Uber taxi insurance for UK drivers


In recent years, Uber driving has become a very popular job. You can work full-time or part-time and can be your own boss by working as you wish. It is also a very social job but can be difficult to be an Uber driver as there are many requirements, especially in terms of insurance policies. This guide will help you understand the basics of Uber driving and what type of insurance you’ll need.

What is Uber?

Uber is a British taxi company that emerged in 2012. It has often replaced the term taxi as a noun. Uber is a ride-hailing service that connects you directly to your driver without the need to hail one or call a booking agency. It uses your phone’s GPS to find your location and connect you with a nearby driver. You can even choose the type of car that you would like. It works by using a card or through an app. This is the modern taxi, and it has taken over major cities around the globe.

Why should I become an Uber driver?

Uber drivers can be hired for many reasons, including:

  • You can be your boss and work as much or little as you want. You can start working as soon as the app is opened.
  • Flexible hours enable you to work part-time or full-time as an additional income source.
  • This is a great job for people who are social
  • It allows you to avoid passengers that could cause trouble by rating them.

How can you become an Uber driver?

While it’s quite simple, you must meet many requirements before you can become an Uber driver. These requirements vary from one country to another, but we’ll be looking at the UK rules.

  • You must be at least 21 years of age, have the right to work in the UK and possess a valid UK driver’s license.
  • You will need to undergo a complete medical evaluation by your GP, an enhanced DBS check, and a local map test.

Uber will require you to meet these requirements.

  • A private hire license is required. This can be around PS300, depending on where you live.
  • Uber has a pre-approved list of cars that you can choose from, and you can also rent one of theirs for as low as PS200 per week.
  • Uber interviews can take up to months even if you make an appointment now.

Does Uber provide insurance to its drivers?

Although they may not like the term “taxi service”, insurance companies will view Uber drivers as such and require them to have this type of insurance. Uber does not offer specific insurance, but it has relationships with other insurance companies like Acorn and Fare Cover.

These connections are great because you don’t need to upload your car insurance documents to Uber. You should still compare policies from different companies before you sign up for Uber.

What type of insurance Uber drivers require?

You will need private hire vehicle insurance that covers the hire and reward of Uber drivers. Uber taxi insurance for UK drivers is only for private hire cars. It cannot be used to hail cabs on the streets. Make sure you have Third Party Liability Insurance (insurance to cover your injuries if someone hits you) that is complete.

What can I do to get Uber driver insurance at a lower price?

Research is key in obtaining a great rate on any insurance policy. These are some tips to keep in mind.

  • Price is less if you pay annually as the interest on monthly payment is saved.
  • It will cost less to install security cameras or dashboard cameras, as now you are considered a lower risk by your insurance company.
  • You can secure your car by parking it in a garage overnight.

What is the UK cost of taxi insurance?

The short answer is that Private Hire Insurance costs vary from one person to the next. You can expect to pay as little as PS800 for private hire drivers and several thousand pounds for insurance, depending on your personal circumstances.

Do Uber pay for your insurance?

Uber will insure your vehicle as long as you have collision and comprehensive coverage on your auto insurance.

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