Phen24 Review – Is It Worth the Money? Know This Before Buying

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Here’s what I’m going to be talking about in this Phen24 review.. 

Obesity is a worldwide disorder today. It’s not just limited to grown-ups, but has rapidly started milking its way in the younger generation as well. Click Here to Visit Official PhenGold Website 

So what exactly is Phen24? 

Before I delve any further on my journey with Phen24, allow me to introduce you to this pill, which is really magic in a bottle. 

My extensive research led me very deep into the Internet. After I waded through tons of sites pimping out the tablet, some even claiming to be selling them. I chanced upon the fact that Phen24 can only be bought from the manufacturer’s official website. This gave me a sense of security, as there was little to no chance of middlemen meddling with the prices or the product to gain a quick profit. 

Now let me tell you, Phen24 is one of the most popular weight loss products available in the market today. Click Here to Visit Official PhenGold Website 

It is not only regarded as a remarkable weight loss product. But it is also one of those rare ones that can be continued safely while it helps you maintain your desired weight. 

Ingredients that have undergone several clinical trials and are proven to be effective in weight loss while using Phen24. Furthermore, it has a unique day and night formula, which works around the clock (24 hours) to help your body lose weight and increase metabolism. Hence the name – Phen24. Clever, right? 

read several hundred reviews from satisfied customers who claimed that it did what it was supposed to do and helped them lose weight in the most comfortable manner. 

My first bottle of Phen24 

phen24 day and night pill

That very night, I went on the official site of Phen24 – and read through the site. 

A couple of things struck me as very unique about this product (which I will get to later in this post) and I went ahead and placed an order. 

I work in research sciences for a living and research is like the only thing I excel in. But what Phen24 had to offer me was something I couldn’t overlook. 

I ordered one box, as a trial. It cost me $74.99 with a saving of $10 on their regular price of $84.99. 

The shipping was free and that was a great addition. 

Recommended: Click Here to Visit Official PhenGold Website 

And now it was time to wait…  

The first thing I noticed… 

The box arrived 6 days later. This was great for a product that offered fr shipping. 

Right at the onset, I knew something was different with this box. 

This box contained not one, but two bottles of pills. 

Was this a mistake? I was confused. So I decided to further implement my research skills.  

Phen24 has a day pill and a night pill 

One box of Phen24 actually contains two bottles of pills – Phen24 Day and Phen24 Night! 

Interesting right? 

The box I received contained one bottle called Phen24 day with 30 pills and another called Phen24 Night with 60 pills in it. 

The dosage suggested that I take one Day Pill during the day, while two Night Pills before sleeping. 

How can that be, right? Exactly what I was thinking. But then their website had all the answers. Allow me to explain. 

I had tried so many diet supplements and neither had worked for me before. But they all had one more thing in common; they were all individual pills to be consumed once or twice a day. Most even came with a warning that they shouldn’t be consumed before bedtime, or it may mess with your sleep schedule or prevent you from sleeping at all. 

That is because, these products come loaded with caffeine. Caffeine is a stimulant commonly found in Coffee. It is the reason why a strong cup of coffee wakes you up thoroughly. Now while caffeine can make you a workhorse while you’re about to leave for work, it can be equally bad for you when you’re trying to get some rest. This is why; most other products ask you to avoid taking them at night. 

But it’s an altogether different deal with Phen24. While the day pill indeed, has caffeine, to boost your energy throughout the day, the night pill has an entirely different constitution. It contains elements that aid sound sleep all the while working on increasing your metabolism. 

Cool, right? A pill that works 24 hours a day, even while you sleep!  

Let’s talk about Phen24 Day 

As you know by now, I am a professional research analyst. And research forms the crux of my being. So I decided to break down the constitution of Phen24 and talk about them individually. 

Phen24 day is the first bottle, which contains 30 pills. It is recommend to be taken along with your breakfast in the morning. 

It has a three point functioning program.  

  • In a nutshell, Phen24 day will Boost your body’s metabolism 
  • Increase your energy levels 
  • Help your body burn more calories 

Let’s talk ingredients now. Phen24 is comprised of the following ingredients. I’ll try and be as brief about each one, as possible. 


We all know this guy. It is in our coffee. Caffeine advances your alertness throughout the day and kills fatigue. It also promotes thermogenesis within your body, which is essentially the slight raising of your body’s temperature, which in turn burns more calories. 

Cayenne Powder 

Cayenne powder is known to be spicy. Spicy food works with thermogenesis, thereby forcing your body to burn more calories. Cayenne also boosts metabolism. Cayenne also helps with digestion and maintaining a standard blood pressure. 


