Alpha Heater Reviews – Critical Report Exposed [2021 Update]

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Alpha Heater Reviews: You can enjoy the winter weather in a warm and cozy room with a reliable, affordable, and one of the most energy-efficient space heaters, Alpha Heater.  

Is your wish to remain warm in winters without your electricity bill causing a hole in your pocket or don’t feel like a dream? If yes, you need a permanent solution to end your predicament and enjoy a warm cozy winter, with no surge in bill charges. A cut in bill cost and a warm winter will let you love your portable and reasonably priced Alpha Heater. 

Alpha Heater is one of the top selling and hot trending space heaters online currently. Alpha space heater claims to be an excellent choice to lessen the chill of your drafty place and let it warm up irrespective of the size.  

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Get ready to dive into the details to know the working, features, benefits, pricing, and everything you wish to know about the Alpha Heater. Undoubtedly, you will get numerous reasons to like your new heater by the end of this Alpha Heater review. 

So, here we go to know about the Alpha Heater in the limelight and constantly creating hype in the market. 

Alpha Heater Reviews 

When winters are just around the corner, you need to search for a reliable and efficient heating solution. The conventional heating solutions are not at all pocket-friendly and preferable for the users due to following reasons: 

  • Firstly, the installation cost skyrockets.  
  • Secondly, you will notice a significant increase in your utility bills.  
  • Nevertheless, conventional heaters are bulky and less energy efficient. Even the fireplaces leave back dangerous soot or too much consumption of wood or gas. Radiant heaters filled with oil are efficient and cost-effective but not safe for children. 

So, there is hardly anything in favor of conventional heaters, for which users can rely on. It urges the users to look for something feasible, cost and energy-efficient at the same time. 

Why must you go for expensive space heaters or conventional heaters when you have an Alpha Heater around you? It has power consumption just like a hairdresser, which does not increase your utility bill much. Hold on! You don’t need to doubt its performance. It is efficient enough to warm up your room of any size. 

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There is a reason behind its success! According to several Alpha Heater reviews online, the rapid heating system of the Alpha Heater makes it a worthy purchase. The looks do not deceive its users because its performance is equally good and competent, even of its compact and small size. 

What is Alpha Heater? 

This ceramic portable and space heater could be a great investment to warm up your room. You need not worry much, and you can even carry it to your workspaces and offices. Only drinking soups and coffees can’t be enough to beat the chilly weather so that you can rely on the uniform heat blow of the Alpha Heater. 

Once you switch it on to heat your room, the room warms up within two minutes, as claimed by the company. The temperature rises to 75 degrees, and here you go. It seamlessly circulates the hot air throughout the room. Alpha Heater is perfect for warming up any room. Not a big deal, even if you forgot to switch it off in your home. The automatic shut-off feature lets it switch off according to the set time. 

Are you still in doubt about Alpha Heater? Then, you must know the reasons behind its selection. 

What Makes Alpha Heater so Special? 

You must know the reasons for your selection of Alpha Heater to be confident of your choice. Have a look at them: 

  • Safe choice 

Unlike other heaters, Alpha Heater is a safe version. Being a conventional ceramic heater, you should be fearless about its safety. Ceramic heaters remain in the limelight because of their efficacy for small personal spaces and safe working. 

The company aims to serve individual needs with perfect and innovative features. As soon as the device tips off, the Alpha Heater stops the heating process and immediately blows the room temperature for half a minute. This precautionary feature lets the unit cool down with the power supply shut off. 

Moreover, you will be glad to know that it has a safety measure that works well against the overheating issue. When the internal unit temperature exceeds more than 122F, the device has the programming to reduce the temperature automatically to 104F. Furthermore, if the device’s temperature exceeds 122F consecutively three times, it shuts off completely. 

That’s not all! 

  • Low risks of accidents 

In contrast to the oil-filled heaters and fireplaces, the Alpha Heater has low risks of accidents associated with it. The ceramic place inside the Alpha Heater has a plastic covering. So, you can set it quickly because the plastic body doesn’t heat up. There is no risk of burning your finger if you wish to shift it to some other spot. 

  • Automatic Shutdown 

The timer is another big threat for the forgetful and busy people, who miss it after use. You must switch on the safety switch present at the back of Alpha Heater before you wish to start its magic. Besides, the automatic feature of this heat core space heater activates with the other button to shut off the device while lifting, shifting, and falling over.   

  • Fights against Off Mold, Irritating smells, and bacteria 

Your heater can produce a musty smell after being switched off. Do you know why it happens? The mold and dust begin to grow in your heater that burns out the coils. Alpha Heater catered to this problem with the installation of an antimicrobial filter in the device.  

It lets the unit prevent the growth and build-up of mold by catching the dust. Unlike other heaters, it will not produce foul and nasty smells or bacteria. The antimicrobial filter lets it work as a humidifier when it makes the air germs and dust-free. 

  • Energy efficient 

You can count the Alpha Heater as one of the most energy-efficient space heaters. It uses less energy and works in the same manner for 24 hours. Nevertheless, Alpha Heater remains easy on your billing and slashes the bill by 30%. Isn’t that great news? There is something more to it!  

Alpha Heater can be purchased from at amazing rates and additional discounts currently. So visit the official website to place an order today. 

