Finding a Set for Bedroom Success


When you’re in the market for a new bedroom set, whether for a new home or simply to refresh your old bedroom, asking yourself a few key questions will help you avoid buyer’s remorse. Quite simply, your bedroom won’t be functional if you don’t consider who will be using it, the dimensions of your space, and the style components that will bring it all together. Accounting for these key elements will result in a bedroom furniture set that makes your life easier and more comfortable by adding value to your home.

First, ask yourself about the purpose of the particular bedroom you are outfitting. Specifically, this requires thinking about the number of individuals who will be using the room and their lifestyle. This means thinking about age appropriateness, in the cases of children and the elderly, and how different furniture components can make the room more comfortable for how it is being used. Part of this consideration involves thinking about the function of the bed set, too. Depending on who uses the bedroom, they might require extra toy storage space or even a trundle or bunk beds. This will vary for each home, so make sure you consider the unique components of your home and the individuals who call it home.

Next, take precise measurements to determine the dimensions of the bedroom. Don’t neglect vertical measurements, too. Your furniture needs to fit well within the room to avoid making it feel cramped or smaller than it actually is. When considering how to size your bedroom set pieces, keep in mind that a room tends to feel most comfortable when approximately two-thirds of the floor space remains clear and unoccupied by furniture. While this ratio isn’t always possible to achieve in smaller bedrooms, keep in mind that the closer you get to this goal, the more comfortable you will feel in your bedroom. To get a sense of the sheer number of options and variations available to you, browse online popular bedroom sets and consider bookmarking a few of your favorites as a place to start. Once you find a set or sets that you like, search for the specific variations that will make the set work best for your space. Eliminate options that incorporate furniture pieces you don’t need, based on who will be using the room. Determine whether any additional features that are available might add significant value, too.

Finally, don’t forget the importance of style! Color and other aesthetic choices will help determine how well the room coheres. With a matching furniture set, this task is much simpler, since you only need to pair the set with appropriate rugs, bedding, or another colorful décor. Of course, you can also opt to combine traditional furniture styles and rely more on color or textures to unify the space. One of the best aspects of this design component is that you can play with different elements until finding a combination that appeals to your unique sensibilities. In a personal bedroom, especially, finding a set that appeals to you in this way can make all the difference between tolerating and loving your bedroom.

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