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The question is not whether monsters walk among us. They do. And have. For thousands of years. On the borders of alleged civilization and everyday reality, macabre is all about. For our souls, our sanity, the vital question to answer is: Just WHERE are all these monsters? 

Award-winning Signal columnist and best-selling author John Boston believes they are here, in Santa Clarita.  

Boston just published “Ghosts, Ghouls, Myths & Monsters — The Most Haunted Town in America.” It’s the first of a three-volume series and available on  

Winner of the Will Rogers Lifetime Achievement Award and noted as one of America’s top columnists over the past 40 years, Boston is also an avid SCV historian. Under his pen names of Mr. Santa Clarita Valley and The Time Ranger, Boston has collected hundreds of local stories on the weird and macabre. 

“From bigfoot sightings here in the 1940s to police reports of werewolves, a hitchhiker-eating vampire, various newspaper reports of a local pterodactyl, we are blessedly rich with everything from plain evil to the unexplainable occult,” said Boston. 

The prolific Santa Clarita author has penned more than 11,000 columns and thousands more stories and features. His website,, launched this month and exclusively publishes his work, which includes the “One-Word Book” series and the “Inappropriate Series.”  

John Boston Books will also be printing, in e-book, trade paperback and hardcover, his 5-star novel, “The Melancholy Samurai,” his bestseller cult classic, “Naked came the Sasquatch” and the long-awaited sequel, “Naked came the Novelist.” 

Volume II of “Ghosts, Ghouls, Myths & Monsters” comes out in February and the third in the series in March. They will cover the macabre, from local Sasquatch safaris to horror movies. 

Volume I of “SCV Monsters” covers man-eating grizzly bears, ghosts, local UFO sightings, local werewolf sightings, the SCV’s own serial killer who was deemed by the local judge who sentenced him to death as a “human wolf who preyed upon mankind since the age of 6,” child-eating dog packs, night-terror insect swarms and the blowing up of Santa Clarita.  

“And, despite all the carnage,” said Boston in his patented half-smile, half-smirk, “it’s a really fun read. Buy several copies. Leave five stars and glowing reviews. Smile fondly in recalling a passage. Tell others.” 

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