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Local waste hauler Waste Management is offering Santa Clarita Valley residents a set of tips on how to maximize recycling for Valentine’s Day.  

“WM has been helping Santa Clarita recycle right for over two decades,” said Ashley Cortes, Recycling Manager for Waste Management of Santa Clarita. “With just a few small actions, you can have a positive environmental impact while making your Valentine’s Day extra special.” 

Here are a few tips to go green this Valentine’s Day: 

  • Recycle greeting cards. According to Hallmark, Americans exchange approximately 145 million Valentine’s Day cards each year. Most cards can be recycled along with other paper items in your curbside recycling cart. Cards with foil, glitter, lights or sounds are not recyclable unless those pieces can be removed and are better kept as keepsakes or discarded in trash carts. Before discarding, be sure to remove any batteries and recycle those at a retailer or at a city of Santa Clarita library, community center or at City Hall (visit GreenSantaClarita.com for location information).   
  • Give flowers back to the Earth. Giving flowers, a symbol of love since the 17th century, is also a great eco-friendly gift. Once their beauty has faded, remove any plastic, wires or florist foam and place them in your green waste cart where they will be processed into nutrient-rich mulch and ground cover.    
  • Get candy boxes in the right cart. Candy has been a Valentine’s Day staple since the first heart-shaped box of chocolates was introduced in 1861, but did you know that the fancy plastic wrapping can’t be recycled? And, while the empty cardboard box is recyclable, any parts with food residue or wrappers should be discarded in your trash cart. Visit wm.com/recycleright for more recycling tips and resources. 
  • Share experiences instead of stuff. Teddy bears and balloons are popular Valentine’s Day gifts but aren’t great for the environment. This year skip the stuff and share an experience instead. Santa Clarita has great hiking trails, local attractions and delicious local eateries. Visit HikeSantaClarita.com and VisitSantaClarita.com for ideas on how to make your Valentine’s Day memorable.  

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