Top Instagram Marketing Campaigns Run by Big Brands


To succeed in social media marketing, you have to align your social media marketing strategy with your business objective. When it comes to Instagram marketing, user-generated content is the best type of content. 

With slightly over  90% of top brands in the World having an  Instagram account, it is no doubt that  Instagram has become an important marketing tool for most entrepreneurs. Today Instagram is one of the most sought-after social media platforms commanding close to 1.2 Billion users every month. 

Whether you have a startup or an established brand, Instagram comes with an array of marketing features that you can leverage to promote your brand. All you need is to create a business page for your business to get started. 

Once  you  identify  a  suitable marketing campaign that suits your needs, you will be able to transform your marketing strategy and achieve impressive results.   

Here are Top rated  Instagram marketing campaigns that you can use to inspire  your next campaign. 

 #1.  #Senior Artists Slay Halloween  

The hashtag  #SeniorArtistsSlayHaloween was run by MAC  to encourage makeup artists and fans to use  MACs products, new styles in makeup, and get makeup inspirations. 

The campaign targeted  Halloween fans to encourage them to share their makeup looks and costumes on  Instagram. This impacted the overall use of cosmetic products, increased engagement, and attracted tons of followers around the World. 

#2. #ORIGINALis  

The #ORIGINALis hashtag was run by the top-tier footwear company  Adidas. The hashtag was created when the company introduced a new clothing category that targeted hip hop enthusiasts. 

To date #ORIGINALis is still a popular hashtag among many hip hop lovers. So far, the hashtag has attracted many followers within and outside the sports industry. The hashtag was successful and not only helped in building a larger audience but also improved engagement. 

Blending both influencer marketing and a series of hashtag campaigns, Adidas got a spike in the rate of engagement with the target audience. 

#3. #WayfairAtHome 

Wayfair is an American popular store that specialises in home décor and furniture. In one of the most successful Instagram marketing campaigns, Wayfair introduced the hashtag  #WayfairAtHome that encouraged customers to share pictures of their homes featuring furniture from Wayfair. 

The most interesting part about the campaign is that Wayfair managed to repost user-generated content along with a product link. This is aimed at directing customers to shop for products showcased on Instagram posts. 

User-generated content is a powerful marketing strategy aimed at promoting products based on the content and information shared by customers. As such, you are likely to increase customer confidence and win the trust of potential customers. 

Aside from benefiting from authentic customer reviews, the campaign aided customers buying decisions based on customer testimonies. 

#4. #Orangetheory 

The fitness chain Orangetheory is one of the largest fitness centres in the world. With over 1225 fitness centres dotted around the world, orangetheory ran one of the most successful campaigns under hashtag #orangetheory. 

In the campaign, the fitness brand leveraged user-generated content to appeal to the target market. Under the campaign, customers around the world shared user-generated content based on before and after undergoing fitness training in any of their centres. This gave the campaign a human touch which greatly boosted engagement among followers. 

#5. ASOS  Influencer  Marketing  

Instead of jumping straight to influencer marketing, ASOS blended both sponsored creative content and influencer marketing. After creating two separate Instagram accounts, ASOS, they handed over the accounts to credible influencers who took charge of featuring ASOS clothing products. 

This was a  perfect way of directing their followers to the sponsored posts. The unique approach to this strategy is that all content shared by influencers mainly featured  ASOS  products. 

The inventive influencer marketing strategy yielded impressive results since it attracted more followers and boosted engagement across the two accounts. 

#6. Daniel  Wellington  

A blend of both celebrity and influencer marketing yielded impressive results for the popular watch brand Daniel  Wellington. This resulted in a surge in the number of customers and boosted sales. For example, Daniel  Wellington collaborated with Joseph Vincent, a popular  YouTuber to promote their products. 

Upon being tasked to market the brand, Joseph Vincent used the hashtag  #danielwellington and encouraged followers to purchase Daniel Wellington watches using the discount code. As a consequence, the hashtag campaign targeting a specific audience along with the discount code not only improved sales but also led to a spike in the number of followers. 

#7. Starbucks 

Hashtag campaigns are not only widely used by Starbucks but also among various big brands like coca-cola and many others. Commanding slightly over 1.8 Billion Instagram followers, Starbucks has built a strong online presence where customers speak more for the brand than the brand itself. 

All this has been successful thanks to the hashtag marketing strategy. The strategy involves encouraging customers to tag them using their hashtags through sharing a cup of coffee. One of such campaigns includes #RedCupConnect.In this hashtag campaign, Starbucks requested customers to upload their photo with the Starbucks red cup using the hashtag and get an opportunity to win a gift. 

That way, Starbucks not only got a spike in engagement but also increased awareness among followers. The annual hashtag campaign has attracted tons of followers who participate to win a prize. 

#8. Airbnb  Accepts  

Through the hashtag #WeAccept, Airbnb managed has successfully managed to gain social acceptance in the internet space. The Instagram marketing campaign aimed at encouraging acceptance of people regardless of gender, race, age, ethnicity, and social class. 

The campaign involved sharing inspiration videos featuring various ethnicities and backgrounds. Each of these stories was accompanied by a message of acceptance. The success of the hashtag campaign is reflected in the rate of engagement on each post shared, some of which attracted 600 comments and over 112,000 likes. 

A major lesson learned from the Airbnb hashtag campaign is that you can easily take a social stand without sparking controversy. 

#9. Taco Bells  Unique Posts 

Creating unique branded content is another ideal  Instagram marketing strategy that you can use to promote your brand. Even though Taco Bell is popularly known for preparing delicious tacos, the quality of their  Instagram content has put them ahead of the pack among their competitors. 

While some people may think Taco Bell shares silly posts, the posts have played a critical role in attracting the attention of the audience and boosting engagement. Typically, Tacos understands their products and apply the best promotional strategy to achieve impressive results. 

Some of the aspects that make their content unique in the social space include humour, colour, creative designs, and interesting text. All these aim to create appeal to attract customers. 


If you are just starting with  Instagram marketing and wondering how to roll out an effective marketing strategy for your brand then it’s high time you consider trying out the insights shared in this article. 

While there are dozens of strategies that you can apply to boost your marketing efforts, you need to learn what your immediate competitors are doing to execute campaigns from an informed point of view. 

Additionally, you should keep up with trends to avoid being shoved off the market by your immediate competitors. The more current you are with your content strategy the more you are likely to appeal to the target market. 

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