Phenylalanine acts as a stimulation agent that gets your body to release cholecystokinin, which is an intestinal hormone. Cholecystokinin tells your brain that you’re full, which essentially kills your cravings and saves you from eating that extra helping. 


Your thyroid gland plays an important role in your weight loss endeavors. The hormones secreted by the thyroid are important factors in your metabolism. Iodine helps you increase your body’s thyroid function; thereby allowing your thyroid gland to function at it’s best and in turn strengthen your metabolism. 


Manganese is yet another important element that help your thyroid function efficiently. It also helps regulate your blood sugar and metabolize fats and carbs in your body. Other than that, it aids your bones in absorbing calcium, thereby enabling a healthier bone structure for your body. 

Guarana Extract 

Guarana extract works as a second layer of energy booster over the caffeine in Phen24. Guarana in itself is an extremely popular energy supplement that is used by athletes and adventure aficionados across the world. It is known to have a very high concentration of caffeine, more than coffee itself. 

Zinc Citrate 

Zinc Citrate coupled with the Vitamins in your diet allows your thyroid gland to manufacture its special hormones. It also aids in the creation of enzymes in your pancreas, thereby allowing your body to digest food better. 

Copper Sulphate 

Copper aids in the various reactions happening inside your body that turn fat into energy, thereby promoting weight loss.  

What about Phen24 Night? 

Now that you know what Phen24 day does, let’s talk about Phen24 night. This is the game changer man. I mean, two separate pills to tackle the same issue – extra weight – while following two different bodily functions – staying awake and staying asleep. 

Like Phen24 Day, Phen24 Night has a three-point functioning system as well. However, unlike Phen24 Day, Phen24 Night follows a different pattern. It does things a little differently. 

In a nutshell, Phen24 Night will 

  • Boost your body’s nighttime metabolism. 
  • Reduce your body’s evening time craving. 
  • Since it’s stimulant-free, helps promote a better sleep pattern 

Let’s talk ingredients now. Again, I’ll try to be very concise here. 


Glucomannan satiates your body’s desire for food and helps you feel full for longer. It is a dietary fiber that absorbs water. This essentially means, no more raiding the fridge in the evenings. 

Chromium Picolinate 

Chromium Picolinate has been used be people involved in strength training for several years as it helps build muscle and burn fat. It also aids in carbohydrate metabolization and moves glucose from your blood to the cells. 


If you’ve ever had a hair treatment, you already know about the innumerable benefits of Biotin. But did you know that Biotin also helps with losing weight? It is an essential part of the group of enzymes that break down the macronutrients you consume. 

Choline Bitartrate 

Choline works by ensuring the health of your vital organs such as the kidney and liver. It makes sure they’re running at optimum levels at all times and aids in fatigue reduction

Molybdenum (Sodium Molybdate) 

Molybdenum allows your body to utilize broken-down macronutrients as an energy creation mechanism. Thereby, allowing you to digest food well, regulate your heartbeat and aids in the creation of new cells. 

Pantothenic Acid (Vitamin B5) 

Pantothenic Acid is popularly known as Vitamin B5 – it aids your body in metabolizing food and also assists the liver in getting rid of the toxins accumulated, which in turn can enhance your weight loss. 

Thiamine (Vitamin B1) 

Vitamin B essentially assists your body in turning carbohydrates to glucose. And to top it, Vitamin B1 also aids your body in metabolizing fats and proteins. 

Pyridoxine Hcl (Vitamin B6) 

Our body needs B vitamins to function; they’re essentially to the body’s growth and help the body carry out several functions. However, Vitamin B6 goes the extra mile for us. It aids in over 100 bodily enzyme reactions. It also one of the most common deficiencies found in Humans. However, Phen24 helps you ensure that it doesn’t happen to you. 

Green Tea Extract 

Green Tea is a wonder weight loss product. It is filled to the brim with elements that aid in weight loss. Green tea is rich in caffeine and anti-oxidants. More importantly, it contains EGCG, an antioxidant that aids in breaking down norepinephrine. Norepinephrine allows for fat cells to break down fat, resulting in more energy that can be utilized while at the gym. 

Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) 

Vitamin C works by blocking the creation of proteins that cause inflammation in the body, while providing your body with the proteins that it needs. In a nutshell, it allows you to power through the gym, while helping you recover quickly from it. 

Griffonia Extract 

This is creating from the seeds of an exotic African plant. It helps synthesise 5-HTP, which aids in your sleep. A well slept individual is a healthy individual. 

Hops Extract 

I know what you’re thinking, hops mean beer. However, did you know that the dried areas of the hops plant are useful in the treatment of insomnia and various other sleep disorders? This extract along with the Griffonia extract helps you sleep better.  

How does Phen24 Work? 

