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The Santa Clarita Valley Water Agency implemented stage one of its Water Shortage Contingency plan and Water Conservation and Water Supply Shortage Ordinance to reduce water waste as drought conditions take a toll on California.   

According to the agency, California has entered its third year of drought and water reservoirs remain at critically low levels. These conditions prompted Gov. Gavin Newsom to proclaim a statewide drought state of emergency and called on Californians to voluntarily reduce their water use by 15%.  

Agency staff will be conducting community outreach and they will provide resources to residents on how to prevent waste around their homes, according to Matt Dickens, SCV Water Agency’s sustainability manager.  

Stage one of SCV Water Agency’s water conservation plan establishes a framework that prohibits common but easily corrected water waste practices.  

“These drought proclamations mean water shortages throughout the state have intensified as a result of drought conditions,” Dickens said. “That prompts us to start examining our supply portfolio and demand requests.”  

He added that imported supplies from the State Water Project are stressed because of drought conditions. SCV residents should have a conservative approach to ensure continued access to water in the future, Dickens said. 

“We’ve saved during past droughts, and we’re confident our customers will take this call to practice voluntary conservation to heart,” Matt Stone, SCV Water Agency’s general manager, said in a prepared statement.  

SCV Water Agency’s plan prioritizes communication, education and engagement but also prohibits certain wasteful water practices. The plan describes various ways SCV residents can reduce their water use by a minimum of 10%, which include: rebates for turf replacement, implementing smart irrigation controllers, irrigation tune-ups, using non-potable water to wash sidewalks and more.  

“Curbing water waste, especially outdoors, is simple and low-cost,” Dickens said. “It can take a quick 10 to 20 minutes to assess your home and fix any water waste practices.”  

Dickens said most people are unaware they are overusing water, so it’s critical to take time to check for any leaks or water run-offs and examine irrigation systems.   

“SCV Water Agency also offers a drought check-up,” Dickens said. “We send a water specialist to your home, check your water systems and provide you with tips, resources and tools to be drought-ready.” 

The agency has also partnered with the city of Santa Clarita and Los Angeles County Waterworks District No. 36 to form a sustainable water action team to coordinate drought efforts and outreach. SCV Water Agency will continue to monitor the situation to determine the best next course of action.  

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