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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

In re: “Republicans Are Morphing Into a Personality Cult,” Gary Horton, Nov. 17.

As I pointed out once before to Mr. Horton, when one continually goes “Full Speed To Port” (as his tagline states) you find yourself going in circles and never moving forward. When reading Horton’s ramblings, I think his choice of taglines fits him!

It appears Mr. Horton believes everyone should view things exactly the way he and his fellow liberals do or there should be consequences for not toeing the line. I recall years ago watching a documentary where people all had the same view of things like Mr. Horton wants, but I had a lot of trouble understanding most of it because everyone was speaking German.

Thank you, Mr. Horton, but I prefer to live in a country where EVERYONE, not just people who share my beliefs, are encouraged to voice their opinions without fear of being labeled as dangerous insurrectionists. It’s also hilarious that Horton and the entire Democratic Party are now madly in love with Rep. Liz Cheney, who they despised prior to her speaking out against Donald Trump. The Democrats also went after her father, even after he died.

The gigantic bill in question that Mr. Horton wants everyone to support will have our grandkids and possibly their grandkids picking up the tab for it and anyone who believes that it won’t cost anyone other than millionaires and billionaires also believes that President Joe Biden is actually functioning as the president. And anyone who can read can easily see that the vast majority of this bill has absolutely nothing to do with its stated purpose and more than a few of its provisions are unconstitutional on their face.

To wrap up I will state that Rep. Mike Garcia, who Mr. Horton to the best of my knowledge has never met and never communicated with, is one of the most honorable men I have ever known and to imply that he would ever put his party or an ex-president above his sworn oath to defend and protect the U.S. Constitution is an absolute and utterly ridiculous claim. If only more of our elected representatives were as honorable and devoted to our constitution as Rep. Garcia is, our country might be in a much better place.

Just my opinion, which hopefully I will be free to express in the future here and in this great country!

Rick Barker


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