Are Autoflower Seeds Always Female?


The task of breeders is to simplify the cultivation of various crops. With regard to marijuana, they did an excellent job with this task. Thanks to their work, highly demanded autoflowering seeds have gained huge popularity among marijuana fans. 

The Challenges of Growing Regular Marijuana 

 Nature doesn’t hurry. It produces male and female plants for certain types of crops. Male plants are involved in the fertilization of female flowers, which then bear fruit. This is a natural balanced process that is uncontrolled by anyone. However, if you are interested in a particular part of a plant, e.g., buds of marijuana, why grow unnecessary or secondary necessary male plants? 

Moreover, while growing regular marijuana seeds, a lot of male plants are produced that are important only for the fertilization of female ones. So, what to do? The answer came from the autoflowering sorts that do not depend on the male/female fertilizing game.  

Feminized Autoflower Seeds Increase Productivity of Marijuana 

 In contrast to regular seeds, feminized autoflower seeds do not produce male plants. Male chromosomes in such seeds are weakened. That is why all grown plants out of these seeds will be female and will produce buds. Breeders do not need to throw away excessive male plants anymore! You do not need to grow many marijuana seeds in the hope that at least some of them are female. All your autoflower seeds will grow in female plants with fascinating buds.  

The Best Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds from Herbies 


Herbies online store offers the best sorts of autoflowering marijuana seeds. The life-cycle of this kind of marijuana is shorter in comparison to the regular sort. It means that in 50 days you will receive the awaited buds. You will be able to harvest multiple crops with autoflowering seeds from Herbies. Growing marijuana will be easy and predictable, with great yields and marvelous effects! 

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