6 Gotta-Have Online Learning Tools for Small Business Owners

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Regardless of whether you have been using certain CMS systems like Slack for your small business purposes or turned to video Zoom conferencing, the chances are high that you have heard about various online learning tools. As a small business owner, you must develop all the time to stay within the competition. As the developers offered certain solutions, some of them included tools like Quizlet to create business presentations while others dealt with LinkedIn Education courses that have been offered by Lynda. Even if you have ignored these altogether, it is time to explore them again and bring your business to another level!  

6 Gotta-Have Online Learning Tools For Small Business Owners  

1. Office Lens 

It is best to convert pictures, audio, statistical information, and even text that can be met in pictures into textual content that can be shared. It will also keep you creative as you learn how to write a perfect business essay or work with a nice team project. Since we are dealing with Google, you can import and export information by using MS Word or Google Docs. It is especially good for online learning as you share instructions and let people provide some feedback. Just take one step at a time and you will see the benefits of this great platform!  

2. Simple Mind 

If you would like to learn online by turning to mind maps, this great (and free!) app will be the best solution. You can generate innovative ideas, plan your work projects, and organize your training online. It is best for those small businesses that implement outsourcing for certain tasks. Since there is language support, it is always good to use for online cooperation and global projects. Even if you have never used mind-mapping software before, it might be worth it as an alternative!  

3. Slack 

It is especially good for small business cooperation! As one of the best LMS systems, it is also secure and has the support for audio and video content. If you are working on a research project, you can ask colleagues privately if you need more information. Likewise, if something goes beyond your company, you can approach skilled specialists as you place a help me with my essay request and address things like editing or coming up with a strong topic. As you learn, it is only natural to seek assistance if you strive for the best results!  

4. EdApp 

The EdApp is one of the most efficient LMS solutions that are aimed at small business owners who would like to train their employees without having to install anything complex. Since you can use smartphones and access the online learning system anywhere, it is comfortable and flexible even for parents or those people who do not have a chance to sit at the desktop computer. It has a great templates library and interactive tips, which makes online learning much easier!  

5. Tovuti 

If you want to create your own course by using the “drag-and-drop” feature, you should not miss this great course-building platform. It will provide you with various templates and suggestions. The only thing that it might not do for you is the creation of accurate instructions because this part must be done on your own. If you find it challenging, consider TopEssayWriting and see how even the most complex subjects can be handled. Using Tovuti, however, you can provide your employees with detailed instructions and improve your course all the time as there are suggestions, surveys, and more!  

6. EverNote Planner 

It is a great business solution for all your planning purposes. Since it is free and has great adjustability, you can choose certain templates for various work or study purposes. If you are managing your work and online tasks, it is best to use color codes as an example. It will help you avoid confusion! Of course, it is not always easy to learn, yet you do not have to worry as you can explore the best write my paper website and ask experts for help. Just explain your situation, watch your deadlines closely, and you will never fail!  

Do Not Ignore Free Online Courses  

Even though you may not be able to afford personal courses to train your staff, it is always possible to consider free courses at places like Khan Academy or Coursera. There are numerous low-cost options as well that can help you receive discounts as you offer a number of learners that belong to your company. Since there are subjects like Small Business Marketing or SMM, it is always possible to choose something relevant and add certification to your employees. It won’t take much time in most cases and will help you inspire people to learn as a small business owner!  

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