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Those of you who are looking to repair Excel file, know that this article is for you. According to a study by Burning Glass, academics, entrepreneurs, and scientists make up about 80% of the total job market. And all of these three fields require one to have superior spreadsheet and data-processing skills. With Repairit, the sole leading video repair tool, one can thus conduct video repair as efficiently as one can repair files of a range of nature as-well-as excel files. To your query, how to fix corrupted excel file, our answer is then Repairit video repair which lets you repair video as well as excel files.  

The Cause of Excel File Corruption 

Before you grasp the know-how of file repair, it is pertinent that you remain aware of the causes of excel file corruption. Chances are that the knowledge will never require you to repair corrupted Excel file. While human error is one pretty common cause behind such loss, there are other factors that push the human element out of the equation. A sudden power cut, for example, will force your system to shut down suddenly, making opened Excel files potentially corrupt. There are virus and malware attacks, especially the kind launched by hackers, also because that one must reckon  


The Excel files are supposed to help with data operations. But there are situations when piling an excessive amount of data in one single excel file amounts to file corruption. Then there is the need to factor in hard disk failure, software failure, device crash etcetera, all of which can result in corruption of stored files including excel files. Shutting down the system properly to avoid abrupt application closing is therefore necessary. You can avoid such hassles by regularly updating your anti-virus software and monitoring your hard disk drive. 

Common Ways to Repair Excel Files 

But what about Excel files that have become corrupted and that you must repair somehow? Fortunately, there are already a set of readymade solutions to that. To begin with, Microsoft Excel has one built-in AutoRecover feature using which you can repair the file and recover what was lost.  

There are two other viable ways by which you can retrieve the files. One is by saving the file in HTML format, and the other entails saving it as an XML file. Save the file in web page format if it is a corrupted one. Select the ‘Entire Workbook’ option and click on the ‘Save’ option. Open the file once again, go to the ‘Save As’ option and select the type as ‘Microsoft Excel Workbook’ and save it. It is also possible to store XML files in this way. 

Lastly, one can use another alternative method of copying data from the damaged Excel file. The use of this method also produces the desired results. 

How to Repair Excel Files with Repairit? 

One of the best features of Wondershare Repairit is that repairing files with it involves three simple steps. Let’s jump in then to see how it can fix Excel files. 

  • Once you launch the software tool on your PC, the left dashboard will show the ‘File Repair’ option. Click on it. Now click the ‘Add’ button to add the damaged Excel file. You can opt for repairing multiple files at a time by utilizing the batch processing feature of the tool. You can monitor the details of the files posted. Add them and discard the ones that were accidentally uploaded. Using the ‘Remove All’ button, you can delete the entire batch. 
  • Once everything is in place, select the ‘Repair’ button. A scanning will ensue where the tool will automatically fix problems with the files uploaded. Apart from letting you monitor the progress of the entire process, Repairit also offers the option of canceling the scanning at this stage. The files that have been repaired and those that were not will be shown to you once the process is complete. The latter comes with respective links clicking on which you can instantly connect to Wondershare’s expert helpdesk. 
  • Click on the ‘Preview’ button adjoining the repaired files to review the result. Upon completion, click the ‘Save’ button to export the file to your local drive. 

Closing Words 

Trusted by millions of global users, Repairit is a multi-award winner and one of the best-reviewed data recovery tools out there. It supports both Windows and Mac OS and has even the option to repair files for free. We all know, there is a size limit there but since we are talking about fixing Excel files, we need not worry about that. This Repairit Online can give you a top-down understanding of the tool’s effectiveness. Consider it once, and you will undoubtedly opt for the premium desktop version. 

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