What Colleges In America Have The Best Creative Writing Degrees?

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America is a continent that possesses tons of quality things. Especially the USA. It possesses advanced technology and all its newest features. As a land of prosperity and a well-developed educational system, it allows hundreds of students to enroll in its colleges. Regardless of your place of residence, you can still get into a desirable university if you provide college staff with proper results. Since many students know that, they frequently ask themselves which one to choose. From plenty of colleges available in America, it is sometimes hard to pick the right choice. When it comes to creative writing degrees, many educational facilities across this country can offer respectable programs. For students that are specifically interested in this niche, there is a wide selection at their disposal. After all, it can determine your entire future. So, let’s see what colleges are considered the best ones that Americans have at their disposal for you. 

Northwestern University

If you want to become an excellent research paper writer one day, this university will not be the wrong selection for getting your creative writing degree. It represents a popular educational institution in the entire country with over 21000 enrolled students. Speaking of creative programs in this school, it must be stated that it has produced some of the most notable writers in the industry. Outside of the classroom, students can run into plenty of competition. Northwestern represents a research university situated in Chicago. It is an educational facility that offers 124 undergraduate and 145 graduate programs. It has also conferred over 3,000 Master’s degrees and over 450 professional degrees in the last two years, among which is the one related to creative writing. The school has held over 530 honorary degrees since 1951. Northwestern itself is known for its emphasis on interdisciplinary education and extensive research. Its undergraduate program is the majority of enrollment at the school. Although students can’t bump into the core curriculum, many of its majors require a foundation in liberal arts and sciences. Overall, you won’t be wrong if you choose to come here.

Columbia University

What would the list of schools in America look like without mentioning Columbia University? This is an educational institution that offers numerous programs associated with getting degrees in creative writing. With the wide spectrum of selection, Columbia has a little piece of something for everyone. Its proximity to New York City makes it a great place to start your career. It was established in 1754. It belongs among the few oldest institutions of higher education in the USA and is currently recognized as the worlds’ finest. Columbia was established by the royal charter of George II of Great Britain. In 1784, it was renamed Columbia College following the American Revolution. But what is more important for you, its scientists and scholars contributed to key scientific breakthroughs, such as the brain-computer interface and the nuclear magnetic resonance. This data can provide you with enough motivation to get a creative writing degree. 

University Of Iowa

Another great college in America that will certainly fit all your needs related to creative writing education is a college situated in Iowa. Aside from the Writers’ Workshop, there are plenty of other opportunities to get involved in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. This great place has two undergraduate programs in English and Creative Writing. Here, students have an opportunity to study in a UNESCO City of Literature. This is a public research educational building that was established in 1847. It has 12 colleges and offers more than 200 undergraduate and professional degrees. Its ground is located on an urban 1,880-acre campus on the Iowa River. Exploration activities like fine arts, health care, and law fields are frequent to see here. Its background can provide you with exceptional writing ideas. Among public American schools, this one is the first to establish a department of religious studies too. Also, it opened the first coeducational medicine school. So, if you would like to write something about these themes, you can ask a teacher about it freely.

Washington University In St. Louis

Wondering where to find useful data about writing degrees? Try reading the top-rated college essay writing service. Forums on such platforms are worldly places where people often exchange their opinions. Here, you can discuss any potential topic with the members and get beneficial knowledge. Consequently, you shouldn’t miss out on conversations linked with Washington University in St. Louis. It represents a private educational facility focused on global research whose location is in Greater St. Louis. Its main campus is in Danforth, Missouri. But there are three other campuses in Clayton, Missouri; the West End, and the Central West End that are part of this extraordinary educational facility. Founded in 1853, Washington University is a private school that has students in all 50 US states and more than 120 countries. The programs that students can participate in are something that shapes this places’ credibility in the world. As of 2020, 25 Nobel Prize-winning scientists have been affiliated with the university. Ten of these have done the major part of conducting their research at Washington University. This college has been the 7th most cited research institution in 2019. Here, students are able to develop their writing skills and bring their creative thoughts to another level.

University Of Michigan

The last but not least significant will be the University of Michigan. The sub-concentration of this facility is highly appreciable among the student communities all over the globe. Furthermore, its MFA program is considered amongst the most efficient generally. This educational institution is a public research-related group of colleges founded in 1817. It belongs to a small pile of the oldest public educational centers situated in the same-named city. In 1837, it was moved to a 40-acre area in Ann Arbor, which would later become known as Central Campus. In total, 19 different colleges offer over 250-degree programs in various disciplines. A few specialized schools involve the Ford School of Public Policy and the Ross School of Business. But, no one can neglect the existence of programs focused on creative writing too. 


As people like to say, everything that is good lasts too short! Hopefully, our brief selection of American colleges with creative writing degrees included will be good enough to help you enroll in the right school. 

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