Easy DIY Power Plan Reviews – Is This DIY Power Plan Hoax?

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Electricity is among the most expensive utility bills and most power companies fail in winter. Other sustainable energy sources like wind power systems and solar power systems fail during adverse situations too. For that reason, people are always looking for the most reliable power generators that they can use throughout the year, including in natural calamities. If you have been doing the same, the Easy DIY Power Plan system might be all you need.  

Unlike conventional generators, the Easy DIY Power Plan is an inexpensive power generator and it does not require fuel to run. Fuel can be expensive, particularly when a power outage takes a long time, and fetching gas can be another challenge during natural calamities. So, what is the Easy DIY Power Plan? How does it work? This Easy DIY Power Plan review will provide you with everything you need to know about this power generating system.  

What is Easy DIY Power Plan? 

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Easy DIY Power Plan is an ultimate guide created to help you create a mini power plant for your home at a low cost. This online system uses the spinning principle, which is also used in electric cars. And unlike other power generating systems, you do not need any expensive equipment or experience to set up the generator. 

 All you have to do is gather the needed materials from the local hardware store and follow the setup steps. After the setup is over, you can use the generator to power your air conditioners, TV, doors, light, and other heavy-duty things in your home.  

According to the creator, you can make this system in any place, including in your garage or workplace. You can download the books and videos on your computer, tablet, or smartphone, and access them at any time. The needed materials will cost you less than $100 and you can take the generator to any place. 

Here is what to expect in the PDF Book: 

Item List  

This might be the most important part of the eBook. In this list, you will find all the items you need to create the electric generator, such as cogwheel, cylinder, magnet, and coil.  

The list is not complicated or complex. You can buy all the items from the local hardware shop for less than $100. So, if you buy them all at once if you have the time and money.  

The Blueprint  

The program has a blueprint that makes the steps understandable and easy to follow. The blueprint will also help you understand how the power generator works.  

Step-by-Step Guidance  

This is the systematic guidance about fixing all the items. It tells you how and where to place each item. You will have to follow it to set all the items in the right place.  

The Description 

This part offers guidance about the generator-making process. It is well explained and clear. You will feel like someone is standing by your side when reading it.   

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Who is the Creator?   

Ryan Taylor is the person behind this system. He teaches geography in Memphis, Tennessee and he was a victim of the flood, which occurred after the Mississippi River broke into Tennessee in 2015. The flood led to a power outage that led to suffering in the area. The temperature was as low as 40-degrees Fahrenheit and there was no electric power supply. Ryan felt guilty about seeing the families suffer and therefore decided to come up with a power source for his household that could benefit other people in the area too.  

Ryan Tailor left his family to live with his uncle Jack who was researching various alternative energy sources that could benefit people without affecting the environment. Jack’s idea was the principle of multiplying energy through the Spinning process. Unfortunately, Jack died before Jack implemented the Easy DIY Power Plan system.  

With help of Jason, Jack’s friend who worked with him for a long time, Ryan managed to develop the Easy DIY Power Plan. They decided to help other people after using the system for many years and proving that it works. It might benefit you too.  

How Does the Easy DIY Power Plan Work?  

As we have already stated the Easy DIY Power Plan works on the spinning principle, which is the same principle that electric cars use. The cars recharge themselves from their wheels when moving. The generator you will create with this system works similarly and it will provide massive energy if you apply it properly.  

In the first stage, you will create a kit that will convert DC into alternating current. The author recommends the use of batteries as the DC power source, but you can also use a solar panel or the mains power in your home. The blueprints use a two-coil magnet to change the DC power to AC electricity.  

The creator calls the setup the “Dynamo” and it is made up of copper coils under electromagnetic fields that turbines rotate to convert mechanical energy to electrical energy. The rotational speed determines the magnetic fields and creates a foundation for the multiplication of power by up to six times.  

Ryan Tailor kept the whole design simple. The setup does not need any physical labor, signifying that any person can put the system together and produce free energy. In fact, most people will complete the whole setup process within a few hours.  

Things You Need to Setup the Power Generator  

You can find all the components needed to make the power generator from the local hardware store at a low cost. Here are some of the components.  

Reflective Panes and Solar Panel 

Solar panels and reflective panes are among the most important parts of this mini power plant. They produce energy to run the power plant.  


Inverters also play a vital role in transforming the direct current from the solar panels into alternating current for household use. However, not every type of inverter will work. You will have to choose an off-grid inverter, micro-inverter, or grid-tie inverter.  

Charge Controller 

A charge controller is needed for proper charging of the battery. You will only need it for a short time.  


The purpose of the cables in this kit is to conduct the electricity. You will have to choose properly insulated cables and keep them away from heat and water.  


