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High-quality and timely communication with customers is one of the most important aspects of business development. A virtual number (VN) for business empowers organizations to maintain customer feedback. As a result, users can leave their suggestions and remarks regarding products and services. In today’s context and in conditions of increased competition, the number that is tied to a specific office is not always effective. The virtual number isn’t tied to the location, provides the ability to set up forwarding, and builds a scheme for distributing incoming and outgoing calls.

Pros of using 

 A VoIP number buying offers the following benefits (for companies).

  • Possibility to get a number of all the states and availability for foreign subscribers.
  • There’s an ability to choose a decent and pleasant-to-eye number.
  • It’s easy to connect a VN for a specific time period to implement the advertising projects, marketing research, and promotions.
  • The solution reduces the company’s telephony costs in situations where the organization has branch offices in different cities.
  • Integration of numbers with call centers and CRM systems.

Additional features

A VN purchasing allows you to use a voicemail machine and gather information about the statistics of calls and messages. An interactive voice menu may also be available for users. The number works over the Internet and a SIM card presence is not assumed. At the same time, companies must ensure the confidentiality of personal information.

The virtual phone number is not tied to bank cards or pages on social networks. As a result, uninterrupted communication is ensured for the company managers. If you have any questions, you can contact the IP-telephony provider technical support. You get not only a number for calls but also the solution to:

  • Receive SMS-messages. It becomes easy to get text information from your customers via short messages.
  • Numbers in the 8 (800) format. Such telephone lines will be useful for international business. The VN owner is financially responsible for the call and such a solution is very popular for sales departments, support services, surveys, televoting, and other purposes. Call forwarding is also possible to any number around the world.
  • Multichannel numbers are relevant for receiving a large number of calls to one number. All incoming calls are forwarded to the specified mobile or landline number and are distributed between free operators or queued up.

A VN purchase is a great way to save money on communication services and provide your customers with the opportunity to be always in touch with you.

How to manage a VN?

You need to configure the redirection of the incoming call. The number management is performed via the switchboard of the telecom operator. The subscriber gets access to these settings through a personal account with a web interface to gain greater freedom. In other words, the person can control a powerful switchboard or Automatic Telephone Exchange (ATS) of a telecom operator, but only within the terms of the agreement and within the framework of the connected telephone number. 

Thus, the customer can independently control the virtual PBX settings to achieve the desired results. There’s a possibility to independently configure almost any scenario for incoming call handling. This can include:

  • An interactive voice menu with the ability to dial an internal number of a subscriber or department.
  • Additional sound fragments and important information can be played.
  • Forwarding can be configured both to one subscriber and to several employees.
  • Access to such features as black and white lists creation.
  • Holding a caller on the line, talking with several subscribers in conference mode.
  • Creating extension numbers for each employee and transferring calls to each other.
  • Recording telephone conversations, voice, and fax mail, the ability to automatically receive fax without using a fax machine as such, and much more, which is better to find out about on the page with a full description of functions.

How to choose the right virtual number service?

A provider, who respects himself and the client, provides a certain package of services and has the following qualities:

  • Confidentiality (security in the information space).
  • Variability of payment methods (as an example of customer focus).
  • Coverage of most countries (the more choice – the better).
  • Nice bonuses (for example, a free SIP account).
  • Stable and high-level communication (no interference, noise, etc.).
  • Prompt connection (perfectly – within a day).

It’s recommended to pay attention to an experienced and reliable organization that has been working in a specialized field for several years. A vivid example of this is the Freezvon Company, since it offers a wide range of services and describes everything in detail on the site, allowing you to get comprehensive information and answers to all the questions.

VN is now definitely perceived as a modern technology that eventually displaces analog telephone solutions from the market. The flexibility of implementation and expansion is simply tailored to the needs of a dynamic business environment. Virtual telephone exchanges, which run on the appropriate software, have already taken a strong position in the telecommunications market due to significant improvements in the quality of communication. They provide the clients with an incredible competitive advantage that takes phone sales and customer service seriously. All the configurations can be done via the web panel and remotely. The IP-telephony provider offers support through various channels such as phone, email, or chat.

The number connection takes usually a few hours but sometimes such a process takes much more time and the person has to be ready for this (the provider informs the customer about connection peculiarities). Use modern technologies and enjoy all the possibilities!

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