Unlike rival pills that have only caffeine as the main ingredient, which can mess with your sleeping schedule, Phen24 follows a systematic five-step approach to help you lose weight. 

It Burns Fat 

It begins by boosting your metabolism rate and the active ingredients aid in melting away excess fat from your body 

It Burns Calories 

It aids in burning calories as well, thereby preventing you from gaining additional weight. 

It Boosts your Energy. 

The ingredients in Phen24 boost your energy throughout your day, helping you power through workouts, stay focused and confident throughout the day. 

It helps you sleep better. 

While most diet pills are only laced with caffeine, which messes with your sleep schedule, Phen24 comes in two forms, day and night. Phen24 Night is free of any stimulants, which help you sleep more comfortably. 

It reduces your cravings 

Cravings are the worst things in any diet. They can quickly ensure that your diet is out the window in no time. The ingredients packed in Phen24 prevent that fro happening by reducing your cravings and helping you feel fuller for long.  

My Results when using Phen24 

When I started using Phen24, I used to be what is called morbidly obese. When you have the word “morbid” in the term used to describe you, it is definitely not a good sign. 

Over the course of 90 days, I managed to lose a whopping 44 pounds. Let’s take it one fortnight at a time. 

Day 0 to Day 15 

The only thing that concerned me was my weight loss expectations and the fact that everywhere I read, everyone else was complaining about diet pills killing their sleep. But the two different pills gave me a sense of relief. 

From the first day itself, I found a renewed vigor in me. My energy levels were fantastic. I used to be sluggish by the time I reached work everyday – but not anymore. 

I also found myself not hitting the office kitchen every hour to feast on snacks. One lunch and later one Granola bar was enough to last me throughout the day. No more cravings. This was awesome! 

Towards the second week, when I somehow checked myself on the weighing machine, a moment I had dreaded for the past two weeks, I noticed that I was 9 pounds lighter. 

I was ecstatic. Phen24 was helping me lose weight and it was awesome. 

(Get your Phen24 now) 

Day 15 to Day 30 

This period got me a lot of stress. I was up for a promotion at work and was dreading an appraisal meeting with Human Resources, which could happen any day now. 

However, despite all this, something had changed in me. 

I was still confident, more focused than I had ever been. I was eating right. I found myself spending more time on the fruits and vegetables aisle of the grocery store, than anywhere else. 

I didn’t need processed food to survive. No more Microwave pizzas and lasagnas for me. I was cooking more. 
This was also the time when a neighbor who was a fitness freak noticed the change in me and asked me one to go on a run with her. I hesitatingly agreed. 

The run was tiring. I was sweaty from head to toe and at a certain point, begged her that I had had enough. I then took a cab home. We ran for 4.7 miles, I didn’t know of this until I saw the cab meter. I couldn’t believe it. 

The next day, I asked her if I could tag along again. And I did. Running everyday felt so good, I cannot explain here in words. 

I also found a couple YouTube videos that showed some home exercises. I started following them. Nothing major, just a few push ups and stretches. 

When I got on the weighing scale on the 30th day, I had lost another 7 pounds. Yes, it was less than the last fortnight, but I was still weight loss positive, wasn’t I? It had been one month and I had lost 16 pounds. I was content. 

This was the time that I actually believed in the power of Phen24. That night I logged on to their website and bought myself another bottle. 

Day 31 to Day 60 

Things were changing for me here. My weight loss endeavors had been kicked into high gear. 

I was feeling better, fitting into clothes that were hitherto hidden in the back of my closet. 

The same fitness freak neighbor then asked me if I wanted to partner up with her for a gym membership. We would be gym-buddies. 

The pangs of nervousness hit in again. I had never seen the insides of a gym before this and I wasn’t sure what to expect. But then everything changed. 

It’s a common misconception among people suffering from obesity that other gym members are going to patronize you or shame you for your weight. It’s quite the opposite in reality. I noticed that people respect you, since you’re actually acknowledging your weight issues and doing something about it. 

I made some amazing friends who helped me through my workouts. Going to the gym everyday became a habit. And I wasn’t done yet. 

The gym really did help. Coupled with the miraculous Phen24, I lost a beautiful 18 pounds in the 30 days. 

total weight loss of 34 pounds in 2 months, what more could I ask? 

Place your order now!! 

Day 61 to Day 90 

It had been 2 months since I had begun consuming Phen24 and I had lost 34 pounds. 

I was eating right, I was going on runs, I was attending the gym and doing everything right. 

This was also when my in-laws came visiting. My mother-in-law has always been quite fond of me. And when she entered the house and saw me in the kitchen, she just stood there staring at me for like a minute. 

Both she and my father-in-law complimented me on my weight loss. She told me that my husband (who spoke to them on the phone everyday) had told them about my weight loss efforts. He had told them that he had a wife who grew younger and hotter by the day. She told me that she was here to see for herself and that now that she had seen me, she agreed with my husband. 