Batteries also form part of the generator. The solar panels will generate electricity during the day but they will not do the same at night. So, the batteries will provide the power backup. The eBook will help you select the right batteries.  

Test Kit  

This will help you check whether the generator is working or not. You will need it after creating the power plant.  

The Price of Easy DIY Power Plan  

The price of this program currently stands at $49. You can visit the official website at any time and pay for the system. Besides, you should avoid buying it from other sources because they might not sell the real thing. After paying for it, you can download it to your device and print the book or use it in digital format. The creator offers a 60-day money-back guarantee.  

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Pros and Cons  

This Easy DIY Power Plan review would not be complete without looking at the pros and cons of this product. Here are the benefits and drawbacks.  


  • The materials used to make the generator are lightweight meaning that you can set it up easily and move with it to any place  
  • The system does not require any maintenance  
  • Most of the materials are locally available and you can find them in the junkyards 
  • The instructions are very easy to follow. You will find the setup easy if you have a high school education.  
  • You can get extended online support if you have any doubts  
  • Power saving is guaranteed  
  • Good for the environment  
  • Comes with free books worth $200 relating to the power saving along  


  • This is a DIY system, meaning that the generator will be open. Keep it out of reach of children and pets or covered. While it is safe to use, movements can lead to problems.  
  • The power generator requires energy to function. You will need a battery in event of a power outage.  
  • The Easy Power Plan eBook, Easy Power Plan PDF, and Easy Power Plan videos are only available in digital format  

Who Should Go for this System? 

Easy DIY Power Plan is a good choice for anyone who would want to reduce the money he/she spends per month. It is also a good choice for people in need of a safe, secure, and easy-to-use power source for winter days. We expect many things, such as floods, cyclones, and hurricanes, in winter and they can all lead to power outages.  

While conventional generators might be an option during such times, they require fuel and maintenance to run. The Easy DIY Power Plan system helps you to create a power generator that does not need any fuel to activate or maintenance. In other words, it will help you save a lot of money in the long term.  

The system is very easy to set up because you just need 2 cogwheels, some belts, 3 wooden wheels, and a hard cylinder. All the needed materials are readily available and cheap. The setup of the other available options, such as solar power generators, will take a lot of money of your pocket. Furthermore, it will fit on your table after setup, unlike other power sources, which will occupy a lot of space in your home or compound.  

The Easy DIY Power Plan Bonuses  

The step-by-step guide comes with bonuses that should expand the value of your investment. Here are the additional items to expect.  

How to Be Environmentally Friendly  

This bonus will help you understand the significances of nature and the steps you can take to take care of it. The book also provides tips to help you take the first steps towards pollution reduction.  

Go Green Save Green at the Same Time  

This book provides information about energy saving and the generation of energy. If you have a large house or outdoor space, you will need the information to start planting and growing vegetables in the space will help you save money.  

15 Top Ways to Save Money  

If you have a low monthly income, this might be the right book for you. It provides 15 practical ways of saving money and handling scams.  

Saving Power, Saving the World  

This eBook will introduce you to several ways of saving power. The detailed PDF file is more about saving the electricity we use every day.  

Money-Saving Tips for Families  

For people living as a joint family, this is a valuable book. The book provides users with guidance and techniques on how to save money for the whole family.  

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Q: Is Easy DIY Power Plan a Hoax?  

A: No, Easy DIY Power Plan is a legit system made to help you reduce your energy bills. Around 17000 people in the United States are already using this system and Ryan offers a 60-days money-back guarantee. That means you can get a full refund including after staying with the system for 59 days after purchase. Only inventors who trust their systems can offer a money-back guarantee. Furthermore, the long list of pros and lifetime guidance reveals that this system is not a scam.  

Q: How Can I Buy the Easy DIY Power Plan? 

A: After opening the official website, look for the “Buy Now” button and click on it. The button should lead you to the checkout page where you should enter your order information. The retail price is $149 but the creator offers a discount to help you save money. After completing the order, you will get immediate access to the “Members Only” page where you will download the system.  

Q: What Will I Get After Purchasing this System? 

A: After completing the payment, you will get access to the Easy DIY Power Plan eBook, Easy DIY Power Plan PDF, and Easy Power Plan videos in digital format. That means you can download the files to your tablet, computer, or smartphone. The program comes with a colored systematic blueprint and an inexpensive list of the materials you need to build the power generator. The bonus package comes with free books to help you save money and the environment. The books are worth over $200. 


Easy DIY Power Plan by Ryan Taylor allows you to set up a power generator that can produce more electricity than you consume at no cost. That means you will reduce your monthly electricity bill and have enough power in any place. You can move with the power generator to any place because it is highly portable, meaning that you do not need a solar or gas power generator when camping.  

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