7 Signs You Have Termite Infestation At Home


Imagine millions of pesky creatures moving under your house, behind the shelves and walls all day and night! 

Termite infestations at homes or commercial spaces can be devastating indeed. Ironically, these tiny insects can inflict massive damage to your home, even leading to structural damage. The sooner you reach out to the pest control Sydney experts, the faster would be the damage control!

In this post, you will get to know seven signs that point to a possible termite infestation at your home. This way, you can have a better damage-control mechanism in place.

How to detect a termite infestation?

Here are some tell-tale signs pointing towards a possible pest infestation at your home. Once you come across any of these signs, seek professional termite control Sydney services immediately to reduce the damage.

  1. Mud columns

You would notice columns or tubes made of mud on your walls. Termite colonies thrive in these columns, and glue these tunnels together using their saliva. They travel around your house through these tubes, infesting new places. Once you notice these vein-like mud formations around your walls, reach out to the pest extermination professionals.

  1. Termite wings

One of the most conspicuous signs of termite infestations is their discarded wings around your home. The swarmers (flying termites) shed their wings after their flight. You might come across piles of these wings both outside and inside your home. Particularly, one can spot these wings close to the property’s foundation.

  1. Hollow timber

Have any of your furniture been sounding hollow when you knock them? Well, termites generally attack the wood from inside. This way, they might be consuming the wood inside out, leaving just a superficial layer of wood. In case you find that the wood on your furniture or even the doors and windows is turning papery, schedule a pest inspection.

  1. Termite droppings

Drywood termites leave their droppings, called frass, a clear indicator of their presence around your home. Subterranean termites, however, would leave their droppings in their tunnels. In case you come across these dark materials around the home’s foundation or elsewhere, it denotes their existence.

  1. Tight-fitting windows and doors

Well, you might associate tight-fitting windows and doors with hot or damp weather. However, these signs, along with warped doors might point to the presence of termites. The wood gets warped as they come in touch with the moisture that termites produce while tunnelling or feeding on the wooden frames. This makes it tough to open or close the windows or doors.

  1. Clicking sounds

You might notice a periodic clicking sound from the walls. This happens when soldier termites shake their bodies or bang their heads on wood. Even if there’s no visible sign of a termite infestation, it would be wise to get your home inspected.

  1. Swarmers

It’s relatively easy to spot winged termites or swarmers, as they come out of their colonies in large groups. They often get outside to find a suitable place and build a fresh colony.

Once you sense a possible termite infestation, make sure to schedule an inspection. Experts deploy advanced tools like moisture sensors, sound sensors, heat sensors, along with other devices to detect hidden termite colonies. Accordingly, they exterminate these colonies and administer chemical treatments to prevent further attacks.

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