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In the winter, portable personal heaters have become a popular choice for extra warmth. The Alpha Heater is a portable heater that may be used to warm up the coldest areas of the house or taken to work. Despite the fact that there are various heaters on the market, the new Alpha Heater design has built-in safety features and helps users to save 30% on their monthly power cost. 

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One of the reasons we are doing everything we can to bring you the greatest equipment that will help you stay warm during any type of cold weather or winter is that everyone wants to stay warm during this time of year. In this scenario, the Alpha Heater Equipment is a new and revolutionary device for this purpose. The colder the weather becomes, the more people are searching for a heater to keep them warm over the coming winter. This is not a problem; the issue is that most people are unaware of the best heating gadget available. Before purchasing any product, I always suggest consumers conduct thorough research. They will be successful if they conduct the necessary research. 

There was no such thing as a heating appliance that could keep people’s homes warm centuries ago. During this time, they only employ the traditional means of keeping warm. To keep warm, they used to light fires outside their homes. To remain warm, many of them keep hot charcoal under their beds. The issue with this method of staying warm is that it is quite dangerous. When technology first began to develop, there were many breakthroughs that may assist us in staying warm, but the problem is that they are still unsafe to use in our homes. Now, technology has progressed to the point that you can purchase a heating gadget that is both safe in your home and portable to any location. 

What is the Alpha Heater? 

Without durability and mobility, a heating gadget cannot be the best option for you this winter, thus you must hunt for alternative options. The Alpha Heater is a portable heating gadget that keeps you warm and toasty in the winter. The Alpha Heater is a ceramic heater that heats a space without consuming a lot of electricity. Energy consumption has always been a concern with most heating gadgets on the market, in the sense that you will spend a lot of money on electric bills when you buy them. People are really concerned about this, which is one of the reasons why they are hesitant to get another heating appliance.  

Winter is quickly approaching, and you must protect yourself. Allowing yourself to be soaked in cold weather before beginning to prepare for the season is not a good idea. Alpha Heater has a sleek design that allows you to easily install it wherever you choose. It is recommended that you keep this gadget on a desk or table. As a result, it will be more comfortable and safe to use whenever you want. It’s also vital to note that you don’t have to keep this gadget near anything flammable that could react with it. When looking for the greatest hearing equipment, keep Alpha Heater in mind because, unlike any other heating device available today, you can always rely on it. 

Alpha Heater is a small device that performs the purpose you’re hoping to see this winter. Don’t forget to acquire your Alpha Heater gadget to make yourself ready. People are frequently so perplexed that they are unsure which heater to choose, while others give less attention to staying warm. Alpha Heater is designed to be a lightweight device that you can bring with you to any location you desire without feeling stressed. 

Alpha Heater is a safe heater that will keep you warm and comfortable. No matter where you are in the world, you can utilize this device. One of the best features of the Alpha Heater is that it is safe for your children to use because it has built-in safety features. This heater is even safe for your dogs to use. The Alpha Heater device, unlike any other heater that you don’t want your kids to get too close to, can be used by anyone. 

The Alpha Heater Device is a portable customizable heater that allows you to program the heater’s activity to work around your schedule. All you have to do is alter the time your heater works for you using the control setting. It’s fairly straightforward. 

The Alpha Heater Device is a no-noise heater that does not generate any noise when in use. One issue with some of the heaters available today is that they are so loud that you cannot use them while sleeping since the noises would wake you up. Simply order your Alpha Heater today and say goodbye to the unwanted noise that can be caused by the many phony heaters on the market. 

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How Does the Alpha Heater Work? 

According to the Alpha Heater’s inventors, this portable machine uses breakthrough PTC Ceramic Technology to heat areas, allowing for rapid heating and effective distribution while lowering customers’ energy expenses. They also note that the item is compact, lightweight, and unlike other portable heaters that make annoying noises while heating up, it is small, lightweight, and delivers a powerful punch while consuming less energy. According to the specifications, it has a wattage of 650-1200 Watts, which is lower than most commercial space heaters. The energy-saving functionality and the auto shut-off safety feature are perhaps the two most significant features. The energy saver is designed to help you save money, while the importer is designed to help you save time. 

In the winter, portable personal heaters have become a popular choice for extra warmth. The Alpha Heater is a portable heater that may be used to warm up the coldest areas of the house or taken to work. Despite the fact that there are various heaters on the market, the new Alpha Heater design has built-in safety features and helps users to save 30% on their monthly power cost. 

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Features and Specifications of Alpha Heater: 

The Alpha Heater keeps the space warm throughout the winter session. The device cannot function properly without its features and specifications. Here are a few examples: 


  • Compact and Lightweight 

Alpha Heater is a lightweight and portable device that you can take with you and use anytime you want. You may easily transport the gadget from one location to another, whether it’s at the office, bedroom, kitchen, or living room. 

  • Safety Protection Feature 

One aspect that sets Alpha Heater apart from other heating devices is this. Because of this feature, you can use it near children and pets without worrying about harming them. The device was created with your family’s safety in mind. 

