step two- connect to a device.  

The next step is to connect your BLXBuds with any device you are using. It easily connects with all phones, either they are IOS or Android. Turn on the Bluetooth from phone settings and let it search for the buds. Pair the buds with the device by placing two at a reasonable distance and start using them. 

Step three- enjoy a high-quality sound

Once the BLXBuds and your device are connected, play any video or audio you want to enjoy. You will notice clear audio with no discomfort or disturbance, making this experience stress-free. You can adjust the buds in your ears as you find them comfortable.  

How Do BLXBuds Help? 

BLXBuds work on wireless technology just like any other top-notch earbuds. The sound quality you get for this price is unbelievably impressive, and it also comes with an IPX4 water resistant light and easy wearability.  

The color they come in is only black that gives them a super stylish and sleek look. These earbuds look classy and effortlessly chic than most other gadgets that only come in white color. Some of the BLXBuds users also reveal their preference for these earbuds is the color because black looks more fashionable than white. However, this is a personal choice.  

What Will You Get? 

With every order of BLX Buds earbuds, you will get a few accessories to make this experience easier and safer. Like all similar devices, BLXBuds would need a pre-charging means you have to charge them before using them every time, even before using them for the first time. All users will get one pair of these earbuds, along with silicone-based in-ear tips for fixing into the ear and maintaining good hygiene.  

Here are other things that you will get in your order.  

  • One charging case  
  • One Micro USB to USB-A charging cable 
  • silicone in-ear tips in three sizes (small, medium, and large) 
  • An instructions manual 
  • Warranty card and details 

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How To Know BLXBuds Earbuds Are Not A Scam? 

With all that variety in electronic gadgets, it is easy to fall for a scam if your first-ever earbuds purchase. Most companies present their products as high-quality and good value for the money thing, but the reality is they are only after your money. However, this is not the case with BLXBuds, because signing up for this has so many good reasons to prove it a good decision.  

This is a simple, affordable, and easy-to-use device. Of course, there are expensive alternatives available, but why spend so much extra money when you can do the same for a lesser price? Earbuds are no more a ‘new’ thing now, and from average companies to high-end audio companies, everyone is launching them. But you cannot guarantee about any of these without knowing basic information, pricing details, and user reviews on them.  

BLXBuds lists all details on its official website and even has a customer service line to answer the queries. The orders come with a money-back offer, under which all unhappy customers can return the product and get their money back. Not only will you not be overcharged, but you can always get this money back at any time. This is not something even the already established high-end companies offer, but BLXBuds does.  

The next thing is user experiences and reviews that cannot always be untrue. With all this access to the internet, it is easy to tell the world about your real experiences. Although there are still some exaggerations, that does not make the entire testimonial concept and user reviews invalid. If you read BLXBuds reviews shared by the users, you will notice that most of them endorse it for ease and comfort level. Some even find it better than other expensive earbuds, with shorter battery life and inferior quality. And one thing everyone agrees with is that BLXBuds is a good value for money.  

Who Should and Should Not Buy BLXBuds? 

BLXBuds are equally good for children, teenagers, and adults. These earbuds make a wonderful gift choice if you are searching for something similar. Anyone who wants to enjoy music, movies, podcasts, or audiobooks and needs a 100% wireless experience should try these earbuds.  

Some people also like to use BLXBuds while working out at the gym, running, cycling, hiking, traveling, or walking. They are highly travel friendly and can also be used during a train or airplane journey. And that’s not all.  

You can also enjoy BLXBuds to attend calls, meetings, and private video calls. This small- and one-time investment can do wonders for you if you are searching for a similar device. Using phones all the time is frustrating, and wired handsfree is a mess to deal with, especially when you are busy or in public. Plus, you cannot be carrying a phone all the time trying to understand an audio message or call a person with extreme noise around. Note BLXBuds are not 100% soundproof, and if you need something that cancels noise completely, this is not something you would need. BLXBuds is only suitable for entertainment and connectivity purposes and not for high-level professional work.  

Where To Buy BLXBuds? Pricing Details And Discount  

If you have made up your mind about BLXBuds, you will be happy to know that your favorite earbuds are only a few clicks away.  

You can buy BLXBuds online from the official website using this link without involving a middle man or a retailer. Although there are options to purchase expensive alternatives, with a logo that is not enough to spend hundreds of dollars on it when you can get the exact same features for a much less price.  

Here are the pricing details you should see before deciding on BLXBuds.  

  • Get one BLXBuds pair for $59.99 (50% Off)  
  • Get two BLXBuds pairs for $110.99 only 
  • Get three BLXBuds pairs for $149.99 only 
  • Get four BLXBuds pairs for $191.99 only  

You may only need one pair to start with, but there is no harm in buying multiple pairs for your loved ones and friends. You can also keep one pair in every bag or location if you are a frequent traveler. All orders come with a money-back guarantee, so there is no money loss, and you can get your money back if you are not happy with your purchase.  

The company has an active customer line and welcomes all questions and queries. If you want to know something about BLXBuds orders, deliveries, refunds, or anything, talk to a customer’s representative and enjoy premium customer service through the following means.  

  • US & Canada (Toll Free):855 756 5448 
  • Australia & New Zealand:(02) 5133 5672 
  • United Kingdom & Ireland:033081 80842 

A Quick Summary of BLXBuds Review 

Here is a list of the best and worst about BLXBuds. Please give it a reading before investing or ignoring this option. 

BLXBuds Pros 

  • Very easy to use, Bluetooth connectivity and easy pairing with all devices  
  • Longer battery life and less charging time  
  • Handy size, easy to carry and move  
  • Suitable for everyone  

BLXBuds Cons 

  • Only available online  
  • Wireless gadgets have a higher chance of getting lost if the user is careless.  
  • Requires charging before using, unlike wired options  

BLXBuds Reviews- Conclusion  

There are so many options available when it comes to wireless, Bluetooth earbuds, but BLXBuds is among the top options, and for good reasons. It offers a similar experience as any high-end audio accessory brand but for a lesser price. You may find a similar quality but paying more than triple its price is nowhere justified. Because of this reason, this product is high in demand, and the company is currently offering up to 50% off on the original price that makes it an even more lucrative offer. There is only limited stock available; use this discounted price link to get yours before the discount offer expires.  

BLXBUDS Reviews: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)  

If you do not find your required information in this BLXBuds review, read the following quick questions and answers.  

  • Does BLXBuds work for calls? 

Yes, BLXBuds are not only suitable for music and also work well for audio and video calls.  

  • What is battery time for BLXBuds? 

A one-time charging of BLXBuds would last for up to 4.5 hours. You may only need to charge it once a day, depending upon your usage.  

  • Can you use BLXBuds during swimming? 

BLXBuds are water resistant but not waterproof. For this reason, they may not be a suitable choice during swimming.  

  • How do you know BLXBuds has a low battery? 

Putting these earbuds back into their charging case will tell you about the battery. If you see a red light, it shows a low battery, and if this light is white, earbuds are good to go. Four white lights here indicate a full battery. 

  • Can you buy BLXBuds from Amazon? 

BLXBuds can only be purchased through the official website and it is not available at any other online or local store, including Amazon, eBay, Walmart and others.  

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