SCV sees 36.7% decline in speeding tickets issued


The Santa Clarita Valley has seen a drop in speeding tickets issued, as well as a drop in overall traffic citations, according to local law enforcement data.  

On Monday, the SCV Sheriff’s Station issued a statement regarding two local incidents, both of which occurred on Monday.  

In one instance, deputies reported clocking a motorcycle driving near Newhall Ranch Road and Rye Canyon Road in Valencia as going 116 mph. In another citation that same day in the same area, they clocked a Tesla driving 91 mph.  

However, according to Deputy Natalie Arriaga, despite these two incidents, residents’ driving and awareness of the local speed limits have improved, when comparing the past three months of this year versus the same time frame last year.  

The data provided by the station showing an overall decline in both tickets and tickets issued for speeding is as follows:  

Overall, the decrease shows a 36.7% drop in speeding tickets and a 19.1% drop in total traffic citations.  

The decline is in part, Arriaga said, to the local station teaming up with the city of Santa Clarita in order to participate in what is being called the “Heads Up” campaign — an effort to increase awareness about distracted driving on the road. 

“It pertains to basically avoiding distracted driving: Don’t be looking down at your cell phone, texting or calling or doing any other things that provide distraction,” said Arriaga. “Keep your heads up and look around for pedestrians as well.”  

For more information about the Heads Up campaign, visit 

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