PhenGold Review: PhenGold Dosage, Side Effects, Before and After Results


Losing weight is hardly an easy task. For some people, it can be the fight of a lifetime simply because they forgot a detail that could have made the difference. Click Here to Visit Official PhenGold Website 

 In bodybuilding, it’s worse! Women and men alike, we constantly seek to achieve the ideal physique that we imagine. In short, we want a more muscular and sculpted body. So, we do more cardio, we reduce our calorie intake, but that’s not enough. We must resort to other healthy solutions that will accompany us in our weight loss. This is where PhenGold comes in . This powerful fat burner would be the ideal solution for healthy fat burning without putting your health at risk. But what is it really? Is it really effective?  

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At Dr Muscu, we have tested this food supplement with 100% natural ingredients to give you our full opinion. Find out all there is to know about PhenGold and our unbiased review.  

PhenGold: what is it?  

First of all, PhenGold is a fat burner that can also be called fat burner developed by Swiss Research Labs Limited. It is actually a dietary supplement that contains natural ingredients whose active ingredients will work in our favor to lose weight on various aspects in order to put the odds in our side.  

This slimming product is in the form of tablets to be taken as a cure. According to its manufacturer, it allowed you to avoid yoyo effects, have a sculpted body and help you reach your weight goals. The solution seems perfect, but what are the advantages advanced by the manufacturer?  

The benefits of PhenGold  

If we buy a slimming food supplement , we must find our account and have a maximum of benefits. For this, PhenGold will not be stingy and will bring you a complete effect. We’ll go over its benefits in our review later in our full article.  

Stimulation of the metabolism  

The first benefit that we can cite is the most important when we obtain dietary supplements for weight loss. PhenGold stimulates the metabolism . What does that mean ? When you consume calories, macronutrients (fat, carbohydrates, and protein) will:  

  • Either be stored in your body. This is when you will gain fat;  
  • Either be used to provide you with energy. Under these circumstances, you are not gaining weight.  

You would have understood it. PhenGold takes care of eliminating and excess avoiding storing fat without even resorting to chemicals. Click Here to Visit Official PhenGold Website 

Appetite suppressant effect  

Gaining weight is the simple result of a bad habit. Indeed, the numbers indicated on your scale start to climb from the moment you consume more calories than you expend. In other words, without even mentioning the quality of your diet, you eat too much in relation to your rhythm of life (physical activity, sport).  

To lose weight , PhenGold will also play on this aspect and provide you with support to avoid snacking between meals . It contains natural appetite suppressant ingredients that will be a valuable ally to put an end to any craving. The second positive impact related to this is greater energy. This is also what we are looking for, because when we diet, lowering calories significantly reduces our energy level. We must therefore optimize this. A double advantage for PhenGold.  

Better mind  

In sport in general but especially in bodybuilding, we work the body and the mind, because the two are interdependent. Thus, weight loss can only take place effectively with a good mind. This is a good thing, because PhenGold will work your mind on several aspects including focus, motivation and even well-being. These will be the keystones to achieving your weight goals. Its natural ingredients act directly on our stress level and our anxiety. A real plus when it comes to losing weight.  

Indeed, in our opinion, it is absolutely impossible to succeed in a clean dry, impossible to lose fat over time without having a yoyo effect if you do not have the right mind. Although the first two benefits of PhenGold are essential in helping you lose weight, we believe that the action of this extreme fat burner on our mind is quite paramount. We can even argue that it will determine the success of your weight loss.  

To conclude on this advantage, the manufacturer has not neglected any aspect. They are well aware that weight loss is also played out in the head.  

Natural and quality ingredients  

Yes ! The ingredients in PhenGold are a plus in themselves as they are natural and of rare quality. No need to take products with chemical ingredients to regret it later. It seems that the makers of PhenGold have found the right composition to make their product an fat burner effective . On the one hand, this guarantees you lasting weight loss and on the other hand, you can start your PhenGold treatment with peace of mind, because it will be safe, without side effects or unwanted effects.  

The composition of PhenGold  

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So how is this fat burner made up ? Now let’s review the (natural) ingredients of PhenGold.  

Green tea  

For several years, we have praised the merits of green tea on weight , so much so that this ingredient has been elevated to the rank of super food. But why exactly?  

Tea is made up of catechin and caffeine, two molecules that will intervene directly in weight loss by stimulating your metabolism. Indeed, they will promote thermogenesis, that is to say that these molecules increase body temperature to promote fat burning . Ultimately, green tea saves you from storing fat and even allows you to shed stubborn fat.  

To finish on green tea, it is rich in antioxidants. Although antioxidants do not directly promote weight loss, they do fight oxidative stress. This means that your body will be healthier and in better shape. A healthier body means a peaceful mind and therefore successful weight loss.  


L-theanine, which will be called theanine, is a derivative of glutamine. To make it easier to understand, this is another extremely useful tea compound.  

Studies prove it , this amino acid acts directly on the brain. Theanine promotes the production of gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), which will go into the production of hormones that are important for morale: serotonin (happiness) and dopamine (pleasure).  

In addition, studies have analyzed its action on the frequency of the brain. Scientists have concluded that theanine maintains the alpha rhythm on our brain functions . This rhythm corresponds to the frequency when we are awake (eyes closed) and relaxed.  