Alpha Heater Specifications 

Get ready to know some of the valuable specifications of the Alpha Heater: 

  • It excels against its competitors due to the low setting of utilizing 650 watts least and 1200 watts maximum. 
  • The company designed this space heater for the 350 sq. feet rooms. 
  • According to its official website, the Alpha Heater just takes two minutes to warm up the room to 75 degrees. 
  • The PTC ceramic is safe to use the material for this device. 

Working of Alpha Heater 

Like other heaters, Alpha Heaters have the same working mechanism where the electricity is converted into heat. The electricity moves around the metal coils attached to the ceramic plates once it gets into the water. As those coils heat the ceramic plates, the heat disperses in the air surrounding them, and you feel the instant warmth around you. The credit of personalized heating in the Alpha Heater goes to its heating technology of ceramic heating. 

Moreover, the Alpha Heater has an antimicrobial filter. No worries at all for the user because you can effortlessly change it. The filtration system is responsible for eradicating germs and bacteria from the air. Fortunately, you will not smell the irritating mushy odor during the usage of this heater.  

Feel free to touch and lift because it remains cool. It is a complete package to offer clean and warm air at the same time. Experience the incredible benefit when you plug it in and get rid of mold, airborne dust, smells, and bacteria. 

The intuitive features, safety measurements, and design let it safe and preferable for pets and children. Once you press its power button at the heater’s back, it starts to work. But not to worry much because the preset timer prevents the unit from prolonged overrunning. 

However, you need to remember one thing before you plan to buy it. Alpha Heater is a personal heater. It remains effective for personal space, the floor under your feet, and the air around you. So, you can warm up any place in your home within a few minutes.  

Undoubtedly, the Alpha Heater remains part of your home and a blessing for the people residing in cold climates. Install it where you spend most of your time and enjoy the warmth and coziness. Visit The Official Website Here to Get Alpha Heater at The Lowest Cost Available 

How to operate the Alpha Heater? 

Have you already bought the Alpha Heater but still unaware of how to use it? Let us guide you step by step to learn its usage without any fail. Just take it out right away from the box and set it up on your countertop, desk, or wherever on the flat surface, you want it to heat up. Neither the setup is tough nor is the working of the unit complex. So get started: 

1. Plug your heat core heater into the electrical socket. 

2. Activate it by pressing the button. 

3. Choose the running time of the heater by pressing the right button. 

4. Select the speed of the fan by pressing the left button. 

The timer lets you select the working of Alpha Heater from 1-3 hours or stop it on your choice by setting no timer. You are the king of your Alpha Heater; no timer can come in between you and your heater’s performance. However, the device’s buttons do not start working until the back power button is pressed and activates the system. 

Alpha Heater Reviews – Noteworthy Features 

You must be eager to know all of the components that make it your favorite personalized heater. Dive in to know them: 

  • Rapid heating 

Don’t rely on any other sluggish and low, warm puffs from any heater anymore. Do you wish to know why? Alpha Heater does the heating task within a few minutes. Also, you don’t need to shiver and look for your patience to survive the chill climate of your place.  

  • Even distribution 

Alpha Heaters ensure an even distribution of warm air and leave no untouched corners in the space. You will experience the same room temperature all over the room.  

  • Nano filters 

Nano filters are a full-proof plan against bacteria, mold, and dust. It even stops the nasty smell from annoying you and makes your experience unpleasant.  

  • Timer 

The built-in-timer has adjustable settings and four modes to facilitate and enhance your experience.  

Alpha Heater Where to Buy & Pricing 

Not every competent and efficient heater needs to be over $100. The Alpha Heater is a reasonably priced personal heater and currently being offered at a very low cost online when purchased through this link. The official website gives you a clear breakdown of its price: 

  • One unit of Alpha Heater can be purchased for $49.95. 
  • Two Alpha Heater units can be purchased for $47.45 per unit. 
  • Three Alpha Heater units can be purchased for $44.96 per unit. 
  • Four Alpha Heater units can be purchased for $42.46 for each unit 
  • Five Alpha Heater units can be purchased for $39.96 per unit. 

You can notice the heater turns out to be cheaper when bought in bulk. However, we strongly suggest our readers to only buy one unit in the beginning and use it for some time. If they like the results, then they can purchase them in bulk.  

The company claims to have no hidden charges. Also, the shipment fee is only $9.95, no matter whichever package you choose. The order will take place within 48 hours after its confirmation. If you reside in the U.S., you get your product within 3-5 working days. However, outside the U.S., it will take seven days. 

Feel free to contact customer service for further queries: 

Email: [email protected] 

Contact: +1 (866) 895-6759  

Alpha Heater Refund Policy 

Unfortunately, the company does not entertain opened or used heaters. It only entertains the packed heaters or unused in their original packaging. However, the company will give you a complete refund or replace the product on your dismissal.  

The money-back-guarantee covers 30 days. Check out the complete refund and return policy on its official website.  

Alpha Heater Reviews – FAQs 

1. Can you use an Alpha Heater in the bathroom? 

No, you cannot use it in the bathroom. In fact, the majority of heaters are not suitable to use in wet areas. 

2. Do you get a product warranty? 

The company covers the product under an extended warranty for three years with a payment of $26.97. If your product malfunctions or you want to replace it for any reason, it is under the product warranty.  

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