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Having a set of full, healthy lashes is an instrumental part of looking our very best. When we’re putting on makeup, making sure our eyelashes look as thick and long as possible is a must for most people. Even if we’re not used to having a face full of makeup every single day, most of us like a bit of mascara to give the eyes more definition and pop. 

However, using mascara every single day can take its toll on natural eyelashes. The heavy residue on the lashes and the black streaks are certainly not desirable. This is why it’s probably best to get beautiful, thick eyelashes as naturally as possible. 

This is where the Big Full Lashes Growth Serum by Luxe Beauty Labs comes in. It appears that with proper use of this serum, we might be able to get the eyelashes of our dreams. Let’s discuss this offering in some detail before deciding to buy it.

About Big Full Lashes

At present, if we want to get thick and gorgeous eyelashes, there are several products that can help us on a temporary basis. Mascara is one of them, while many folks also apply false eyelashes to enhance their looks. However, these products can be very expensive over time, and might also cause damage to our eyes and eyelashes. In order to avoid these risks, the Big Fill Lashes company has come up with a scrum to enhance eyelashes and keep them naturally thick, long, and healthy in the long run. The Big Full Lashes serum is both a conditioner and eyelash activator. It has several potent ingredients that have the ability to make even thin eyelashes noticeably thicker. 

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Why Should We Try Big Full Lashes? 

There are many reasons why we should try out an eyelash serum. It’s true that many folks might not have thought about trying out such a product before. However, it does make a lot of sense that we should have a serum especially for eyelashes, as serums for skin and hair on the head are already very popular items. Since there are different primers and products for our eyes, why shouldn’t there be a serum just for the eyelashes?

So, why should we try out the Big Full Lashes serum above all other options? Here are just a few reasons to consider this one and give it a try before anything else: 

  • At present, there’s a significant discount of at least 30 percent on the Big Full Lashes eyelash serum. This means that we can save quite a bit of money by ordering it. However, this offer may not last long, so we should act fast and place our order on the official website before they sell out of stock. 
  • Even without the discount, the Big Full Lashes serum is a relatively affordable option, especially when we concede the added costs of mascaras, false lashes, and other products over time. 
  • The use of this serum is not likely to cause eyelash breakage or weakness over time; rather, its ingredients are chosen for their potential in making eyelashes stronger and healthier than before. 
  • Big Full Lashes help to rejuvenate weak roots, which ultimately makes for better-looking eyelashes. With the natural ingredients inside this scrum, users may hope that the growth cycle of their lashes could improve and that their roots won’t be so susceptible to falling out. We may hence expect the eyelashes to grow thicker and longer than before. 
  • The solution of Big Full Lashes is safe, except for those rare cases in which some user has an allergy to one or more or the ingredients. Since this is meant to be a product for the eyes, the people behind Big Full Lashes have taken great care to ensure its safety and reliability.
  • At present, there are no known negative side effects of this serum. No serious issues have been reported; in fact, the reviews for the serum are all positive and heartening to read.
  • There’s a sizable 60-day guarantee on the Big Full Lashes serum, which gives us plenty of time to try out the product properly. During this time, if the serum doesn’t perform as expected, users can always return it for a full refund. 
  • Several products on the market don’t use safe or natural ingredients, which can cause some health issues. It is especially important to have proper products used on the skin and eyes. We don’t want any negative side effects of such products either. With Big Full Lashes, we are lucky enough to get natural ingredients in just the proper proportion, dosage, and ratio.
  • We may also expect our eyelashes to grow stronger due to regular use of the Big Full Lashes serum. The effective ingredients make the serum effective, powerful, and likely to help the lashes stay healthy without much more effort. 
  • There are also several hair care products out there that come loaded with potentially harmful ingredients. However, the Big Full Lashes serum has safe, natural ingredients that will only serve to benefit the hair, not harm it. 
  • Those who use false lashes or lash extensions might not like these options for many reasons. These methods usually result in irritation, lead to wastage, and need regular updating. On the other hand, the Big Full Lashes serum is easy and convenient to use; all we have to do is apply it on our eyes. There will be no uncomfortable, sticky residue on the eyes, or any other unwanted side effects. 
  • The method of applying the Big Full Lashes serum is simple; it’s just like applying eyeliner. There is no painful or burning effect, and the application is very quick to do. We don’t even have to wait a long time for it to dry. 

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Ingredients of the Big Full Lashes Serum

The ingredients of this serum are what make it effective, so we should be looking at what these are. Luckily for us, the company has given us the names of several ingredients so that we can make informed decisions. Naturally, any ingredient that triggers allergies in an individual should not be used on their body. 

