Costa Coffee Customer Survey


Are you a coffee lover? Then visit this Costa Coffee shop to have a great coffee. There are different kinds of flavors that make you feel refresh when you’re stressed. People visiting here should attend the survey test for the company to get improved to service the customer visiting here.  

This company was actually found by some Italian Brothers in London and it is currently the largest coffee shop in the country. It is the second largest shop in the house chain which is behind the Starbucks. This was mainly created for the self service to the coffee bars for the customers. 

 They enjoy the Costa express coffee a lot and the services provided in there. Even though they still expect people to provide the best satisfied survey reviews and try to maintain the service and improve a lot. Mostly they recommend the best honest reviews from the people.  

Rewards from the company Costa Coffee  

  • They expect the opinion of the customers who visit the company  
  • There will be a free coffee service for a whole month.  
  • They literally provide the coupons for free  
  • You will receive a chance for the lucky draw perhaps wins it for the entire month.  

Steps to attend the satisfaction survey 

  • For attending the survey you must have your residency at United Kingdom or a citizenship of the country. 
  • The age must be above 18yrs. 
  • You will get the chance only once like coupon per person for each purchase. 
  • The coupon will redeem within thirty days. 
  • Those coupons cannot be offered as cash or any other things and it will not offer by any other way. 
  • You must provide a valid Email ID of yours. 
  • The person should not an employee or family member of the company. 
  • You must have a stable internet connection for the survey and devices like personal computer, laptops, mobile phone and tablet.  
  • You should know to read the basic language of English. 
  • Visit the official website of the company and enter the 12 digits code which is given to your receipt. 
  • After the code select the location and click on the submit option to start the survey test.  
  • Start to answer all the questions given and the feedback that you are providing should contain a honest answer.  
  • After completing the feedback do not forget to give the ratings for the company service to improve more.  
  • The answer should have an honest answer so that the company might feel the experience of the service given to the customers.  
  • If there is any complaint regarding the service do not fail to mention it.  
  • At last update the details and complete the feedback satisfied survey test.  
  • Finally you will receive the code that has the free sweepstake to win in the survey test and get free offers.  
  • The company finds out the best honest survey given by the customers who have already visited the Costa Coffee.  

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