5 reasons to avoid cheap diamond deals in London


Diamonds are one of the most coveted stones in the world because of its exceptional properties. Known as one of the hardest materials on Earth, diamonds come in several forms and are used for different purposes such as industrial cutting and jewellery. A major part of the diamonds available today are mined from under the Earth’s crust in huge quantities and are then processed to be sold as diamond jewellery. During this process, a lot of diamonds are cut and wasted or are used for industrial cutting purposes. Not all diamonds that are mined reach the jewellery market because most of them are not worth the price of an exquisite diamond jewellery. 

The diamond jewellery industry is a big one and the number of scammers and fraudsters within the industry are increasing day by day. With the ever increasing market for diamonds it is very easy to get cheated especially when you are buying diamond jewellery online. With the introduction of lab grown diamonds, the prices for diamonds have decreased. However, one must always be careful and wary of the diamond deals that seem too good to be true. The Hatton Garden Jewellers urge people to buy diamonds from reputed sources and not fall for scams. Here are a few reasons why you should avoid buying cheap diamonds.

It may not be diamonds

Diamonds are brilliant stones and there are many stones that look exactly like diamonds but their price is extremely low as compared to the diamonds. Hence, if you’re getting a diamond deal which is cheap, you may not be buying diamonds in the first place. You may be buying diamond simulants like moissanite or cubic zirconia thinking those are diamonds.

You’re being cheated of your money 

There are many people who buy diamonds online thinking that they are cheap and are available at a good price. While there are some reputable sites which sell affordable lab grown diamonds or Jewellery for wedding, there are sites which promise to deliver you diamonds but instead deliver nothing or fake diamonds and hence cheat you of your money.

It’s not graded and certified

If you come across diamonds being sold at a cheap price, it may be because they have not been graded or certified by a reputed institute. For diamonds to be of any value, they need to be graded and certified by a gemmological institute such as GIA. Your money is simply a waste if you buy diamonds that are not graded.

It may be illegal

Diamonds all across the have a certain price and if you chance to get real diamonds for a very low price, there is a high possibility that they might be illegal. It’s better to buy diamonds that are legal than to be an innocent victim of deceit.

It is full of impurities

Diamonds which have a lot of inclusions and impurities are often not used to make fine jewellery and therefore are sold at a much lower price than the usual diamond jewellery like lab diamond rings. Again, these diamonds don’t have much value and one should not invest in them. If you travel to London, you can find genuine Jewellers in Hatton Garden.

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