When Would I Need a Criminal Defense Lawyer?


Not everyone knows the differences between the diverse types of lawyers. So here is when you need a criminal defense lawyer to come to your aid.

If you have committed a crime, you need someone capable of defending you. From Santa Clarita Valley to Sydney, the criminal defense lawyer is the attorney that comes to your rescue and helps you navigate through the murky channels of the law. Here is everything you need to know about when the time is right to hire a criminal defense lawyer of your own.

What does a criminal defense lawyer do?

Criminal defense lawyers deal with aspects of the law where you stand accused of a crime. They defend the client against allegations. They will go out of their way to try and prove the client’s innocence if that is what it takes. If they cannot prove a client’s innocence, they will build an adequate defense that sees them protected from the full force of the law. Without a criminal defense lawyer, you risk going to jail for your crime. Of course, you may also go to jail using a lawyer, but the sentence will be much less harsh.

What are examples of crimes I might need to hire a criminal defense lawyer for?

In this example, criminal lawyers Sydney offer their services for specific crimes. Do not forget, though, that if we have not listed your crime below, you can still get in touch with the criminal defense lawyer for help.

Assault charges

If you stand accused of attacking someone, a criminal defense lawyer will represent you in court. Assault can include things you do not necessarily think are assault, such as spitting on someone or pushing them.

Robbery and theft offenses

If you have stolen something from someone or up a shop, you may face theft or robbery charges. Hire a lawyer immediately. Larceny is theft or the intention to steal. It allows the arrest of individuals caught in the act. 

Fraud charges

A criminal defense lawyer will represent you if you have committed fraud or stand accused of fraud. Fraud is the act of misrepresentation to gain money. Fraud includes telling companies that the goods you ordered did not arrive so that they send you a free product. It also includes using fake money or embezzling money from organizations.

Harassment or sexual harassment

If you stand accused of harassing a person or sexually harassing or assaulting them, then you do need to get a criminal defense lawyer on your team.

Murder, manslaughter, and other serious offenses.

When you are on trial for murders, the criminal defense lawyer comes to your aid. If you stand accused of a serious crime, these are the people who will not judge you and who will give you the representation you need.

Hire a Criminal Defense Lawyer for You

If any of the above sounds a little too familiar, hire a criminal defense attorney and hope for the best.

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