  • Programmable Timer 

Alpha Heater includes a built-in timer that allows it to work or turn off after a certain amount of time. This device keeps your room warm for the majority of the time and, more significantly, protects your home from fire damage even if you forget to turn it off. 

  • Energy Saver 

There’s no need to be concerned about high electric expenses when you use Alpha Heater. Unlike most appliances on the market, the device uses less energy. This will enable you to save a significant amount of money that you can put towards other things. 

  • Fast Heat Up Time 

In just 10 minutes, the Alpha Heater can heat a 350 square foot space. You can alter the modes to your liking at any time to guarantee that you are comfortable. 

  • Operation Quiet 

When you use Alpha Heater, you won’t even know whether it’s operating because it makes no noise. This is not to say that the equipment isn’t functional. You won’t be able to hear it working, but you will notice a change. As a result of this feature, the smartphone allows you to sleep or read without being disturbed. 

  • Design 

Alpha Heater was created using cutting-edge technology. It takes up little storage space and maybe an excellent addition to any home or room. 

  • Specifications 

The temperature can be lowered to 60 degrees Fahrenheit and raised to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. When the Alpha Heater is turned off, it blows air for 60 seconds to cool the device. 

  1. Equipped with 1 to 6-hour timers. 
  1. Warms up to 350 square feet of space. 
  1. The heaters use 650 to 1200 watts. 

In the winter, portable personal heaters have become a popular choice for extra warmth. The Alpha Heater is a portable heater that may be used to warm up the coldest areas of the house or taken to work. Despite the fact that there are various heaters on the market, the new Alpha Heater design has built-in safety features and helps users to save 30% on their monthly power cost. 

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How to Use Alpha Heater 

The Alpha heater heats rooms up to 350 square feet with 650W (Low) – 1200W (High) amps and watts. 

  • Step 1 – Plug the heater in and place it on a table, desk, floor, nightstand, or anywhere else you wish to offer warmth. 
  • Step 2 -Check that the heater’s safety kill switch is turned on, as the heater will not blow hot air until the safety kill switch is turned on. 
  • Step 3 –  Three buttons on the top of the heater control the device; users can set the timer and change the airspeed of the fan if necessary. 

In general, the Alpha Personal Heater performs in a similar manner to other low-cost space heaters. Basic customization choices are available, but there aren’t many beyond that because it’s designed to do one task and do it incredibly well. The Alpha Mini Personal Heater, for example, has a tip-over warning that instantly switches off the device if it is knocked over due to the safety kill button positioned on the back of the device. Here’s a pictorial representation of the Alpha Personal Heater’s front and back covers, as well as everything in between; the high-powered fan, antimicrobial filter, fully-adjustable controls, pedestal, and main power switch make this a complete, fully-functional heater. 

You can use a timer to set the Alpha Heater to run for 1 to 3 hours at a time. Alternatively, you can leave it running without a timer, in which case the heater will run until you turn it off. When compared to central heating systems, oil-filled radiant heaters, and fireplaces, the Alpha Heater stands out for its exceptional value and customizable personal settings that are tailored to the users’ preferences. 

The Alpha Heater’s main safety feature, aside from the upright-gravity kill switch, is that the power button is on the back. The device’s buttons are inactive until you press the power button. This protects little children from turning on the Alpha personal heater by accident. 

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What are the safety measures of Alpha Heater? 

  • When the Alpha Heater gadget overheats, it will shut down automatically.  
  • When the Alpha Heater falls off, it will automatically cool down and turn off and on.  
  • Your Alpha Heater device is safe to use around children and pets.  
  • The Alpha Heater’s PTC ceramic body prevents it from getting as hot as a metal heater.   
  • Your Alpha Heater will automatically turn off after six hours of use. 

Who Should Use the Alpha Heater?  

So, after reading the introduction, you must decide whether or not you should get this Alpha Heater for your home. As a result, this space heater could be beneficial to everybody. The following are some examples of persons who would benefit from this device: 

  • The best option for families looking for a warm and cozy winter is to make their house a welcoming environment. 
  • Good for office workers who require a reliable heating gadget to keep them warm at their workplace.  
  • Elderly folks who are unable to pay for their central heating systems because they use too much energy  
  • People who live in apartments with no heating.  

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Why Choose the Alpha Heater 

The Alpha Heater costs less than turning up the thermostat on a central heating system and is safer than oil-filled heaters and fireplaces. A ceramic plate inside the Alpha Heater generates the heat, which is shielded by a plastic body. As a result, because the plastic body did not become heated as a result of the heat, you may quickly set it up. It reduces the likelihood of unpleasant events, such as getting one’s finger burned when transferring it. Furthermore, the timer option alleviates your concerns in the event that you leave it on by accident. You must turn on the safety kill switch on the back of the device before using it to supply hot air. In addition, there is a button on the top of the box that activates it. 

When you switch on your heater, does it emit a musty odor? This occurs as a result of dust and mold growing in the heater, which subsequently causes the coils to turn on. To prevent mold from forming inside the device, Alpha Heater combined an antimicrobial filter with the device used to trap the dust. There are no longer bad odors from other heaters, which also contain bacteria. As the air goes through the antimicrobial filter, it is kept free of dust and germs. 