In addition, when we combine caffeine and theanine, we reduce the storage of macronutrients (fat, carbohydrates and proteins). This does not mean that they disappear and no longer have any use. On the contrary, they will facilitate weight loss by using those calories efficiently. For example for your bodybuilding sessions to spend days in great shape.  


Coming from cold countries, this small plant was consumed by the Vikings to increase their strength. Today, it is found in food supplements, because it is believed to be effective on weight loss and energy .  

In the first place, the or rhodiola rhodiola will be a plant which will act more on the psychic state by reducing the stress. It reduces the feeling of fatigue, regulates emotions and promotes a more alert mind.  

Secondly, this plant will be useful for weight loss with PhenGold . It will not act directly like caffeine or theanine. On the other hand, it boosts energy to allow you to spend more during your sports sessions . It also plays a role in the production of ATP (adenosine triphosphate), a nucleotide which ensures the transport of energy and the good management of energy.  

Thanks to rhodiola, you will be physically and mentally pumped up to do intense bodybuilding sessions and thus lose weight while improving your athletic faculties.  

Green coffee  

Coffee contains chlorogenic acid (or CGA), a molecule that is removed during the process of roasting coffee. It helps to limit the level of glucose (sugar) in the blood and reduce the absorption of fat. The advantage of this mechanism is that by limiting the assimilation of molecules that could make us fat, we burn more fat. In short, we redirect the fat and sugar for good use.  

In addition to acting on our slimming goal, the green coffee contained in PhenGold will be a great ally in the fight against cell aging thanks to a significant amount of antioxidants.  


Tyrosine is what is called a nootropic. It is a natural ingredient which will act on the mind. This amino acid impacts hormonal synthesis including adrenaline and norepinephrine as well as thyroid functions. It keeps essential neurotransmitters such as dopamine (the pleasure hormone) in “good condition” to promote optimal mental state . In addition, tyrosine is presented as an excellent ingredient capable of combating stress and fatigue. It is also effective in improving cognitive abilities, concentration and memory.  

The weight loss that one tries to achieve on a slimming diet or during a dry period requires attention in the long term. Losing weight, having a well-designed body does not happen overnight; it takes time and concentration. Your mind must be completely fixed on your goals. Tyrosine would be like a crutch that will allow you to pursue your slimming goal.  

Cayenne pepper  

The cayenne pepper is one of the stars of the natural ingredients that burn fat . Its action is “simple” and yet it is formidably effective: it increases thermogenesis. Therefore, you will increase the amount of calories burned with cayenne pepper.  

That’s not all ! Cayenne pepper contains a molecule that suppresses hunger naturally and that is called capsaicin , it is this which gives the spice to the pepper (we do not feel it at all in PhenGold). The appetite suppressant aspect will be very interesting to fight against one of the big ones responsible for weight gain: snacking. “No more” cravings, by playing on your satiety, so you will be less tempted to eat between meals or increase your overall caloric intake. You will need to lower them.  

Anhydrous caffeine  

Caffeine anhydrous or ” caffeine anhydrous ” is a concentrate of caffeine. It’s a bit like the Whey of coffee. It produces several interesting effects for weight loss .  

At first, it will wonderfully stimulate your metabolism so that you do not store any fat and so that the fat you consume is transformed into energy.  

Secondly, it acts on the mind to boost your motivation, your concentration always with the intention that you stay aligned with your goal. It will be particularly effective in improving your sports performance and reducing your fatigue. In short, the anhydrous caffeine contained in PhenGold is an essential natural ingredient for successful weight loss.  


Dimethylaminoethanol ( DMAE ) is an effective nootropic that is being used more and more thanks to its positive effects on the mind. DMAE is consumed as part of diets (for example), as it would be good for fighting depression as well as improving concentration.  

It promotes the production of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter that is involved in learning, memory and the nervous system (muscle activity). As we have already pointed out, in order to lose weight in a sustainable way, it is essential to have a mind of steel. This is the reason why PhenGold incorporates several natural ingredients capable of improving your state of mind like with DMAE.  

PhenGold Side Effects: Are They There?  

The manufacturer is proud to advance the natural side of its dietary supplement. That said, we still wanted to make you aware of one thing. PhenGold is a fat burner with natural ingredients, but powerful . They include exciting products such as caffeine which may not be suitable for people sensitive to stimulants. This can cause palpitations, sweating, difficulty sleeping, etc. Rest assured. Their formula is totally mastered. We are talking about people who are hypersensitive to caffeine. However, we prefer to warn you beforehand on a subject that the manufacturer does not mention when we think it is important.  

That said, unless you are one of that handful of people, you can buy the product with your eyes closed. It is safe and does not cause any side effects . Unlike chemicals, it will only bring you positive effects.  

How to go about the PhenGold cure?  

Swiss Research Labs Limited recommends a two-month cure by taking 3 capsules. Ideally, you should take your capsules with a meal or snack before training. The manufacturer of PhenGold recommends a 3-month cure.  

A bottle of PhenGold contains 90 capsules, which is equivalent to 1 month of treatment. You will therefore need two bottles for a complete cure. Click Here to Visit Official PhenGold Website 

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