Nervolink Review: Real Ingredients That Work For Nerve Health


Every part included in the human body works to support the whole body effectively. All these parts work from a connected system controlled by the central nervous system (CNS). The central nervous system consists of the brain and the spinal cord. It works hand in hand with the peripheral nervous system (PNS), which connects with the outlying parts like fingers, hands, feet, legs, and others.  

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The PNS has two nerve divisions, namely the somatic nervous system and the autonomic nervous system. This system can suffer from nerve damage causing pain, numbness, and weakness to the body parts controlled by the PNS. Nervolink works to restore proper nerve health.  

What is Nervolink? 

Nervolink is a dietary supplement made from natural ingredients that target the peripheral nervous system. It supports the health of the peripheral nervous system, ensuring it functions appropriately and healing the nerves from damage. Though the PNS nerve damage primarily affects the hands and feet, it can also affect circulation, digestion, and even urination. These bodily functions prevent a person from living a productive and fulfilling life. This supplement seeks to give a solution to the debilitating condition that affects many individuals of different ages. 

The PNS can get damaged in different scenarios. Some of these scenarios include when a person gets injured, like a fall, sports accident, or an accident. Diseases can also harm the PNS. These diseases include arthritis, diabetes, carpal tunnel syndrome, lupus, and many other conditions. While some of this damage needs surgery to restore the nerves, some only need proper diet, exercise, and rest to bring about healing. Nerve healing can take anything from a few months to years. Nervolink aims to bring healing, restoration, and promotion of good health to these nerves to function correctly. 

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The supplement states it uses nine pure and natural ingredients to create a powerful formula that improves nerve health. These ingredients get grown in the USA under natural conditions without the use of toxins or chemicals. They get harvested only when they reach full maturity to give the best nutrient value. These ingredients include Lions Mane, Reishi, Cordyceps Sinensis Powder, Turkey Tail, Shiitake and Maitake Mushrooms, White Button Mushroom, Royal Sun Agaricus, and Black Fungus. 

  • Lions Mane is a fungus that grows on hardwood in single-clump formations and takes up its name as it looks similar to a lion’s mane while maturing. It is edible and native to North America, Asia, and Europe. It bears the name yamabushitake or hou tou gu. It gets included in meals, teas and can also get eaten raw. Studies reveal it can slow the progression of degenerative brain disorders like Alzheimer’s disease and help the brain create new brain cells. The growth of brain cells can get attributed to two compounds in the fungus, namely erinacines and hericenones.  
  • Used here, Lion’s Mane works to speed the healing of nerves as it promotes nerve regrowth. Research shows the fungus works well to speed up recovery when nerves are damaged. This fungus also has the potential to relieve depression symptoms, inhibit H. Pylori growth, and by so doing, protect the stomach from ulcers formation. It also reduces the risk of heart disease by inhibiting the risk factors like weight gain, manage diabetes symptoms, as well as fight cancer development.  
  • The Reishi Mushroom also goes by Ganoderma lucidum and thrives in hot and humid conditions in the Asiatic continent. It has numerous uses in Chinese traditional medicine. The fungus boosts the immune system of sick people as it alters white blood cells to help them fight infection and cancer growth. This fungus also positively impacts depression and fatigue, elevating mood and improve life quality. It also has the potential to improve heart health and deliver antioxidative properties to the body’s cells. 
  • Cordyceps Sinensis powder is a fungus that thrives on a particular breed of caterpillars native to high mountainous regions of China. This compound is synthesized in the lab as natural Cordyceps Sinensis is expensive and difficult to come by. These fungi get harvested from dead insects, dried, and included in different blends in traditional Chinese medicine to cure kidney disease, low libido, and fatigue.  
  • Studies reveal that this fungus can improve performance in exercise as it can boost energy delivered to muscles. It also has anti-aging properties. These properties are believed to come from its anti-oxidants that support a heightened sex drive, memory recall, and restored energy. These anti-oxidants are also supposed to work to improve nerve function. The fungus can also potentially inhibit tumor growth, preventing the further development of cancers. It can also possibly keep blood sugar levels in check by mimicking insulin properties, treat heart-related conditions, and fight inflammation.  
  • Turkey Tail is a fungus that grows the world over. It goes by the scientific name Trametes versicolor. Versicolor means “of several colors,” which aptly describes this mushroom bearing multiple colors. And that is precisely where the name Turkey Tail comes from these various colors that are a part of the mushroom. This mushroom has numerous purported benefits and can get used in many alternative medicines. Studies reveal it contains over 35 anti-oxidants that work to reduce oxidative stress as well as inflammation positively.  

It also has immune-boosting properties that promote and inhibit different immune cells for elevating immune response. It can also possibly improve gut health, help in fighting tumor growth, and improving cancer treatment. 

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Using Nervolink 

This product works for people of any age. It does not have many restrictions as it uses natural ingredients used over thousands of years. It does require that those under medication consult with their medical practitioners. Pregnant women are discouraged from taking this product. Those under the age of 18 should also keep away from this supplement. 


The manufacturer recommends taking two pills a day as they contain the required nutrients to cater to daily dietary requirements. The pills get best taken with water. Any user should not exceed the recommended dosage. 

Safety Specifications 

This product is manufactured in the USA, having FDA-approved facilities that go through constant disinfecting. The ingredients used undergo proper growing and harvesting to protect them from dangerous chemicals like herbicides. They are precisely measured to create a unique and powerful formula for safe human consumption.  

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Nervolink Benefits 

This supplement supports the health of the peripheral nervous system. It has nutrients that promote the healing of damaged nerves and, by so doing, alleviate pain, discomfort, and numbness in the different affected body parts. It helps restore cognitive function by promoting the growth of brain cells. It also has anti-inflammatory properties that support good cell health and healing. This property also helps promote good nerve health.  

The product also helps the body to eliminate bad cholesterol and excess weight to promote good heart health. It also helps to stabilize mood by fighting anxiety and depression effectively. These effects tend to come about when someone fights the ravaging effects of nerve damage. This supplement can also control age-related nerve damage as it has anti-aging properties. These properties come from the rich anti-oxidants in the product. 

Cost & Shipping 

The manufacturer offers this supplement at $69 per 30-day supply bottle. Every purchase comes with free shipping within the US. Shipping outside the US may attract shipping charges. The company also offers a three-bottle supply at $177, which translates to a price reduction of $10 per bottle. This reduction allows the buyer a discount of $30 on this package. The company also has a six-bottle pack that goes for $294. This package gets dubbed the best value package as it allows the buyer a price reduction of $20 per bottle and a total discount of $120.  


The company has a 60-day money-back guarantee attached to the product allowing its users two months to see if it works for them. They can get back their money if they know the product has not worked as they hoped. It also does not matter if they have used up the whole supplement purchased. 

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Does the product have any side effects a user should expect? 

The product does not have any known side effects. It has undergone third-party lab testing to verify its safety and efficacy. It uses safe and natural ingredients grown in chemical-free farms while the facilities used for production are sterilized throughout to keep the environment infection-free. 

Which price package comes with free shipping? 

All packages, from the single-bottle package to the six-bottle box, all come with free shipping attached to them. The manufacturer states they deliver anywhere for free. 

Is there a money-back guarantee attached to the product? 

The manufacturer attaches a 60-day money-back guarantee that a buyer can fall back on if they do not get the desired results they hoped to get.  


Nerve damage to the peripheral nervous system affects the quality of living severely. It sucks out, brings gloom and pain as the daily companions, and makes it impossible to live life well. PNS takes a long time to heal when it is affected. Nervolink hopes to alleviate the pain and discomfort that come with this condition by promoting nerve health. 

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