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Purchase the Alpha Heater 

You may order the Alpha Heater from the official website. Consumers can choose from a variety of packages or get a single device from the company. In bundles with many units, the prices per unit go lower. 

Right now, the company is offering a 50% discount to their customers: 

  • Each Alpha Heater costs $49.95. 
  • Each Alpha Heater costs $47.45, for a total of $94.91. 
  • Each of the three Alpha Heaters costs $44.96, for a total of $134.87. 
  • Each of the four Alpha Heaters costs $42.46, for a total of $169.83. 
  • Five Alpha Heaters $39.96 /each Total $199.80 

Get the best deal on Alpha Heater by purchasing it directly from the manufacturer’s website. Customers who are not happy with their Alpha Heater can contact the company’s customer care desk for a complete refund within 30 days. Customers will, however, be responsible for the cost of return shipping and handling. Customers can email or call the service desk with product questions, leave a remark, or begin the return process. 

  • Phone: +1 (866) 895-6759 
  • Email: [email protected] 
  • Company Address: Alpha Heater 2345 Vauxhall Rd, Union, NJ 07083 United States of America 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Q. How long will the Shipping Alpha heater take? 

A. After order confirmation, all orders will be dispatched through UPS within 48 hours. For normal delivery, please wait 5-7 business days. After your order has been sent, you will receive an email confirmation with your tracking number. By visiting the carrier’s website, you can track your package and sign up for SMS shipping alerts. 

Q. How Safe is this Alpha Heater? 

A. When the internal device temperature rises above 122 degrees Fahrenheit, the gadget will automatically cool to 104 degrees Fahrenheit. If the temperature rises above 122F three times in a row, the gadget will switch off automatically. 

Q. What if the Alpha Heater Falls Over? 

A.If the Alpha heater tips over, it will turn off the heat, blow out room temperature air for 30 seconds to cool it down, and then turn off the electricity. 

Q. How Do I Reset My Alpha heater If It Tips Over or Overheats? 

A. Step 1: Remove any obstructions or situations that caused the unit to overheat or tip over. 

Step 2: Turn the heater off by pressing the OFF button. 

Step 3:Unplug the heater from the wall outlet and let it cool for 5-10 minutes. 

Step 4:Reconnect the heater and turn it back on. If the heater continues to malfunction, you may have a defective device; do not use it; instead, contact customer support for a replacement as soon as possible. 

Q. How Large of an Area Does This Alpha heater Cover? 

A. This Alpha heater has a 350 square foot heating capacity. 

Q. Will This Alpha heater Raise My Utility Bill? 

A.This Alpha heater, on the other hand, is deemed energy efficient. The rate of any utility rise is totally dependent on how frequently you use this heater. On its highest setting of 1200W, the Alpha heater uses about the same amount of energy as a regular hair blow dryer. If your electricity supplier charges an average of 10 cents per kilowatt-hour, the unit will cost around 12 cents per hour it is in use. Please contact your local utility company for more information. 

Q. Can I Use This Alpha heater In a Bathroom? 

A. Bathrooms and wet places should not be heated with most heaters. In restrooms, only heaters that are UL approved for bathroom use should be utilized. 

Q. Is This Alpha heater Safe Around Children and Pets? 

A. Yes, as long as the right level of caution and care is exercised when using this heater, it is completely safe. When a heater is used by or near children or pets, considerable caution is required. You should never leave a heater unattended as a general rule. Heaters are used to generate heat, and the surface of the heater may be warm to the touch. 

Q.Can I Plug My Alpha heater Into a Timer or Power Strip? 

A. We don’t advocate using anything other than your wall socket to power your heaters. The reason for this is that heaters require a lot of electricity, which may be more than the timer or power strip is built to handle. 

Q. Can I Use an Extension Cord With This Heater? 

A.No utilizes a relocatable power tap (outlet/power strip) or an extension cord. Heaters should always be plugged directly into a wall outlet or receptacle. Other electrical equipment should not be plugged into the same outlet/receptacle as your heater. 

Q. How do I get a refund if I am not satisfied? 

A. If you received a piece of damaged equipment and are not content or impressed with it, you can begin the return process right away. To do so, contact the company’s customer service department. After your refund request is authorized, the team will assist you. Visit the official website to learn more about the refund policy. 

Final Verdict: 

Winter is not a season to be taken lightly. You’ll need something to keep you warm. You’ll need an Alpha Heater gadget because it has all of the functions you’ll need to stay warm in the winter. Simply order your Alpha Heater device to stay warm this winter. This device can be used in any chilly conditions, not just during the winter. It’s lightweight and inexpensive. After going over all of these feature assessments and statistics based on customer reviews, we can conclude that Alpha Heater is a plug-in heater intended exclusively to heat your little room or apartment. Among all of Alpha Heater’s characteristics, one that we find encouraging is its safety function, which comes with it. 

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