Here are just some of the ingredients used in the Big Full Lashes serum as well as some details about their respective roles: 

  • Trifolium Pratense Flower: This is also called red clover extract and is among the main ingredients of this serum. Within Big Full Lashes, this flower has a major role in naturally increasing hair growth while also leading to much healthier hair than before. It is also known for enhancing hair volume, making it softer and smoother. 
  • Camellia Sinensis Leaf: This element includes green tea extract, which has a significant amount of the plant chemical that wakes up eyelash follicles. With healthier follicles, we can also expect filler, thick, and even longer eyelashes. This ingredient also serves to restore moisture to the lashes and promote its production.  
  • Bhringraj Oil: This is among the most common and popular plants utilized in the ayurvedic practise. The main benefits of this ingredient include the promotion of hair growth, giving the body proper nutrition, jumpstarting the process of healing and balancing, etc. If we look at the labels of other natural hair care items on the market, this oil is among the main ingredients. 
  • Biotinoyl Tripeptide-1: This is another potent substance that has the potential to repair eyelash damage and help them become dark, full, long, etc. We can look up the research that tells us the various benefits of this component. 
  • Biocapigen: This is for reducing eyelash fall, preventing breakage, and boosting growth of the lashes
  • Arginine: This amino acid has several amazing effects that result in longer, thicker eyelashes. It helps to increase blood flow to the eyelashes’ follicle root, thus making them stronger and healthier from the source. 
  • Ginseng: This natural component is also meant for promoting longer and thicker eyelashes which look naturally beautiful without the need for any makeup. 
  • Stinging nettle: This is for soothing and calming the eyelash follicles, resulting in lashes that look and feel fuller than before. 
  • Horsetail: These beneficial plants assist in reducing breakage, which helps the eyelashes to grow to their full length and best appearance. 
  • Ginkgo Biloba: The tree that provides this ingredient is a rare one and originates in China. When used in the proper manner, it can help to make eyelashes that look longer and feel stronger. 
  • Seaweed: Several studies have shown us how seaweed can assist in staving off breakage and help us get strong, longer lashes. 
  • Saw palmetto extract: The berries of this tree can be used to make an extract that helps to reduce the breakage of hair and make it thicker. Recent studies have also shown how this extract is good for follicle growth and soothes inflammation. 

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How Big Full Lashes Works

The working of the Big Full Lashes serum is based on how the follicles of our eyelashes work. Basically, the premise is that the follicles are in two kinds of states. These are the sleeping state and the waking state. 

If our eyelashes get into a sleeping state, then they don’t grow to their full potential. We have to wake up the follicles so that the lashes can grow as thick and strong as possible.

There are also three growth phases that are taken into account in the manufacture of the Big Full lashes serum. These include the following: 

1. Anagen Phase: This is where the hair is growing

2. Catagen Phase: This is where the hair is going through some degradation

3. Telogen Phase: This is a resting phase

When we use the Big Full Lashes serum in the correct way over an extended period of time, we are giving our eyelashes the nutrition they need to get into the waking stage. When they get to this stage, the lashes naturally look and feel better, healthier, and more attractive. 

How to Use the Big Full Lashes Serum

Since this offering is in serum form, we have to apply it topically. The recommended method is to apply this serum to our eyelids in the evening or in the morning. Using the rounded no-drip applicator, tap a small amount of the product by sliding the brush along the lash line, similar to eyeliner. Apply a small amount on your eyebrow area and leave on until fully absorbed. Wait for 1-2 minutes until the product is fully absorbed. The best results will be achieved when we apply on dry and clean eyes every time. Using this serum won’t give us immediate results, as this is a more natural method than others. We will probably have to wait around two to three months in order to see a noticeable difference. 

Pricing of the Big Full Lashes Serum

The current price of the Big Full Lashes serum is around $49 after discount. This is for a single tube, which lasts for about a month. However, if we buy two tubes of the Big Full Lashes serum at once, we can get them for $45 each. There’s an even further discount if we get three tubes at the same time; the price goes down to $39 each. 


The option of using the Big Full Lashes serum is a tempting one, and it is probably something that we should try at least once. The long period of the return policy makes it fairly easy to check out its effectiveness for us and our lashes. The best part is probably the range of discounts we get on the serum, especially in the case of ordering two or three units at once. There have also been quite a few studies showing us the efficacy of the ingredients, while the reviews of the product have shown us some very satisfied customers. 

At the end of the day, we would love to have dark, thick, and full eyelashes as naturally as possible. The Big Full Lashes serum seems like a viable, convenient option and one that’s worth trying out. We can take advantage of the discount packages by ordering for people in our social circle, or just to stock up for a few months. With the return policy in place, there’s very little risk in placing an order. However, there isn’t any guarantee that the serum will be available at such significant discounts for a very long time. It’s probably best to get to the official website and place an order right now!

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