I was on cloud nine.  

sorry for not showing my face

sorry for not showing my face 

Now I am not one to fish for compliments. But I secretly wanted my husband to notice. The man has never once body-shamed me, not even unknowingly. He has always been proud of me, always made me comfortable about my body and has always had me by his side for every social function he was invited to. He was also the only person on whose judgment I relied when ordering my first bottle of Phen24 and he was the only person who encouraged me for everything. 

The mere fact that he had noticed it and had been telling all about it to his parents met so much to me. 

Now coming to my weight loss, from the 61st day to the 90th day – I lost a total of 10 pounds. 

I was no longer “morbidly obese”. I was a healthy woman who had just lost 44 pounds in three months. Thanks to Phen24. 

Phen24 had helped me seize control of my body. Phen24 made me a happier person. 

Moving forward 

At 44 points lighter, I was closer to my ideal weight loss than anytime else and I could easily give up. 

But I love my new lifestyle and simply adore my new body. 🙂 

intend to continue using Phen24 for as long as I can. Click Here to Visit Official PhenGold Website 

How did it feel using Phen24? 

The weight loss with Phen24 was nothing short of miraculous. And it just didn’t affect me as an individual, it impacted my life as well. 

  • I was no longer body-shamed at clothing outlets. I had more fancier options to choose from. 
  • I went on a hike with my husband and actually managed to keep up. 
  • Thanks to Phen24 night, I was sleeping better. 
  • I had great skin and hair. 
  • I was a lot more relaxed. No more panic attacks for me. 
  • I was more focused at home and at work. 
  • I did get that promotion, was also complimented on my work quality and attention to detail. 
  • I now live a more confident and happy lifestyle.  

My diet with Phen24 

People often believe that since you’re on a diet pill, you get a free pass to eat and drink whatever you want. You couldn’t be more wrong. 

Indulging in binge drinking or dunking into that donut every chance you get is a big No-NO! 

I consume one Phen24 Day and two Phen24 Night, everyday. 

If you’re on Phen24, losing weight is a given, provided you eat healthy. Phen24 helps you along the way. 

It reduces your cravings to a point where they’re almost non-existent. 

The cereals we consume everyday with milk in the name of breakfast, are essentially sugar. Replace them with a bowl of oats or muesli or better yet a bowl of fruits. 

Eat a lot of greens, and have grilled chicken and various fishes as part of your daily meal. 

Always keep a few nuts handy. Nuts are rich in vitamins, minerals and contain a lot of natural acids and antioxidants. They are also fantastic to chomp on if your cravings hit the limit. 

Stay away from fast food as much as possible. Steer clear off of processed food as well. Avoid sugar – in every form – your body simply doesn’t need it. 

And finally reduce your carbohydrate intake to a minimum. 

I know this sounds like a lot – however, Phen24 kills the one thing that makes you indulge in the above – your cravings. Once you’re free from cravings, everything else is relatively simple.  

The Phen24 – Money Back Guarantee 

This was one of the things that made me believe in Phen24 more than anything else. A money back guarantee – no questions asked! 

You have 67 from the date of receiving your order to return your unused pills to the company and they’ll issue a full refund to you. 

How does this get any better?  

Deals with Phen24 

Didn’t I just talk about how it cannot get any better? Well, with Phen24 everything gets better. 

You can purchase Phen24 at their original website only which is Phen24 Click Here to Visit Official PhenGold Website 
Since this effectively kills any middleman business and you’re dealing straight with the manufacturer, they are able to offer you fantastic deals. 

If you order one box of Phen24, right now through them, you get a $10 discount on your order. 

If you order two boxes of Phen24, you get a third box for free. Isn’t that great? 

And wait till you hear this, if you order three boxes of Phen24 from them, they will give you two more boxes for free along with a bottle of Advana Tone, which is an excellent product in itself. 

See how the manufacturers utilize the benefits they derive from not having agents or resellers and instead use it to offer you great savings?  

Why you should get Phen24 for yourself? 

The reasons are self-explanatory. If you’re looking to actually lose weight, without having to jump through hoops, you should consider getting yourself a box of Phen24. 

If you’d like a wonderful pill that keeps you energized throughout the day, you should get Phen24. If you’re wanting an amazing supplement that helps you sleep better at night, you should get Phen24. 

I am not saying that it is a miracle pill, although some traits have been nothing short of miraculous. I did lose 44 pounds in 90 days. I didn’t however, do that in one night. 

If you plan on sticking to the recommended dosages, making changes in your lifestyle and intend to be serious about your weight loss, you should definitely get yourself a bottle. 

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