Choosing a Face for Your Apple Watch


Buying an Apple Watch is an exciting prospect, especially if it is your first! One of the best parts about owning an Apple device is the ability to personalize it to suit your individual style. From apps to watch straps, Apple has made it simple to show off your choices, and choosing a watch face from the many on offer is just one more choice. We took a look at some of the most popular watch faces so that you can make your decision with ease.  

Work Out What is Important to You 

The great thing about Apple products is that they are created with the consumer in mind and offer an intuitive design that is meant to work well for you. When it comes to picking your watch face, the first thing you need to do is work out what features of your Apple Watch are the most important to you, and then choose a face that offers access to the features you want.  

Put Fitness First 

One of the most popular watch face options are the activity faces that show you how well you are progressing to filling your rings each day. This watch face is great for anyone that wants to keep an eye on their fitness goals or who has invested in the watch for fitness purposes. 

The fitness faces update in real-time so that whenever you lift your wrist, you will always be able to see just how well your day is going and the areas in which you need to put a bit more effort.  

Keep Your Loved Ones Close 

If you love to have your favorite photos on display to remind you of your loved ones or happy memories, then there is a watch face that can help! The photo face works to show you a number of selected photos and rotates them as you use your watch so that you are faced with a new image every time. 

Don’t worry, as even with your photos as a background, you can still see the time! Plus, it’s a great way of showing off your latest pics without having to get your phone out of your bag. 

Make it Complicated 

If you are a bit of a watch geek, then you will probably love the fact that the Apple Watch comes with a huge amount of complications to choose from, making your screen exactly what you want to see. In fact, if you want lots, then the complications watch face is a perfect choice! 

It can show up to eight complications of your choosing, with four in the center and the others in each corner. Never again will you have to search your watch for the simplest information! 

Show Off Your Memoji 

If you have a number of Apple devices, then you are sure to know all about the Apple Memoji designer that you can use to create your own personal memoji or choose from a library of pre-create memoji animals and more. 

When you have your memoji choose, you can then opt for the memoji watch face that will display your chosen memoji and up to three complications! 

Enjoy a Classic Look 

If you love the idea of an Apple Watch but also love classic timepieces, then you will be pleased to know that that there is a happy middle ground with the Apple Watch faces. In the gallery, you will find a wide variety of watch faces that offer a classic look for you to enjoy. 

From large typography to basic watch faces, there really are options to suit every preference, and the great thing is that if you love classic, then you have access to so many different options that you will be able to trial a few before settling on the one that works best for you. 

Change Them to Suit Your Mood 

No Matter which Apple Watch face you choose, the good news is that you can change them as often as you like and match them to suit the event you are going to or the mood you are in. Changing your Apple Watch face couldn’t be easier either – simply press and hold the home screen to be met with your pre-selected options or head to the Watch app to download new faces that inspire you. With so many different choices available, you’ll never get bored of looking at your watch again! If you still don’t have an apple watch and want to compare all the models – see superwatches

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