XLR8 announces new Valencia operations office

Press release
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News release 

Xelerate Logistics LLC announced recently a new branch opening in Valencia.  

This fully staffed operations office has been added to XLR8 as a necessary expansion for the New York-based company to keep up with increasing demand and a growing repertoire of clientele, according to an XLR8 news release.  

As the past two years in a post-pandemic economy have shown, Long Beach Container Terminal and the Ports of L.A. and Long Beach have been one of the most contentious areas for the supply chain industry in the U.S., per the release. 

Setting up an operations office out of Valencia specifically is set to allow XLR8 to continue servicing its clients with priority to the unique issues coming from LBCT, while also working in unison with its partners and vendors in Los Angeles. 

The California office opening is set to work in tandem with XLR8’s headquarters in New York, while overseen by company management in Manhattan for smooth integration of the company’s operating system and its service requirements.  

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