Marc Kasowitz, Wall Street’s Toughest Lawyer


Those seeking a tough trial lawyer would be hard-pressed to find a lawyer who is as dedicated to his clients as Marc Kasowitz. For those people unaccustomed to following news associated with the United States legal system, there is a strong chance that Kasowitz’s journey to become the toughest lawyer on Wall Street is not well known. Kasowitz’s rise to prominence has the potential to inspire, so it is important for anyone interested in becoming an attorney to learn more about his career. 

Marc Kasowitz is one of the founders and managing partners at Kasowitz Benson Torres in New York City. He co-founded the firm in 1993 and has successfully represented large companies like TPG, Teva Pharmaceuticals, Pilgrim’s Pride, Fairfax Financial Holdings, Liggett, MBIA, Woodstock 50, and Douglas Elliman Realty during his illustrious career.  

However, the road to his success wasn’t easy. His path was filled with many personal victories over numerous barriers and his ambition helped him to overcome many obstacles. Kasowitz’s legal knowledge is backed up by a lifetime of hard work and dedication to his clients and the law.  

Marc E. Kasowitz was born into an especially close-knit family in 1954. His parents were Robert and Felice Kasowitz, both first-generation American citizens who believed strongly in the American Dream. Along with his fraternal twin brother Stephen, Kasowitz also has a younger sister, Susan. Kasowitz is grateful to have been raised in such a supportive and encouraging and supportive home with family members who pushed him to pursue his goals and helped him to reach success.  

Ambition is a trait that runs in Kasowitz’s family. After emigrating to the United States from Poland, Kasowitz’s grandfather quickly started his own scrap metal business. This business may have started small, but it quickly grew and was later passed down to Kasowitz’s father. Years of dedication to the family business, operated by Robert Kasowitz and his two brothers, instilled a strong work ethic into every generation of the Kasowitz family. Marc Kasowitz himself is certainly no exception. Those early years of working for the family business led Kasowitz to be greatly influenced by the ambition of his father and grandfather, and he now strives to emulate their dedication to improving and succeeding.  

As a young man, Kasowitz attended the Hopkins School in New Haven. He quickly grew to appreciate the benefits of a high-quality education, even as a child. As a result, his education is something Kasowitz never took for granted—he dedicated significant time and effort to his schoolwork. Upon his graduation, he was accepted into Yale University. 

Kasowitz went on to earn his bachelor’s degree in American history from Yale University. However, this wouldn’t be the end of his journey into higher education.  Kasowitz was confident in his long-term ambitions and career goals and was determined to put forth the effort to achieve them. After graduating from Yale, Kasowitz had decided that he would like to pursue a legal career.  

Marc Kasowitz continued his education with the goal of becoming a trial attorney and he earned his J.D. from Cornell Law School. From there, he was able to jump headfirst into the life of a legal professional. Kasowitz would then continue to learn and grow as a lawyer for many years to come.  

So, how did Marc Kasowitz earn the title of the toughest trial attorney on Wall Street? What has been his career trajectory over the years that he has been practicing law? 

He has been very successful in representing a variety of large companies throughout his career and in each of these instances, Kasowitz emerged victorious because he is willing, above all else, to put in the hard work necessary to succeed. He also understands exactly what is needed to achieve a successful outcome for each and every one of his clients.  

As noted, the bulk of Kasowitz’s experience lies in the realm of complex commercial litigation, where he has steadily built a strong reputation as a tough Wall Street lawyer. Not only does he have an impressive track record of wins, but Kasowitz’s ferocity and determination in the courtroom make him a difficult opponent to go up against. Whether he’s dealing with cases related to antitrust law, mass torts, corporate governance, banking, or one of the many other practice areas critical to corporate law, Marc Kasowitz has proven that dedication and fortitude are just as important as legal knowledge. 
Publications from the New York Times to Bloomberg Financial and the National Law Journal have referred to Marc Kasowitz as a master litigator and one of the top trial lawyers in the nation. CNBC gave Kasowitz the title of being Wall Street’s toughest lawyer. As a founding partner of Kasowitz Benson Torres, Kasowitz has put his mark on many of the most important cases of our time. Kasowitz has truly lived up to his reputation as one of Law360’s most innovative managing partners, and he is more than likely to remain a significant figure in the American legal system for years to come.  

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