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Poor dentition can bring a lot of attraction that can make one feel vulnerable and less confident in the public most especially if attention is brought down on such a person. Therefore, people have tried to explore various means on how they can enhance the look of their dentition and in turn boost their self-esteem.  

In search of these solutions to different dental issues that may arise from discoloration, excessive gaps between teeth, chipped or broken, effects of excessive use of fluoride products, etc. Several solutions of which some are temporary and others permanent arose.  

One of these solutions is the use of veneers. Most cosmetic dentists like those in Dentakay dental clinic will recommend the use of veneers because of many reasons. Veneers are generally prosthetic devices. Prosthetic devices are usually used by prescription only as substitutes to fill in for original vacant positions, which might be missing or inadequate because of several reasons. Looking at dental veneers, they can be said to be tooth prosthetics. Now, your teeth can be restored to their youthful look.  

Veneers are better options in situations like a case where gaps cannot easily be closed without altering the arrangement of the dentition. They seem like the option that provides solutions to several dental issues like teeth laser whitening treatments can no longer help, weak dentition because of age, etc. If you are interested in the full veneers cost in Turkey, then you should read on, as we discuss important details about veneers and their cost.  

Types of Veneers  

There are several types of veneers, but the two main types are the most used by several dentists because of their efficient and effective results. Regardless that they both share remarkable results, their difference in terms of efficiency and results cannot be overruled.  

These materials are porcelain and composite resin. Each of these types will be discussed along with their appropriate cost, which you can infuse into your budget. 

Porcelain Veneers  

Porcelain is known for two main factors, which are durability and aesthetics. They have longevity, which may be because they are made from durable materials. They have also been said to have a near-natural look that many would prefer.  

In addition, it has a strong resistance to being stained and as well as getting chipped or broken. It is because of its natural durability and the glaze used to coat it after the dentist has fixed it.  

From most research and experience of several users, if they are handled with care and treatment as supposed, they tend to have a lifespan of within 10-15 years. This may be worth the cost because the full veneers cost Turkey.  

On Average, a porcelain dental veneer treatment in Turkey may cost from € 150 to € 3500, this depends on the kind of treatment if it is a single or full crown set. When this price is compared to the practices in other parts of the world, it may be much better. 

Composite Resin Veneers  

These, as its name implies, involve the use of a composite held in place by resin. They are usually applied through two methods, which are the direct and indirect composite veneers.  

The direct approach involves the application of a composite resin material on the teeth directly. That is, the molding, casting, and fixing is done directly on the teeth. This method is minimally invasive and fast compared to its counterparts.  

The indirect approach simply explains that it is indirectly applied to the tooth. When this type of veneer is to be fixed, it is the first cast and molded outside the laboratory. After, the teeth are prepped, and then they are fixed.  

They are said to have higher durability hence, they will tend to cost more than the direct approach. The full veneer cost Turkey installing this type of veneer range between € 100 and € 2000. This is determined by whether it is a single tooth or a full crown. 

FAQs on full Veneers Cost Turkey 

What is the reason for the cheapness of veneers in Turkey

More times than not, people are intrigued by why the cost of dental health is cheap in Turkey. This sometimes discourages people from deciding to visit Turkey for their dental care. 

It is important to know that even though dental care can be tagged cheap, its quality has not been compromised. In terms of qualities, equipment, technology, etc., Turkey is leading when it comes to dental health. 

This may be attributed to several reasons like: 

  • Turkey’s Lira value: This currency has a lower value, which influences its exchange rate favoring people who have top-rated currency like the Dollar or Euro to spend. 
  • Standard of living: Since the standard of living is low, it affects the cost of basic amenities of which dental care is one.  
  • Tourism: The country has sought means to tap into medical tourism and since then has used dental care as its leverage.  

All these affect the full veneer cost of Turkey. So, do not be scared of going for your dental care in Turkey. It is not every day you get the best at the best deal. 

Is the quality compromised because of the price? 

The reason for the cheapness of the treatment was discussed earlier and from there, it can be seen that the quality remains unshaken. The equipment and quality of the materials can easily compete with the ones present in countries like America, the United Kingdom, Europe, etc. 

Do Dental services give a warranty on their veneer services? 

Most times to put the client at rest, dental services offer a warranty on their services including veneers. These warranties may be without 1-2 years depending on the dental care. So, before registering for a dental veneer procedure, ensure you go through the terms and conditions, insurance policy, and warranty policy of the dental clinic.  

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