These 10 Business Name Generators Will Help Name Your New Yoga Business


It has been projected that at least one in every seven U.S. adults has practiced yoga in the past 12 months. The percentage of people who participate in the ancient exercise grows each year– for both adults and children. With studies all pointing towards the numerous health benefits, it is no wonder more people are turning to this holistic form of exercise. 

For those that are experts in the field and wish to monetize their skills, now is the perfect chance to become a yoga instructor. Online and in-person classes have proven popular with those looking to sync their mind and body, and the demand for yoga instructors is evident. 

One of the first things that any entrepreneur is required to do is to name their business. Finding the perfect name will require a balance of uniqueness and simplicity while still being true to your industry and brand. This is a lot of work for a business name to carry and can put a lot of pressure on business owners. Luckily there are tools such as online name generators that specialize in simplifying the process. In this article, we will list the top ten business name generators to help get your yoga business started.

Top Ten Business Name Generators

Free Business Name Generator by The Really Useful Information Company (TRUiC)

The TRUiC Business Name Generator is a free online tool that is perfect for any new business. This digital tool incorporates the most advanced and creative AI technology around to help custom-create the best name for your new yoga business. This business tool serves a dual purpose as it also doubles as a domain name checker. This means that all of the potential name ideas that are generated are also vetted to ensure that the .COM domain is available. For those who might have privacy concerns, all searches are kept private, so your unique set of keywords will not be made public. All domain searches are also conducted using a private database of domains that gets updated daily.

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Shopify Business Name Generator

The Shopify Business Name Generator is free to use, easy to navigate through, and great for beginners. The tool provides names that are widely varied– thus providing more unique results. While it is mostly smooth sailing, it is worth noting that if you intend on using the business type categories to conduct a search, you should not expect to find any changes– unless the keywords provided change as well. Users will also have to be Shopify owners in order to search for domain name availability.


Oberlo is a business name generator that creates an impressive variety of suitable business names by the use of keywords that users are required to input. This is done to help the digital tool’s algorithms produce related options. The online name generator is fast, at no cost, and easy to use. Users should expect to receive results that are more structured and formulaic– which may not be ideal if you are looking for something that is catchy or creative. A downfall is that the tool does not have any system that will account for your business location or the specific industry.

Mighty Networks Name Generator

This name generator is great if you are looking to focus your business on a membership-based business model—the generator focuses on input about the clients that you serve. Names generated will lean towards a community rather than your brand or industry.


Users will be able to see domain availability for potential names and view logo suggestions in a single search. Entrepreneurs can also toggle between lengths of up to 20 characters. To set parameters, you will be required to enter keywords or the specific industry of your business.


The Wix Business Name Generator is straightforward to use. This business tool generates names at zero cost. Users will need to provide information such as specific keywords, the type of business or industry, and brand style in order to create the most suitable name options. If users have a paid premium WIX account, then they can conduct domain name availability searches and have the domain registered with Wix as well. 


While this tool is better at logo generation than business name generation, it is still worth mentioning. The names generated can sometimes miss the mark; however, most of the options could survive in the real world and do potentially apply to search terms. The tool allows you to pick the “style” of the name that you are looking for, ranging from corporate to informal options.


BizNameWiz is a free business tool that uses an AI-powered algorithm to generate numerous brandable names for your business. Inspired by a list of simple keywords that users provide, the names are also industry-specific. Domain name availability is not automatically shown, so users will have to do this search separately.


The GoDaddy company name generator is supported by a generous amount of data that they have access to. Since GoDaddy focuses their search on domain availability – seeing as to how they are one of the industry leaders, you can easily purchase your domain from them.

Domain Wheel Company Name Generator

Domain Wheel is a great alternative for those that are looking for fast and punchy names. The tool is more specialized as a domain name search tool. But this means that users can also see if the domain is available prior to committing to a business name.

Final Thoughts

It is evident that the all-out winner among the numerous business name generators is the TRUiC solution. The advanced AI technology really shines through by making it quick and easy to use.

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